Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wubqueen Interviews: Brenda Barrett Corinthos!!

I know, I know.. I could hardly believe it myself, but as you'll see The Most Beautiful Girl in Port Charles and I go way back. We met at her new place--Sonny's house that she now calls home.

Wubsnet: Hello!

Brenda: HA!! HA!! HI! Oh Wow...HI! Ha! :hugs:

Wubsnet: Geesh, you scared me, I see you still have the same laugh... 

Brenda: Yeah... I Know, Right?? Hey... last time we saw each other was when I had that tripod melt down, remember? Totally crazy, right??!

Wubsnet: You're telling me... it was a long time ago. do you like being married?

Brenda: Oh, you know... It's dreamy. Really Dreamy. Did you see my gorgeous dress? Dreamy, right? Yeah, it's been all great. Well, besides you know...the blowing up, ...the ripped up gown..the kidnapping. Those kinda sucked.

Wubsnet: What about all the injections you got? There were quite a few...

Brenda: I know!! God....even my long sleeves didn't protect me!

Wubsnet: I see you still wear those...where do you find so many? 

Brenda: Gap Kids...or JC Penney Juniors department. Sometimes I steal Molly's...doesn't matter. Robin and I are working on our own line...but you know, she's all involved with the hospital stuff and saving lives. :rollseyes: I wish she'd hurry up. 

Wubsnet:  Hey, I almost forgot! You have a four year old now..or is he three?

Brenda: I don't even know--it's all so weird. I'm in Africa, right? Now Suzanne tells me I have this toddler! Crazy! He's so cute though. 

Wubsnet: Where is he? 

Brenda: Who? 

Wubsnet: You know, Lucien...

Brenda: HA! HA! Oh.. duh.. Max has him. He's good with kids. I needed my yoga time.

Wubsnet: I wanted to ask you about Julia...

Brenda: Who?

Wubsnet: You know, your sister...blonde...tall...

Brenda: No... not getting you. My memory..pft! Went when I went over that cliff... you know how head injuries are. HEY! Did I tell you what I'm doing now? 

Wubsnet: Modeling? Movies? 

Brenda: HA! NO... I think I'm going to write a book!! Or make wine...or maybe sell a cookbook...join a band--

Wubsnet: Really? 

Brenda: Yeah, you know... I hear they are in real high demand now. Maybe besides my shirts I'll brand some eyeliner you can also use as a mole highlighter. What do you think? 

Wubsnet: I'd buy it.  Wasn't that a sad thing about Jake? 

Brenda: Who? 

Wubsnet: You know, Jason's son... 

Brenda: Oh, I sad. I tried to hug Jason but he wouldn't let me. Then Carly came barging over and :shudder: ruined my whole mood. Can you even believe Jason, Sonny AND Jax all hooked up with her!? HA! I mean.. really. I mean, I married Jason but I didn't you know. Well, HA! You know! :Shakes Head: Do you know Carly?

Wubsnet: Yeah.. we've met a few times.

Brenda: She's crazy...I mean, really. And tall! Did you see how tall she is? Didn't like her boots either :whispers: I think they were from DSW. :Shudder: Last season!

Wubsnet:  Well, I have to go... so nice to see you again--you think Sonny will fatten you up with all his good cooking? 

Brenda: HA! He'd better not! Maybe he'll teach me to make something other than popcorn! HA! 

Wubsnet: Maybe he'll help you make some kid-friendly food...

Brenda: Huh? :giggles: Why? 

Wubsnet: you know, for Lucien...

Brenda: Who? 

Wubsnet: Oh, just have fun :hugs airkiss: 

Brenda: Ok... I promise no more tri-pod throwing!! :waves: HA!


Anonymous said...

great interview. I disagree with one thing, the most beautiful girl in PC is liz webber.

sonya said...

I like her long sleeve shirts. :) It doesn't bother me.

Wubsnet: you know, for Lucien...

Brenda: Who?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, w/ Karen, "The Most Beautiful Girl in PC" is saracasm b/c Brenda was always painted as such by TPTB, and the Brenda fans on the old AOL GH board, back in the day.

Anyway, great job, Karen.

EFK said...

Actually the Most Beautiful Girl is because Vanessa was in the Prince video for the song. He supposedly wrote it about her.

I do think she is gorgeous tho.

Very funny Wubs. You should do "interviews" with all the characters.

Anonymous said...

@sonya, yay! I am so glad someone else is not bothered by her sleeves. I'm short so I think I may not care because I can relate in some way, but Brenda's too cute for me to give a crap where the sleeves on her shirt fall. Honestly. ^^; I think it's hysterical that people have latched onto it so passionately, but any problems I have with Brenda this time around come from how she was written, not how she's dressed!

Thanks for the fun interview, Karen~ ^-^