Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Burn Notice

THANK you to a Twubber for this photo of a BABY ALIVE--getting ready for  her close up on the BBQ!!
I really can't think of much about GH except for Friday's exceptional show of CRAZY 'SMOKIN' HOTNESS!

SO, grab your BBQ apron and some tongs and we'll have our selves a Surgery!! 

PROMISE? Well, I have always thought Lisa Lo and Mo had chem-- and when JoLivia died, I was hoping this would happen. It SHOULD have happened awhile ago, but here it is! Now, we know the minute BRENDA's back it could all go to hell, but--what the hey. I'll live in the moment. I also believe  it may yield yet another classic Connie melt-down so..let's go!!

WAY too many scenes with this crew. We got the "Tranco-Ava alliance plan" in the first 100 minutes. Adding Carly and everyone else (Except the Qs, who LIVE there) just ran on too damn LONG. 
He's becoming Tranco-lizer. zzzzzz

Bye-Bye ShAlexis. Good to know ya., not feelin' it. 

NOW come on..Tracy was NOT stupid enough to think Luke was being serious. The only thing that MAY have swayed her was Luke asking for money.  Luke has nice girly handwriting, no?

WHOOPS.  Ariel!! Fire in the HOLE! Baby Burning!! OMG. this was just.  EPIC
Sheer of love for why I watch soaps. LOL. Just a stellar moment. The whole 4th picnic show was pretty great, actually.  I liked AJ and Liz... Nikolas and Cam-- and Milo and Max having their hot dogs at the end. Double kudos to that day's dialog writer.

Ah, such a great Mentor in the Making-- Britt schooling Taylor on the finer out of Man-Trappin'!! Britt is becoming my GO TO GIRL for  The Witchy I love to hate!! Her throwing that doll on the grill was icing on the cake. heh

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Mac scraping off baby doll  flesh from the grill  ...and then lifting up the "Left Leg" ahhaaa. And he did it with such..aplomb!!

NEW FEATURE: "EPIC FACE  OF THE WEEK"! That's right!!-each week I shall choose an Epic Face to add to the mix. As long as Lisa W does caps, I can grab them!!  The first ever face will go to Pouty Nik. So sad Liz walked out. Boo HOO.

RUNNER UP PROPS of the WEEK. Sorry, couldn't miss 'em

PROP OF THE WEEK (and possibly the CENTURY): Poor Baby Ariel...grilled to a crisp after Britt tossed her on the BBQ. Sniff. She even got a burial in the park. 

Thank goodness for Friday's show because the rest of the week Luke leaving was enviable so that wasn't a huge thing. I believe we will see the good stuff (Luke going to the clinic, finding Robert, then possibly Robin and Jerry yada yada) for fall sweeps.  NEXT week brings us the possibility of Spinelli finding out about Maxie's baby (don't let the promos fool you) -- Sam's daddy's appearance (Probably Friday we'll see his head?) and the Silas Ava connection. 
And of course, Sonny's going to have two ladies vying for his attention. Geeze. Since when has that ever happened?  :Giggle: 


guy416 said...

RIP BBQBABYDOLL. U were loved and wanted and if u had pee'd more u could have saved yourself like a real Devane_Scorpio Woman. But,u went all Dramatic and Whiny Baby like a future Drake-Santiago.

kdmask said...


becky s said...

@guy416- bahahahahahaha love it!!!!!!!!!

Gwendolyn said...

I want to see Silas as Kiki's father...that would throw the OLTL world on a loop (since Todd/McBain hated each other so much). Plus, then the Michael/Kiki stuff won't upset so many watchers. I hate the idea of Britt/Nik, and LOVE it at the same time!

Mario4rory said...

Britt/Nik would be interesting..