Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wed: When Will It End??

Just saw the new promo for GH about Michael and the Mob. WTF... this is just too much. Come on--kid get shot in the head--comatized, kills Claudia THEN gets raped in jail. ALL of these were to be the linchpin for change. HAHAHAHA. Yeah, right--- now Michael's going to flirt with the Zacharra Family. STOP IT!We DON'T WANT THE MOB -- if they wrote it as well as say, the Sopranos were written ok, but it's NOT. It's not even close. It's a mish-mash of crap. I watch OLTL with it's newer stuff and relish in it. I DON'T WANT TO SEE Michael "Fight" with his mentor Jason over the mob again!! It would be more compelling if he went totally the other way...FBI or something. Niky on Twitter thought it would be great for him to go all "Q"!! Join ELQ-- learn at Edward's knee, Carly would HATE that!
GOD!! STOP IT!! I can't find the promo but it ran right before OLTL today on ABC.

Phew...deep breath...

Sorry, that promo just got to me. It's just more of the same-- more, more more. Todays OLTL was ok-- I do like they are showing the Shane aftermath. Charlie needs a quick kick to the curb. I just love how actors move around the canvas on this show! 

Olivia and Dante? :thud:  Thank you for Falconeri scenes. Even IF she Brought Dante a casserole.Then she's at Kelly's with Steve asking about Liz. wowza.

Maxie and Lulu? :thud: what? Maxie goes to talk to Matt--she's so "Amy" minus the nursing degree and sweater. 

Max, Diane and Sonny discussing Lucian. Sonny doesn't really want to adopt Lucian!! Heh. Diane has his ticket.  Let's remember Dante's name is on that "birth certificate"!! Dante walks in and finds out the kid is alive. He's not surprised. Sonny says he'll take "Johnny out" --right. Like he takes anyone out. Jason does OR one of his kids/wives/fiances end up shot/dead/blownup. We know the drill. 

Sonny trying to talk to Michael. DON'T CARE!! NEXT!

Liz and Nikolas...she talks about living life and Lucky and Nik not fighting together. Then she tries to go back to work and Steve says NO way Jose!!

A TINY JOLIVIA SCENE made me swoon!!!!!!!! 

Maxie finds the DNA test.

LAST THOUGHT: MOB backwards is BOM , different spelling but YOU GET THE PICTURE!!

Tyler Christopher is going to do a new blog!! Read it baby! 

Michael Fairman asks if a talk show with Katie Couric could replace either AMC or OLTL


shirleedee said...

You can find that ABC promo over on
I so agree with you, we don't need Michael in the mob. The only thing good about it is that it will keep Johnny Z./BB on my TV screen.

sonya said...

This show was a broken record! UGH! And the Lulu and Maxie scene, gee Maxie do you want Lucky for yourself?!! Then Maxie talks to Matt about if she was wrong! UGH! Then Maxie goes to Liz's house and finds the Aidan results! What a stupid scene!!! Come on Guza you can do better than that! Oh wait you can't! UGH!

Anonymous said...

Michael joining the Z's mob family should have happened when he came out of the coma and was all angry and wanting to work with Sonny and Jason......that would have been good with him getting back at his family

Him joining now after being in jail and getting raped is just plain dumb......I hate Guza!!

Anonymous said...

The best part about today's show was Lulu defending Johnny to Dante. I just wanted to SMACK Olivia in the mouth for the crap she said to Dante.Also the scene between Olivia & Johnny seemed more like a mom telling her son to behave then like former lovers.That is why i always HATED Johnny & Olivia because she looks & acts more like his mother then ex-girlfriend. He needs someone his own age & i hope & pray when his fling with Lisa is over he does not get back with his mom,i mean Olivia because she is AWFUL!

Anonymous said...

This show is run mostly by men who have decided to make this a soap about the mob. They decided this a long time ago. The description of the show is all mob and their women sidekicks. If that isn't clear enough for you. There will be no changing this show. In fact they meant to get rid of certain fanbases and establish new ones. They are going to continue forcing this on fans. Ironic that disney heads all of it and doesn't see this or care. I actually stopped watching on tv, see clips here and there online. As long as the "neilsen families" keep watching, the 18-49 keep tuning in and giving Guza ratings, this is what you will get. You are enabling this poor writing, particularly, the pathetic writing of women.

kdmask said...

Thanks Shirlee!! :)

Anonymous said...

Are you there to start one life to live spoilers as much as GH spoilers Just to be honest after the jakr thing I took GH off my DVR .I love one life to live right now I sure hope Marty didn't change the DNA I love Brody and Natalie together .And I really like tess be in the wild chick she is .And Charlie's going to get kicked to the curb but it was a great way to make him go. And yeah the Shane story just shows what bad writing General Hospital has .It's a complete story bullying and suicide the after suicide to help the family everybody On the canvas is in it ....

Anonymous said...

I don't know that it's the mob that needs to go, it's the way Guza writes it that needs to go.... let's remember, the height of Luke and Laura was mob related when they were running from Frank Smith. Even when Sonny first came to town it was somewhat intriguing. The hospital and pivotal families was still the forefront of the show. Sadly, Guza has done so much damage and killing off our beloved characters that even if he were to get the ax, I don't know that the show can come back.

Rita Pita said...

I disagree 100% anon, I love Olivia, and I lOVED Jolivia too. IMO, they have that old fashioned steamy chemistry. Wish Olivia was around even more. What a waste of a fab actress!

I say give L&L2 an emotional reunion, getting rid of the irish lad. Give Jolivia a reunion, have Olivia accept Johnny's work. Have Sam find her way through law school the way she wanted to years ago, and join her mothers law firm (soap opera time she could have gotten her law degree in a year or so, lol). Kill off Sonny once and for all, and reunite carjax. Have Scrubs open a clinic (ala grey's anatomy). Give Jason someone new to love. The Liason/Jasam anger would finally be put to rest. Give him Maxie or Brenda.

sonya said...

Anonymous yes you are right. The mob back then was PART of the show! Today the mob is front and center!!! UGH! I miss how GH used to be. :( I miss the nurses ball and the Christmas party at the hospital!

Shania said...

First of all - please forgive me for sharing my life story here, but I'm extremely curious about something.

I haven't watched OLTL in 15 years but I had read about the Shane story and considered watching because of it. I was sure they wouldn't go through with the suicide thing. I was bullied in school and actually attempted suicide before dropping out of school completely, so the storyline was somewhat compelling.

I'm obviously older now and can see the horror of the whole ordeal and the mistake I made by running from the situation rather than gaining strength from overcoming my tormentors. The one thing that really struck me at the time was that, when word got out that I was going to drop out of school, some of the people who were the reason I was leaving tried to convince me not to do it. That I was "throwing my future away." They were (unfortunately) right but, since I had already tried to do that in a much more permanent fashion, their reaction did nothing but infuriate me further. I had reached a point that I could never return from mentally, I'd been through things that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy to this day. I honestly still have trouble with kids that age, my niece's friends make me extremely uncomfortable. It's pathetic.

Reading the Anon. comment makes me think that they actually did go through with the storyline? It sounds like I might have to go back and watch it on youtube after all. I am curious if they really did, and if so, are they showing the kids that bullied him and their reactions to it? I'm torn on how I feel about that, for a variety of reasons, but I hope they are. I worry that someone in the place I was back then could see it and realize it's a way to get back at the people hurting them, but I can't help but hope maybe the people doing it will see it instead and realize what really happens when you try and make another person feel like they don't belong.

Sorry for the heavy post, I feel like I've just gone through a counseling session. I'm just really curious exactly how they're handling it and if I should actually add another soap back into rotation. Roger Howarth's return and this storyline are making me consider it more than I ever expected to.

Andrea said...

Yes the mob was always part of the show. But they were always portrayed as the BAD guys. Even Sonny in the beginning, everyone warned BRenda not to get involved because he wasin the mob. It was Jason rebelling against the Q's to join the bad guys.

But now the mob people are the center of the show, and to keep them there they have to they have made everyone else either evil or stupid( alcazar, claudia, faith, the FBI etc). So SOnny and Jason can be the "good Guys" relatively speaking.

The show can't have a decent police force that tracts down criminals, because Sonny and Jason would be arrested and go to jail. They belong in jail. Sonny is NOT a "good man". And Jason kills people for a living. Come on.

I grew up watching this show with my mother after school My kids don't watch it because there is way to much violence on it and I can't watch it in front of them. That is not how to get new and loyal viewers.

The writers have turned this show into a complete farce. There are no great charaters or storylines. And if your story does not involve Sonny/Jason you are seen every once in a while. How many characters have they created just to have them back burnered and forgoten?

kdmask said...

Shaina, thanks for that, what you endured!! The OLTL story was done VERY WELL...with the exception of rapidly aging a character to make him Shane's age (he's the bully). It was LED up to over weeks-had internet involvement and really showed the torture at school. Kids Did try to help him...but his cousin was basically ambivalent..which seemed pretty true to life.
His parents of course, were the last to know--they did talk him down from the ledge, he went to the hospital. They've run a lot of PSAs about suicide too.
Now in the aftermath, he doesn't want to go to school..doesn't want therapy. The kid that bullied him is still an ass--he didn't Magically 'LEARN' anything yet. HIS mother is coming to grips with her son being a bully.
Even his grandmother is involved and Great Uncle...Aunts. It's all over the canvas.
Very well done for a soap imo. actually just well done period!

Anonymous said...

@Rita Pita I SOOOO agree with you! A JOHNNY AND OLIVIA REUNION ASAP!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Jolivia as well, they have quite a following not just a few of us wubbers ; )

LindaV said...

I loved Jolivia, too, and it was nice to see Lisa L. - been too long. And by the way, what's up with the horrible dark roots on Maxie, Carly and Abby?

Shania said...

Thank you for the kind reply Karen! I wasn't really sure I should have explained my back-story on your blog like that, but since I also didn't want what could have seemed like a very morbid interest to go unexplained the truth seemed like the easiest path to take. I am relieved that you didn't consider it too out of line!

I have heard good things about the writing for the storyline elsewhere and based on what you said I think I'll have to check it out after all. I'm so happy for YouTube in moments like this!

Under the circumstances I can't say I'm surprised that the bully has no remorse. That part of my own story was (and remains) unbelievable to me. It also didn't come as a result of the suicide attempt, which might have made more sense to me. I ended up missing almost the entire last quarter of that school year. The few occasions I tried to go were worse if anything. Luckily I'd been a good student and I was still able to pass that year by doing the work from home. It wasn't until the first day of the next year that I gave up and decided I would never go back. It's still sad to me that I gave up so quickly, it's unmistakable how much damage that caused me in the long run. So I think it will be extremely interesting to see where they go with the whole thing. It will also be interesting to see what they do with the bully down the road. Will he ever change? Will something happen to make him realize the depth of his cruelty? It's kind of nice to actually feel hopeful that a story might go somewhere for a change. ^^; I imagine that, for the sake of being responsible, Shane will end up going back to school and accepting counseling. That might not be terribly realistic but hopefully, if nothing else, the story can help some parents recognize suspicious behavior in their own kids. I'm especially glad to hear they incorporated cyber bullying into the story because the amount of that going on anymore breaks my heart. When I was young at least going home was some kind of escape, there really is almost no way out of that torture for kids these days.

Anyway, thank you very much Karen! I will definitely rewind time a bit via youtube and check the storyline out! ^^

Just for the sake of getting back on topic, I was so happy to see Olivia back on the show yesterday! I've missed her. Sadly I get the feeling she won’t be around much longer. I’d like to actually see her for whatever time she has left.

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