Monday, July 29, 2013

I Voted for Mr. AJ, Miss Tracy!

Oh Alice..ut ohhhhhhh. Tracy's face was the face of the week I think.. lol DOH! And.. Alice called Tracy a BULLY!! 

FIGHT!! FIGHT!! awesome..ahahhaa.  No one wants to stop it either. HEH AJ tells Tracy to leave with her new BFF- and made Alice head of security and honorary VP.

Dr. O makes GH Fun again... She says to Brit "You look FAT" LMAO ..heh and she mentions FLYING MONKEYS!! Calls Nurse Betty "the concubine" and Felix her "sassy gay friend" . She basically calls Brit out for being horrible at scheming too.   Britt tells her that her mother couldn't win Faison's love. Dr. O smacks her across the face! 
Britt admits she loves Patrick but that isn't his child she's carrying.

"Can u imagine her as a baby in her barbwire playpen gnawing on cute, lil furry animals with her razor sharp teeth?" -Felix says to Sabrina

Sonny and Morgan ..blah, blah.. and Michael and Kiki go round and around.. Morgan tells Sonny Kiki's NOT a Quartermaine and Connie overhears it!! ooooooooooooooo!!

Franco's in a coma with a giant blue tube--and HIS HAIR. His hair wasn't touched for BRAIN surgery LOL  Paddy says that he can't donate marrow right now because the tissue was 'suspicious' meaning may be cancerous.  Carly goes in and just gabs away at the guy, who's laying there helpless.  He reaches out to hold her hand. 

SCOTT SICKLES WROTE today's show and I'm his big new fan. It was a fun, fun day--dialog writers DO matter. wow. I loved the show.


  1. I admit I loved Tracy's face but I loved that face splitting grin of AJ's even more. lol I now know what they mean by grinning from ear to ear.

    The fight was hilarious. I also loved how they all started sneaking past them to get out. It was a great scene. Congrats Scott!!

    I hated that Franco kept rolling his eyes around in the middle of a serious scene. Why was he trying to get a laugh there?

    And what's with the wimpy little gauge patch after brain surgery? And he still has all his clown hair! As someone who saw her hubby undergo brain surgery I can tell you they'd shave his head and cover that hole up really well afterwards. It wouldn't be a gauze wrap that looked like a high school student did it in first aid class!!

    I loved that Connie overheard Sonny and Morgan. This will be a major scoop for her. (And Ava won't be happy!)

    Mama O really is a britch. Her cryptic clues today though make me think maybe it's Robin and Patrick's baby! Or gawd forbid a spawn of Faison!

    And Felix had some great lines too. I was picturing a little razor toothed britch in her barb wire play pen. lol

    All in all, a good day.

  2. The one liners were great today!!! There are triple winners!!

    Tracy: Then it had to be Mia. I never trusted that girl. Oh. Well, I knew I can count on her.

    Dr. O: You look fat.

    AJ: Hey! Stop! Stop doing that! Oh I tried.


    Q boardroom: Great scene!!!!!!!! Oh Tracy! Alice is a wrestler! You can't win!! ROFL! And then Diane side stepping that mess ROFL!

    The hospital: Awww Carly wuvs her FranJasTod! :) Oh look FranJasTod wakes up with the tube down his throat and he isn't even gagging! Great trick. :) I have been meaning to ask. Does the actor who plays Patrick have a new tattoo? It's near his eye.

    Sonny's home: Connie and Sonny zzzzzzzzzzz. I miss the angry Connie. The one who hates Sonny! Sonny and Morgan scene was great. Sonny is smart! :) Morgan tells the truth HA! :)

    Kelly's: I thought Sabrina asked Felix did Michael come out of the closet? Which cracked me up! That would have been the 4th winner line of the day! :) But alas she said did Milo come out of the closet.

    The park: Oh Britch! Your mother is smarter than you! Yes you could have said you couldn't live with Sabrina cus all the stress of them not getting along, it wouldn't be healthy for the baby! OH BRITCH ADMITS IT! THE BABY ISN'T PATRICK'S!!!!! :) I knew it! Who's baby is it? Lante's? :)

    So Karen! Scott Sickles was the dialog writer today? He did a fantastic job! Very funny oneliners! I'm a fan of his now too! :)

  3. Tuned in again today. Tuned out again today. Watched long enough to see:
    - newbie screen hog Ava and OLTL imposter Starr in an ELQ scene but Monica not. Would care about this ELQ storyline more if those two characters and Franco were not in it. What if instead of these folks being forced on us they writers had made Alan's ex Lucy or Tracy's ex Luke shareholders. With Luke away perhaps Nicholas could have his proxy...what would AJ think of that? Who had Danny's proxy? Wuld of rathered seen Carly hold that then her in hospital with Franco. PS, I thought Duke was AJ's assistant. Where was he?
    - speaking of Carly, seems they are gonna force Carly and Toodd/ Franco relationship on us. She had more chemistry in her scene with Patrick.
    - speaking of Patrick, he had great chemistry today with both Carly and Sam. Why not put him in a relationship with one of them instead of newbiews Sabrina or Brit
    - speakng of Brit they are doing a decent job redeemng her character, even if that means writing her mother as a cartoon. What if Brit were to strike back and accidentially kill her mother? Have Nicholas witness it and then have to marry her so he can't be forced to testify against her. Once married it can be revealed Brit is carrying Lulu's baby. Heck, have it then revealled that Lulu is carrying Stavros baby. Nic would be stepdad to his half nice/nephew and Lulu would give birth to her brothers sibling. Now that is soapy without being cartoony
    - where the hell are Anna, Duke, Mac, Felicia, Lucy, Kevin, Bobbie, Monica, Lesley, Scotty!!!!

  4. Karen: Once again, you and I are in sync!! I was going to ask if anyone knows who wrote today's show, and are they a new writer!! It was HILARIOUS!! First, Diane's jumpy maneuver to get out of the boardroom while Alice was restraining Tracy was even more hilarious than the fight itself. And Britch's Mom--hysterical!! Calling her all those names, calling her fat--it was priceless!!

    Please, have this writer write ALL the shows, I actually LOL'd!!

  5. AntJoan said...Please, have this writer write ALL the shows, I actually LOL'd!!
    Yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  6. Had to crack up at Franco being intubated and regaining consciousness. Didn't see the machine that was doing his breathing for him.

    In real life had he woken up, his gag reflex would've kicked in.

  7. I can't tell from the comments if you guys already know this, but Scott Sickles was a longtime writer for OLTL. I've seen him complimented many times on another blog.

  8. I agree about Diane moving out of the room....that was hilarious. Makes sense if Scott was an OLTL writer :)

  9. Loved the ELQ scenes - hysterical! Monica should have been there. Felix has become a really great character, more than Sabrina. Britt and Dr. O scenes good, too. Still can't stomach Franco in any way shape or form. Impressed by this writer!

  10. This episode rocked...great writing. Alice and Tracy had me rolling. AND I am loving the sinister Dr. O.


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