Friday, July 5, 2013

Fire in the HOLE!

"Glad Cameron's away because he'd be dying to try that"!! :) When AJ lights the fire!! 

Kiki all tied up and Michael thinks he should call the Po-po hilarity!  Bro, what ARE you a prude?? NO, Morgan-- Abby was quite the NON-prude lol.

Milo 'I'm not like Shawn,  I don't have the passion for it" LMAO Sonny tells Milo to go.  Shawn basically tells Sonny he loves him. He's so Jason!  POOR Alexis.

OH FELICIA..MEOW!! . ahahaa. "He got to know  you, perhaps that's why you broke up" 
"I still don't eat meat, our baby on the other hand,  the baby does" Says Britch. 


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH ahahhhaaa.  :dying: OMG!! Made my week!! 

Mac: It's her LEFT LEG!
I can't get the baby doll flesh off the grill!!
Emma: But she died in flames!! 
Stellar. Brava to the scene writers for that. EPIC 

Milo and Max scene was good at the end. 




  1. Hope this is the end of Alexis and shaun. Zero chemistry which is odd because she has chemistry with almost everyone. So strange that we didn't see Sam all week in the middle of her sick baby story.
    The barbecued baby doll was priceless.

  2. Watching Kiki tied to the bed, I was really hoping that someone in a hockey mask and a machete was going to walk through the door.

    Alas, my hopes were dashed...

  3. I thought the baby "dying in the flames" was in poor taste after what (supposedly) happened to Robin.

    I LOVED the show, and I did cry, it was very moving. AJ was great w/Aiden, loved how he held him in his lap; Milo and Max at the end, what a sobber!!

  4. The BBQ babydoll was hysterical!

    Enjoyed the show through and through.

    Laura's prediction moment based on absolutely no knowledge: Franco isn't Kiki's dad; Silas is the daddy. Leaving Michael and Kiki free to get together. Poor Morgan.

  5. Emma is so annoying and judgmental, I'm glad Britt threw her doll on the BBQ!

  6. The park: Love that everyone is celebrating the 4th of July! When Britch threw that doll and it accidently landed on the grill and caught fire, my jaw dropped and out loud I said oh no! I wasn't laughing. Too much in shock. Mac wins the lines of the day!

    Mac: Oh man. I'm never going to able to remove all this melted baby doll flesh. I think it's baby Ariel's left leg!

    ROFL! Okay THAT was funny. :) Poor Emma! I can't believe Britch told Patrick that someone should have told her that the doll was wet. UH HELLO! EMMA JUST TOLD YOU BRITCH UGH! Meanwhile AJ, Liz, and Aiden scene awwww! :) The little actor put his hand on his mouth looking shocked when the fire was in the grill hahaha! I'm glad fire starter Cam wasn't there. :)

    Sonny's home: I'm glad Sonny understood why Milo had to quit. :) Shawn you should quit too! Damn you Max stop it!! Don't push him! I don't like you right now Max!!! Olivia and Sonny kiss! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :)

    Max and Milo: At the park, Max is so sweet to Milo. Awwww! :) Good job Max. :)

    Alexis and Nik: Love the scene. :)

    Alexis and Shawn: They broke up! :'(

    Nik, Britch, and Spencer: Spencer was so sweet to Britch. :) Hmmm Nik and Britch chem test? :) We could call them Nitch. :)

    Boathouse: Oh shut up Mikey!!! You aren't disgusted by kinky sex! You are just upset, because your brother did it to StarKI, and it wasn't you! So you and your hard on leave!!!

  7. david said...Watching Kiki tied to the bed, I was really hoping that someone in a hockey mask and a machete was going to walk through the door.Alas, my hopes were dashed...
    ROFL! Nope Todd Manning wasn't there. :) Oops! I said his name!! SHHHHHH! :)

  8. AbsoluteLunatic said...

    Emma is so annoying and judgmental, I'm glad Britt threw her doll on the BBQ!


    Ditto this: Patrick is a bad parent, and the way he indulges her, and the way he lets Ugly Betty do so reminded me of how good a parent they portrayed Robin as. I recall her scolding and keeping reins on Emma.

    Britt is a bitch, but she was 100% rt about Emma.

    1. I don't think I can ever get on board with a sympathetic Britch. True, we can't pick our parents. But even so, it's going to take a awful lot of redemption for me to ever feel compassion for the Britch. As for Emma, kids go through stages, especially after being indulged following her mother's "death." She's just expressing her gut feelings about Britch the only way a 4-year old can. And she was right on from the get-go. I will never forget how horrible Britch was to her at Kelly's. Who talks to a child like that?

  9. I agree about Patrick, his parenting is non existint. Sabrina is raising Emma! I'm not a fan of how Patrick is being portrayed at all. I'm just hoping we see Sabrina do something super evil and blame it on Britt. A major twist where we find out its Sabrina whose been manipulating all along and Britt is actually "the good one".
    Loved Max and Milo. I can totally get on board with a Nik/Britt pairing. AJ, Liz and Aidan was sweet. And Sonny and Olivia!!!!!!!!!

  10. A Nic/Britt redemption story where he rescues her from the evil parents and they bring back Robin would work. Britt has a built in sympathy factor despite the extreme messing with people's lives.

    The Michael/Morgan thing bores me to tears. Ava/Franco is downright delicious.

    Milo and Max were totally adorable.



  12. I loved the bbq, very funny. Also glad to see that Milo is going to have another story. Nik and Brit?? uh oh