Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Scott and Laura were Married 34 years ago today..

 AND I FEEL OLLLLD. lol I so remember it. I was like "Laura's not too young to marry Scotty! Let them get married"!!

BBQ Baby makes THE SOUP!! They even posted it on FB early because they said it was so ridiculous. Hahahaa.
OH YESsssssssssss. I totally knew it would. The Soup is on tonight, so catch it on E! News. 

Brad reminds me of:
Toad from American Graffiti ...his mouth/speech. yep.

Stupid beating up Franco. ugh. 

Laura is ON!! She looks good. She's totally pissed Nikolas is investing. heh.

ALEXIS!! Kick their BUTTS GIRL!! DO IT! Do it!! 

Brad is so gross.  
Naughty line of the day: 
 I held up MY it's time to HOLD UP YOURS! Oooooooooooooooooooooo Brad stares at Michael's butt . 
Michael got dirt on Brad when he listened into his convo with Britch so he's double black-mailing.

Silas is SO 'HOUSE' ...he needs Vicodin.   This story of he and Ava is capturing me. A lotta passion there. I like it.  Which is why I watch soaps.  LOL  

Britch went IN ON Sabby! ahahha..and she runs into Nikolas! She's SUCH A CASSADINE wannabe. It would be so cool..Hells would love her.



  1. Hi there, I read you daily and have a small request. If you have any power, can you please ask Nancy LG to stop being so political and hateful on twitter? It makes me seriously hate her and her character.

  2. Brenda,
    A suggestion: if you don't like what she says, stop reading what she says. Problem solved. I seriously doubt that she cares whether you hate her or not.

  3. guess we have all forgotten that Monica, Chief of Staff, is Michael's grandmother. Firing Brad would be a bonus-he is a evil slug.

  4. Nancy Lee Grahn is entitled to her opinion, as are you. If you do not like what she has to say, then do not read it.

  5. StarKi and Morgan's home: New Todd wins the line of the day!!

    Sonny: Shut up Franco!

    New Todd: Okay.

    ROFL! Come on New Todd why are you letting Shawn beat the snot out of you?!!

    Brad and Michael: Yeah Michael! You tell him! You are not gay! ROFL! Wow Brad doesn't care if Michael isn't gay! He wants a piece of that! ROFL!

    Britch, Patrick, and Sabrina: Britch has bought Emma a new doll! ROFL! Does this one pee too? You better be careful Britch! You might just burn THIS doll up. Oh come on Britch Admit it! Patrick is not the father of this baby, and you are not the mother! Lante is the parents!! :)

    Britch and Nik: Awwwwwwwwwww! :) Sweet scene. Nik gives her his phone number if she needs someone to talk to!

    Britch and Brad: OH! Michael over hears them! DELICIOUS!!

    Michael: Game over!

    Me: WOOT WOOT! :)

    Q home: So Ava! What happened between you and Silas? Did you meet Franco and cheated on Silas with Franco?

    Alexis's home: Oh Silas calm down! Wow you and Ava must have been really hot and heavy! You must have really been in love with her. Sam brings up her brother! YAY!

    Kelly's: Love both Lucy and Laura's outfits. :) Hey Lucy you better be careful, that necklace of yours might choke you! :) Lucy I think you should cut down on coffee! Talking a mile a minute. Scotty shows up YAY! Wow 34 years anniversary!! :) I'm still waiting for the day when Laura wants a divorce from Scotty, and Leslie says oh honey you two aren't really married! :)

  6. Lovin' all the ladies today Ava, Traci, Laura, Lucy and Alexis! Wow don't piss Alexis off - she was great. Get drunk in the afternoon with Ava and Tracy!

    Paddy shaved.

    You go Michael. Can you get Sonny to off Brad? Does he know who your "dad" is?

    I thought Brad was gonna hump after Nik for a minute. Nothing like an invite from a prince, Britt. Does she know who he is yet?

    Morgan is growing on me as is Silas. Great scene with Sam, Danny and Silas today. Diggin the Ava/Silas connection.

    Ready for the Franco brain tumor story.

    Love the spoilers!

  7. I thought that Michael should just tell Brad that his father is Sonny Corinthos. Also, as I posted earlier, there was no evidence--why couldn't Mikey and Starki have just denied everything?

    Prop of the day: Lucy's necklace (honorable mention for Laura's earrings).

  8. There is some major big 80's style jewellery going on today, no? Lucy's ring was huge! Big dang earrings, lol!
    For the most part I really enjoyed todays show.
    You would think Alexis' comment at the end to Shawn would have gotten a more "ouch" look from Shawn! Instead he just shrugs...Guess Alexis didn't mean that much to him after all!
    Loved Ava and Tracy! Curious over the Britt/Nik pair up, I see potential. Silas and Sam were quite interesting. I saw shades of McBain today. The scene where Sam spoke of her brother Danny and how she'd buy him trucks was sweet and her fear of losing her son. Silas' coldness is melting and he became a little more human today. It's like Ava drags him into darkness and Sam pulls him out. I can't wait to see Heather's reaction when she see the man who threw her into the harbour! Of course she's not going to say, "Hey you look like John McBain!"

  9. @Brenda you can't really tell someone what they can or can't express on their own Twitter page but you can unfollow them..that's what i would do if it bothered me that much..
    As for GH i'm loving Silas and Ava A LOT! plus Nik and Britt is very sexy together..i'm enjoying GH again because of these 2 couples :)

  10. I felt old hearing the "34 years" too..I remember it I hope Michael heard enough to tell Patrick.

  11. Brenda, no way could I even DARE to ask NLG to do anything! LOL. She's very outspoken and believes in her causes. I've never seen her be hateful however.


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