Monday, July 15, 2013


Spinelli  "Milhouse" Oh Ron, you are such a Simpson's fan!! Where was the Tranco art on the walls? Fronkies, wedding dresses, spray paint? That gallery assistant could have been Gigi with that hair. 

Maxie isn't going to tell, too soon. LOL. And Olivia interrupts them. Connie and Sonny.
Don't care.  Just like I don't care about SONNNIE AND CONNNIE --JUST GET BACK TO THE ALEXIS STUFF!!

Alexis is going to say she doesn't know who Sam's Daddy is. I can feel it.
She was at a local bar-- and drank Tom Collins. Ah, great drink. 
Anyway...she conceived Sam in the back seat of the car. 
First time. Whoops and she didn't realize she was PG at all. 
And ALEXIS didn't even know his name. 

The Ouijia board said "J" so I'm going with  a  Jerome.

Raise your hand if you had an Ouija board!


  1. I think this is a re-write. I thought Alexis gave different information in the courthouse with the flashback so many years ago.

  2. raised hand. it never worked.

    i am going with Blackie Parrish and I will until the verdict is in. She described him today to a "t".... Black Leather jacket, hair that he kept flipping.

    I think the "J" is a red herring.

    i have done some research, and cannot find an answer -- i always thought Blackie was a nickname. That he had a real first name, that only came out once when he was in court or signed up for school or something with Rick. Anyone?

    The age would be appropriate. He came on screen around 1982, when he was in very late teens. The timing could definitely have been age appropriate.

    Plus, am I the only one who would want to see a Nancy Grahn / John Stamos scene together?

  3. Love the Blackie Parrish idea. It won't happen but it would be fun. The age works and he and Nancy would be great.
    Why on my cable system is OLTL on at 2 pm same as GH? Very odd. I don't think many people will choose it over GH.

  4. Ooh Ooh I had a Ouija Board!! . If you were Rafe, wouldn't you be a bit wary of just saying "dad" to the board. Maybe a vampire or something would jump out of it?

    So the Ouija Board is going to tell us who Sam's dad is and Molly is going to contact him? NO Ouija board I ever used was that helpful.

    Now it has been a long time, but I thought Alexis told Rick or someone way back when that the father of her baby was a teacher / older man at her school - but I couldn't find that on YouTube anywhere.

    I did go back and watch when Alexis told Sam about her having a daughter and giving it up for adoption, and she did not say much about the father even when sam asked her questions- only that he did not know about the baby.

    I don't remember them taking any sort of DNA test or anything to prove Alexis and Sam were mother and daughter. - Not that the DNA test would be correct or un-tampered with anyway - this is GH.

    Sonny sure forgot about Olivia really quick. I guess Connie is going to go insane soon and we will be treated to more wacky Con/Kate scenes as a swan song for Kelly Sullivan. Then Sonny will be back to Olivia - Until Brenda comes back...

    The problem with this whole Silas, Franco ,Ava thing is that I do not care about any of these characters. And they are spending way too much time on them. I would rather see Lucy, Laura, Felicia, Mac, Anna and Duke.

  5. Andres, ITA, bring on the vets, who cares about the newbies?

    I keep forgetting to say that Maxie's belly looks REALLY TINY to me, Britch's is so much larger, how can they speak about Maxie's "giant belly"?

  6. Also, I played with a Ouija board when I was a kid, I don't think we had one, though.

  7. At some point most vest were newbies. I have no issues with the new characters as the vets (Anna being the exception) aren't exactly on the sidelines.

    Silas is growing on me and I love his interaction with Ava.

    NG knocked it out of the park today. I am beyond interested to see how her storyline pans out.

  8. Karen,
    Albert who? In regards to what? Color me confused.

  9. Karen, do you mean that Blackie's real name was Albert?

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  11. Milhouse is Spin's middle name, not a Ron creation.

  12. Alexis's home: a ouija board!!! ACK!!!! Rafe Sr loves his son! And Rafe Sr knows who Sam's daddy's name is, but Alexis doesn't!! ROFL! That is so funny ROFL! And Sam's daddy is named J!! Hmmm Jerome? :)

    The hospital: Silas and Ava.. Very intriguing. Alexis and Sam scene was awesome. :)

    Jerome gallery: Spinny and Ava's assistant scene WOW! I loved it! They win scene of the day! :) I love Spinny's white outfit. Ava's assistant explaining to Ava what Spinny looked like, was so funny! :) Millhouse Hahaha! Yes Karen! She could have been Gigi with that hair. I wasn't even thinking about Gigi. :)

    Sonny's home: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Lante home: Oh shoot! Maxie was going to tell them the truth about the baby, but Olivia showed up RATS! Gee where is their food! It's late!!

  13. my mom suggested that "J" could be Jerry Jax. I'm not sure how I feel about that idea. I don't think it means that Sam's dad is a Jerome because then Kiki could be a match, and we know that she is nowhere near a match.

  14. my mom suggested that "J" could be Jerry Jax. I'm not sure how I feel about that idea. I don't think it means that Sam's dad is a Jerome because then Kiki could be a match, and we know that she is nowhere near a match.

  15. I agree with Andrea--it is hard to feel very much about Ava, Silas, Franco as they are too new to us yet and I'm longing to see more of Laura, Anna, and Lucy Coe. AND Doc Kevin. And even though they have been on much longer, I am having a hard time getting interested in Patrick, Britt and Serina. Or maybe it's just the boring story that isn't movie very fast.

    I have never 'understood' Ouija boards. How would Rafe's father know anything about Sam's dad, unless they are both dead and met in the great beyond?

    An actor has been hired--check down's Karen's blogs--and most likely that is Sam's dad. I want Alexis to have a real romance--she's one of my favorite actesses and characters. Loved her since Santa Barbara. Shawn was no match for her. Somehow, there was no chem at all. Jerry Jax was good with her, but he was ruined long ago. In the beginning Ric was good with her, but then Guza set about to destroy Ric and make him slimey. I was never sure why they hired good actors and then allowed Guza to trash them so they were unredeemable and had to be let go.