Monday, July 1, 2013

"You are my...YOU"..

Tracy and Luke...Jane is SUCH a good actress. Damn. You are my YOU... ahhhhhh be still my heart.  She was pleading with Luke to let her go with him.  He says yes, then when she goes and packs, he leaves her a note.

Laura and Nikolas--- I'd love for her to say, what the hey on all those TATTOOS SON?! lol Lulu comes in to tell them "she" is having  girlie.  Lulu also tells them Stavvy wanted her to sleep with him.
And if she had? She would have slept with her own brother's baby daddy.

Laura can't wait to go shopping for the baby!! I'd be like that too, buying all sorts of stuff.

AJ and Liz. Strangely don't feel them. I guess the story is too choppy to invest in.  So, he sends her flowers. She talks to Nikolas. blah

Doesn't Ava's necklace look like Hershey's nugget candies? the toffee kind? LOL...
Carly and Ava and Franco. Ava digs into Carly about sending Morgan away.  She hit Carly in the worst place: her mama skills! 
Franco figures out that Ava might be behind one of the shootings... ut oh. 

Michael goes to AJ to ask him how to stay away from Kiki. *sigh* Like what's he going to say? blind yourself? How about a nice trip to somewhere far away? 
AJ to Michael: "You're not just my son. You're pretty much the only friend I have."
Their exchange about AJ sleeping with Carly was HYSTERICAL!! lol Wish I could type that fast to capture it. Very fun. 


Alexis and Shawn try to work it out. Whatever.  I don't like that blazer Alexis has on. Never have. That's all I have to say about that. 

Nice piece on Kirsten Storms in the Huff Post.


  1. I think that is how we all feel about Morgan, to be fair :)

  2. Thanks for the summary. I got home today and found out my show had been pre-empted again due to a tornado warning. I'll have to find it now to watch Tracy and Luke.

    Thanks for the article too. I laughed when I saw whose pictures was at the bottom of that article in the "Stars at Disneyland" pictures.

  3. Loved AJ and Michael too.

    If they want me to feel something for Liz and AJ they need to spend a little more time with them together, with AJ being sweet to her and her kids.

    Loved how Sean called Alexis out on working for Sonny too. I liked their scenes, but I agree Karen that jacket did nothing for her.

    I can't believe that Tracy actually thought that Luke would take her with him? Never took her for that naïve.

  4. yeah, Andrea I agree-- the only thing that made it legit was when he said "Bring a lot of money" LOL Maybe she thought he needed it!

  5. I love AJ. I want to marry him and have his babies.

    The Michael and AJ scene was really funny!

    I hate Ava so much I root for Carly.

  6. Alexis's home: Alexis wins the line of the day!

    Alexis: Kelly's can be exciting. A man was impaled there once. Does that count for anything?

    ROFL! Too funny! And who was this man huh Alexis? Oh I know! McBain! Oh wait we aren't allowed to say his name shhhh! :) Alexis you have a good point, but you should quit Sonny too! :) Quit as in stop being Sonny's lawyer!

    Kelly's: I really don't like Lulu's dress. I don't like those kinds of dresses. I wish Laura would change clothes too. Nik, Laura, and Lulu talking about baby girl Falcanari! Awwww! :)

    Luke's home: As soon as Tracy came back with her bags and started talking to Luke, I knew he was gone!! Tony Geary have fun on your vacation! :)

    Q home: Too many blondes in that house ROFL! Ava vs Carly LOVE IT! New Todd knows Ava tried to shoot and kill him!!! Tasty delicious! :) Too much kissing from New Todd and Ava, that I think StarKI is gonna throw up. :)

    AJ and Michael: Great scene! So funny! Michael can't keep away from StarKI! I think it's not love! He is just horny! It's so bad, he wants to get out of the country! Hahahha! Oh Michael take a cold shower, or find someone to sleep with! AJ telling Michael that he slept with Carly HAHAHAHA PRICELESS! :) Let's see.. Who should Michael sleep with. Ava? :) Britch?

  7. Absolute, ITA w/everything you said!! And, yes, Tracey is even older and more experienced than I am--she should have known, as I did, that Luke was just trying to slip away.

  8. AntJoan said...yes, Tracey is even older and more experienced than I am--she should have known, as I did, that Luke was just trying to slip away.
    I didn't know Luke was tricking Tracy until after she came back with her clothes and started talking to Luke. I was wondering if Jane Elliot was leaving too for awhile.

  9. Jane Elliot is just amazing - she needs to submit for an Emmy next year. And fortunately she gets to play with an equally talented actor, TG. I knew Luke was going to leave her behind. Ava and Tranco are making me nauseous. Loved Alexis scenes with Shawn. Still don't see any chemistry there but if I get to see more Alexis that's fine with me. Great AJ and Michael scenes, too. I hate when Michael has that furrowed look all the time. Kiki isn't that desirable and attractive - surely he can resist even though IRL he can't, LOL.