Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baby You're a FIREWORK...

I tuned into DOOL today to see Jen Lilley..I still really like her. I'm glad KS is back but I did like her as well.

Lucy's 4th of July outfit was adorable!!  Felix says no to working at the spa. Milo will say yes.

AH, picnic in the park! Who remembers all the years with the  4th parties!!?? Emma is so adorable, especially with Felicia! Emma gets all nasty about the doll! Throws it "NO BABIES"!! NO BABIES..but then St. Sabby comes in to tell her it will be ok.  

Britt singing about the baby "Nah nah nee boo boo" It is Patrick's"
LOL. You know Dr. O probably got to Paddy's DNA profile like they did Faison's fingerprints. Get the data base to switch it over. 
OK, who heard Britt call Sabrina BETTY!!?? I DID I DID!! :giggle: 

Molly looked cute in her sundress today.  She and Rafe make me snore, though.

Morgan Box-Car-ed the Boat House!! awww,  (I can't stand them but ok) Aren't they in a giant mansion? I mean.. take a WING over lol. OR the gatehouse!! 
 Kiki "sees" Michael instead of Morgan. Ohhh. Myyyyy.  Now Morgan's going to tie her up lol.  We know Michael will walk in.


  1. Do you know if there are new shows Thursday and/or Friday, or if they're repeat shows?

  2. I believe new show Friday ..not not Thurs.

  3. the kinky sex is just too much. Really? how did she get her shirt undone? With her toes?

    Yes heard the "betty" referral. Too funny. Have to say the prop of the week will be a tough call this week. The Doll or Britt's belly! They really need to get her better pregnancy pillow. Maxie looks very real.

    Very sick of Paddy and Sabby. I wub you. gag me. If we never saw Robin we'd believe it more. Luke bring her back already!

  4. July 2nd

    Sonny's home: Milo wins the line of the day!!! Milo talking about Olivia staying there and setting Sonny's room up for her. Sonny wants to know why Olivia would need to go in his room.

    Milo: Borrow some of your lotion.

    ROFL! I was laughing so hard! It cracked me up! I was laughing even when the scene was way over. Come on Sonny I'm waiting for you to fire Milo! So he can go back to school for massage therapy! Borrow some of your lotion! ROFL!

    Kelly's: Come on Max! Be supportive of your brother! He isn't happy working for Sonny anymore! Love Lucy's outfit! Love the Lucy and Milo scene! Oh he would be perfect for Lucy and Laura's spa!!! He can work there as a massage therapist!!! :) The Lucy and Nik scene was great too!

    The hospital: Oh oh. More of the Falcinari ladies and their chat about you love Sonny! No you do!!! Jealous Connie does NOT like Olivia living with Sonny!

    Q home: New Todd and Ava chit chatting about the same thing. He knows she wanted to shoot him, oh but she denies it. Come on you two! Stop talking and have sex. :)

    ELQ: Liz and AJ back together awwwwwwwwwwww! :) That's right Liz! There is nothing for you to forgive!

  5. Today's GH:

    Sabrina and Felix's home: Wow! Britch practically said Patrick's the father of my baby. Nana nana boo boo! Grow up Britch! Sabrina says to Britch I won't let you walk all over me! Why Sabrina? Cus you are 27 yrs old? :)

    The park: Awww poor Emma! She is having a difficult time with Britch and the baby. :( I'm glad she apologized to Mac and Felicia. :)

    Max and Milo: MAX!!!! Stop being so rude! You want Milo to have loyalty? You should give your brother loyalty!!! He is not happy with his job! Stop being a jerk!

    Kelly's: I love Lucy's dress!! Love Lucy's and Felix's conversation! Love that Milo was listening in! :) Ears dropping ROFL!

    Sonny's home: Say Olivia! Do you need lotion? It's in Sonny's bedroom! ROFL! Milo knows where it is, just ask him hahahaha! Olivia looks disappointed that there isn't going to be any romance between Sonny and her! :)

    Milo: Boss, I quit!

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :) I'm so proud of you Milo! :)

    Alexis's home: Molly is whining again! Is she going to screech again? Oh good she doesn't. :) Molly and her it was just a goodbye friendship kiss! Come on Molly! It was more to Rafe! And more to you too! Stop being in denial! Molly has a cute dress on. Molly wins the line of the day!

    Molly: Acted like a horny jackass.

    Hahahaha oh Molly. :) And then there is Alexis and Michael. Michael is horny for StarKI!

    Q's boat house: Woah! Morgan likes kinky things! :) So this is wear they live now thanks for the help from Alice? I guess Morgan forgave Alice for breaking his arm ROFL! Morgan, StarKi Is just not that into you! She wants Michael! Michael shows up seeing Starki all tied up ROFL! Michael's hard on, gets bigger.

    Oh Karen! How was Jen Lilley on DOOL? Yeah I liked her as Maxie too!

  6. Karen,

    Britt called her 'Betty La Fea' which means Ugly Betty in spanish (The original mexican soap Ugly Betty is based on)

    Who knew Britt was a fan of Telemundo.

  7. enriquejimenez said...Britt called her 'Betty La Fea' which means Ugly Betty in spanish
    Ohhhhhhhh thank you! I was wondering what she ment by La Fea. :)

  8. The park on the 4th. I was remembering one 4th long ago where Mr Smith donated the fireworks (in his guise as just a wealthy, respectable citizen) and Luke was in charge of setting them off. Luke was planning to search Mr Smith's office for the black book so he could blackmail his way out of marrying Jennifer Smith. So he shows Bobbie how to light the fireworks off an elaborately built rocket structure that will end by being a blazing flag.

    Everyone is in the park having fun and picniking. We go back and forth among the various greetings and dramas. Ah. Time for the fireworks and Luke is now wearing an all black jumpsuit and helmet with big eye-protecting goggles. Bobbie shows up back of the fireworks thing dressed the same. Luke okays the outfit but says to her, 'Try to look taller, taller!' as he sneaks off and she takes over with a big lighter.

    We hear the announcement of the big show, then we see Luke at Smith's office (which a year later became ELQ offices), and he is going thru the desk in the dark while we see bursts of light from fireworks on the window blinds. Back and forth with park and Luke. Suspense is really tight!

    We see Bobbie trying to look taller (lol) and lighting the works from a diagram as rockets flare and finally the whole thing makes a blinding flag--just as Luke runs up to switch places with Bobbie. He got the black book!

    That was SO tense, yet they got in lots of characters as well, all enjoying the park and the 4th. It was one of several summer preparations to that first big run-away of L&L, but we didn't know it then.


  9. Is KM coming back to GH? She is talking about a big announcement in the next few days on her Twitter. Would be nice to see Robin again and to get Robert out of the coma!

  10. GH is soooooooooooooo bad lately. I have been fast-fowarding the episodes. I cannot stand the couplings and I want to see Jerry Jax and Robin!


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