Thursday, July 11, 2013

Heather Webber was fun today!! She's the Lindsay of GH . For her DNA, she wants a BLT from Kelly's and a visit from Franco.
Hope you read the latest on HIS spoilers. He's going to be changing! 

I Said on the Spoiler Page that GEORGIE was coming...hope you read it. Or not..I'm just happy some of the things I get are  still 1/2 way secret and accurate.  Maxie wants "Georgie" for a name. Aw, I say Georgia-- so it's a compromise.  Lulu tells her to save it for her OWN daughter someday.

Danny's sick. 

Connie wants Sonny back but doesn't have "full clearance" from the Doctor. YOu know she's going to interrupt SoLivia. LOL

JoLivia...tender moments. ...

NOTE: Tranco had a bandage/cut RIGHT WHERE Todd had/has his scar.
Just telling you.


  1. Haha, I noticed that too, about where the scar is. Good to see Georgie today, sweet that Maxie wants to name the baby after her. Hate Heather, cold hearted b....

  2. Crimson:

    Maxie: Mommy's here.

    :( Awww! Oh oh Connie wants Sonny back! Sorry Connie, but Sonny has moved on! GHOST GEORGIE YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Wow Ghost Georgie has a nose ring ROFL!

    Sonny's place: Dante does not like that his mama lives with his papa! Hmmm Olivia seems okay enough to live alone. I was thinking well I'm surprised Sonny hasn't slept with Olivia yet. He is very fast with sleeping with women. :) Oh there ya go! They wanna have sex. It's about time ROFL! Oh oh Connie visits!

    The hospital:

    StarKi: That's my father!

    Uh who were you saying that to? Morgan? He already knows he is your father! Wow StarKi Morgan's stupidity has rubbed off on you. Why are you so upset over your father being hurt? Woah I'm in the twilight zone! StarKI has turned into Starr! Who is upset over her father Todd being all beaten up! Is New Todd going to have a scar!?! New Todd wins the line of the day.

    New Todd: Even the Quartermains don't name their doors.

    Hahahhaa too funny. :) So new Todd won't say who beat the snot out of him, just like Robert didn't say a word to anybody who beat the snot out of him along time ago. And that thing that Morgan bought for StarKI, He just bought it online, and the same day he has it for her to give?! HUH?!?!

    Alexis's home: Molly wants to take baby Cheeto to Italy when he is 16! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) So sweet! Hmmm he has his mommy's eyes. :) Oh oh he is hot! He is all sweaty too!

    Kelly's: Uh TJ? You did not cheat on Molly when you slept with Taylor! You two were over!

    Heather, Silas, and Sam: Still in the twilight zone!!!! Silas turns into McBain!!! I knew Heather was going to say she wants Kelly's BLT'S! ROFL!

  3. Love Heather! GH could use a good week's worth of shows with her every month!


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