Friday, July 26, 2013

"Your Evil Mouse is about to ROAR"!

ALICE WAS on!!  And she told Silas Kiki is 21.
with a picnic basket. And Morgan was just nasty to her. Break his OTHER HAND ALICE@@!!

Brad and Michael. Weird. Uncomfortable. 

Nik and Britt are great though, I like them. Move her into Wyndemere and soon.  The evil Dr. O shows up.

People are all voting at ELQ to try to get AJ out. Tracy's thwarted by Alice!

"Derek Wells" mention-- here comes the newbie.

At least some Gossip has come out of last night's GH Fan Club kick off....Lily Melgar was at the event! She is rumored to be playing Sabrina's mom? I guess in GHOST form? Since she takes care of all the kids in heaven anyway. LOL
RUMOR, it's a rumor.

Alberta was at Lisa LoCicero's event today!! Thx to Terry and Chrissy!!


  1. Brad the sleazy, blackmailing lab tech has always reminded me of Kyle the sleazy, blackmailing lab tech from OLTL (except that Kyle's sleaziness had nothing to do with sex or his own homosexuality) who then became an admirable character and one half of the wonderful Kish; now that they're starting to show chinks in Brad's armor, I'm starting to see the resemblance even more. Interested in where this is going.

    And, yes, Alice should break Morgan's other arm.

  2. Michael's home: What a great scene. It cracked me up!!! :) Loved Michael's awkwardness. :) Michael wins the line of the day!

    Michael: Isn't everybody I mean just a little bit gay?

    Me: Sure Michael! ROFL!

    Woah Brad got all human all of a sudden. :( I felt bad for him. :(

    The hospital: Great scenes! McSilas got all paternal! Then got sneaky wanting to know his daughter's birthdate. Then Alice saying StarKi is 21! ROFL! Ava wanting to get StarKI the hell out of there! :) Great stuff! :)

    ELQ: I was afraid AJ was going to have another panic attack! Why was Liz at the meeting? Did she marry AJ without me knowing? AJ WINS YAY! :)

    Kelly's: Nik was about to blow Britch off again! :) Aww they are friends again sweet! Oh oh Mama O is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Sonny's home: Yes Sonny! Morgan is getting married to StarKi who is 19. Er I mean 21. :) Shhhh but don't tell papa McSilas about her age! :)

    Oh Karen, love the picture you put up. :)