Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Brain Games

SO, another Tumor Grows in Port Charles.  Must be something in the air. Is it pressing on his frontal lobe? You know it is! Patrick has to operate. Well, first he has to show CARLY the tumor because, well she IS a doctor.
Oh, wait.

Anyhoo, the hell with HIPAA !! Get your scrubs on and lets wash up for a giant soapy surgery. 

Let's get to the FRONKEY in the room.  Or in the brain. There's Todd...who became Franco, having a seizure and thinking he's Jason.
Follow that?  Good, because now the Tumor comes in. See, it's all due to this pesky mass pressing on his frontal lobe. Awww. Why did Franco go mad and spray paint Port Charles? Tumor. Pretend-rape Sam? Tumor.  Put Lulu on a bomb-chair? Terrorize Jason? Tumor, Tumor, Tumor. 
So, time to get that pesky thing eradicated  and I guess we'll find out  just who TODD, FRANCO, JASON will become. 
I could bitch all week on this, but why bother? If it gets the story moving along, just DO it. Whatever. Now we know Silas is Kiki's dad-- which was one of the reasons why I at first accepted the Franco persona for Todd. That way, he and "Starr" would still be daddy/daughter. But, no, we have to twist it. I guess it's pretty funny if you think about the hate Todd and McBain had for each other on OLTL. 
Anyway, this week I started to get a bit of an inkling of how people felt when the OLTL three came on. If I'm tired of it, can't imagine what people who don't deal with them well are thinking NOW. The three are really dominating the show. Everything else seems to be filler. This latest Tumor stuff? I guess more of a showcase for RH. When he came down in Jason's leathers, well, I just laughed.  You know Cartini are having their way with Burton. heh.  I love Roger but move along. Just move along.

Mundo screen time for this lady!! Geesh.. I like Maura but Ava is just EVERYWHERE!! My favorite part was her planting the seed into dum dum  Morgan's head about Kiki and Michael if he doesn't keep his secret. (which lead to Morgan proposing..duh) She's got her fingers in every pie. Heck, she even keeps her daughter's birth certificate in her purse!! At the ready--for whatever comes making sure THE AUDIENCE SAW IT. Just in case we are so stupid as to not GET IT. LOL

Oh, Laura.. time to find an office!! And poor Lulu, sick with a cold and Livvy taking care of her. LOL That purple shiny blouse? OY.  Scotty? Well, let's just say they are both looking at a script from the early '80's that talks about his "Spencer" hate. 
Less  Tumor time, more Laura/Scott/Lucy/Tracy Leslie Monica time. And, oh yeah, FELICIA  is supposed to be planning a wedding. Um, MORE PLEASE!!  

Spinelli going to the gallery was a bit weird, wasn't it? I guess it was to push the Silas story forward but it was like...huh? He never really got any info, just goofed around in a suit trying to make up a story.

Lamaze Classes were pretty fun.  And come on, that outfit of Brits? Worth the price of admission. I am really liking the possibility of Nik and Britt because I think she'll make a FINE Cassadine! 

Awwww.... WHAT A BAMBINO!! Sonny and Liv. Well, they ALMOST made it into bed. Then Connie had to come in and had to  ruin it by distracting Sonny's libido for 3.4 seconds. At least Olivia was around to go take care of Lulu. You know, because her GUNSHOT WOUND to the HEART wasn't bad enough. @@ Personally, I don't care about Sonny and Connie one bit. Not unless she goes nuts again. *yawn*

LET DOWN OF THE WEEK:  Wah..wah. Now, the acting was awesome. We got that. But the build up? Mag covers? Tweets from the GH gang? It was all bullshit. Yeah, we found out he had dreamy hair, rode a motorcycle and they met at a bar but it still leaves us with ziltch. I get that we want this story that's lagged on FOREVER to give us some more drama time but bait and switch? Crappy thing to do, imo.  It was like "ha ha... you STILL don't know who Sam's daddy is"!

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Oh, MONICA and LESLEY !! Squee!! They were so good and the dialog was heaven. References to AJ's birth and Monica's million affairs.. Lesley's age. Monica calling Lesley "Lester'  which is her nickname in real life.

PROP  OF THE WEEK:  Ouija board.  It actually spoke to us and gave us some information! Every J is a suspect of being Sam's daddy now. 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Not so much LULU's but dang, LOOK AT MAXIE'S face! She's totally Nellie OLSEN in there!!  

So, what do you think of this summer's GH so far? I am liking the baby shuffle stuff. The Lamaze class was good--Brad's blackmailing is scheming and soapy.  Michael and Kiki would be more interesting but to me, it's not paced right.  I do feel like stories are being woven, I just feel like they are uneven and choppy as well. This Janco Franco Tranco stuff needs to go-too much. And NONE of the fun wacky Franco stuff we are used to. 
I say: 
More Michael AJ
More Monica ..and now Leslie
More Deception
More Wedding  Planning
More Real Creepy Baby Clues (about Britt and Dr. O) this could be a goth mystery but it's getting lost in the shuffle. 
Shut Carly up for 2 minutes
Give Tranco a vacation
Give Silas some sort of personality
Give Laura somewhere to land besides Kelly's
Make Connie go nuts
Um, Duke and Anna...'member them? 


  1. I'd love to see Dante arrest Maxi for fraud, and Britt for ovum theft- that wd be a first in NY history.

  2. As hit the nail on the head! I just want to add that I too am tired of Ava. People seem to think she's a good actress, but she swooped onto the show and immediately started to dominate airtime. That's hard for me to swallow when Anna has been non-existent! I just don't get how Duke/Anna are absent from this Jerome story...And I DON'T want to see new characters that I could care less about every day! Honestly...the whole show just makes me *smh*'s mostly annoying...just had to vent! :) On a positive note I think KS has been doing a great job with Maxie...

  3. Your comments were my thoughts exactly!! The OLTL3 are front and center again!!! Sam is only on with Silas so he can be Sam's hero---again!! I feel it was a slap in the face to Burton and all JaSam fans to have RH come down in Jason's clothes!!And why didn't Sam have more of a reaction to that?!!! Sam's dad will turn out to be a Jerome and I agree,Anna and Duke should be a part of this!!!

  4. GH is BAD right now. Worse because when it was bad before at least it was the people I cared about being screwed by bad story. Now it's because I don't like even a little. So so disappointing...

  5. Totally agree about Ava. I like MW, but I want Anna!

    Monica and Leslie was priceless -- really acknowleding longtime fans.

    I get that Sonny has to have airtime because many viewers like him, so I tolerate it even if I hate it, but is there anyone enjoying this whole Tranco thing? I was briefly excited when Sam pulled the gun on him -- finally, I thought, she's allowed to rescue herself ... and then the letdown and Silas to the rescue. Blech.

  6. Ditto to all who said ITA with Karen.

    Didn't Franco kill a nurse at GH? No one seems to mention that . . . I know that no one knows, but he knows, how can he explain that to himself when he tells himself he's not a killer?

    Leslie and Monica--PRICELESS!! MORE, MORE, MORE!! Throw in Audrey, and I'll totally be in heaven!

    I think Leslie is a WONDERFUL actress, and has been through SO MUCH on GH. I know that no one speaks about this, but it is obvious she can hardly walk, which is very sad. Does anyone know what her medical condition is? She is still so beautiful, the same Leslie . . .

    They are soooo smitten w/the OLTL 3 that they all have played multiple characters: 4 for McBain, 3 or 4 for Todd, etc. Having them play one character was bad enough, but this is ridiculous. More Felicia, Kevin, Mac, Lucy, Laura, etc.--HELLO, THAT's WHO THE FANS WANT TO SEE!!

  7. I agree their is to much of Silas and Kiki and Todd. I hate the name Kiki too. I had to laugh at the Lulu and Maxie scene. I loved the Monica and Lesley scene. I just wish we can see more of the vets.

  8. I would love to have Leslie and Monica duke it out for COS for the hospital!! Bring on an older male for them to romance

  9. much as I love cartini, even I have to admit there is way too much Froddson and Starki, also Ava. They have to fit in gradually not thrown in everyone's faces.

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  11. Tranco is getting a "vacation" of sorts. He will be in a coma for weeks so Roger can film Californication

  12. Roger will be in Californication? That show is still on? I watched it when it started, then it got too outrageous for me, although I LOVE LOVE LOVE David Dukovney, who is Jewish, like me (that is not why I love him, as my first love is and always will be Sonny).

  13. I'd like to see vets drive story instead of the ex-OLTL actors and newbies.

    It seems if most vets aren't attached to them or dialoging about them with other characters their airtime isn't about "their characters"

    Elizabeth, Sam, Patrick, now Nik stuck in newbie hell in the leashing method of storytelling being shackled to them
    Please give them "their story"

    All I can say is they are getting plenty of air and its a revolving door of new characters without a break. And its rumored more are coming..this is insane.

    I'm worn out sitting through them getting anchored to the canvas; I need a break. I sat through 8 renditions of just three actors (ME's four characters)

  14. ah, JIMMY, thanks. I knew he was taping but not when


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