Friday, April 29, 2011

One Life To Live KICKS BOOTAY in Ratings!!!!!!!!

That's right....tied for 2nd in House Hold Ratings!! Read it on SON!!! It came in 3rd ahead of GH for TOTAL viewers!!
Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,704,000 (+228,000/-293,000)
2. B&B 2,849,000 (+157,000/-458,000)
3. OLTL 2,762,000 (+263,000/+507,000)
4. GH 2,547,000 (+10,000/-61,000)
5. AMC 2,521,000 (+177,000/+53,000)
6. DAYS 2,403,000 (+49,000/-103,000)

So, suck it FRONS.... so much for "GH equaling YR's numbers"... OLTL has made it UP THE RATINGS on word of mouth and awesome writing!! I don't want GH canceled but OLTL sure doesn't deserve it, based on numbers. AND THE DANG SHOW IS UNDER Budget!! UNDER!! I can only hope that the producer and headwriter go on to primetime greatness together. I want their kind of storytelling.

Today started out so joyful with beautiful Catherine and Wills!! Loved it. She's just so perfect for that "role" and they are such great kids. Ok, "young adults" know what I mean. Not running around like banshees. Classy. *sigh*

OLTL: Giant secret is coming out and TODD is awake!! eeeeeeeeeeeee!

NEW SPOILERS ARE UP!! OMG, Carly is going on the Lucian hunt. WHY? Who knows. :throwinguphands:

General Hospital: 
"the file I have on you doesn't begin to do you justice" ahahha. AZ to Lisa. Bruce Weitz doing Anthony is like the only reason to watch GH lately! LOL 

Krissy waiting for Yale...I like that story-- as I have a senior.  Don't like the drugging part. 

OF COURSE they didn't show any Intervention aftermath..that was a one-shot deal. They put it on a Thursday so we'd watch today. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

I HATE THE BRANDON STORY! Not only is it boring as sheeze, it was put right in on the coat tails of the Jake death-- making it doubly stupid. I don't care about Brandon, I don't care about Abner-- and I don't care about the mob in this. 

Maxie...oy. I love her and hate her all at the same time! LOL... she did look fab today. Too bad we didn't really SEE the whole M&M relationship unfold, huh? Happened all off camera. GH style.
Coleman was on!! He mentions Kate. Mentions her. 

You know the rumor about Lucian being Nikolas' kid?? Didn't he and Claudia sleep together? Oh, I would love a Zacchara-Cassadine bambino! 

Wow, what a let down after yesterday's show. Yeah, Lucian is missing and Krissy is asleep but still. Oy.

Ronnie Marmo and Joe Mantegna, Ronnie just tweeted this...


  1. Yes Maxie you tell Sam and Jason! WOOT WOOT! It IS a big mistake and it IS too soon!!! Maxie has been so wise lately. How did that happen? :) Lisa didn't have to drug Krissy in order to look around Robin and Patrick's home Guza! UGH! She broke in before without drugging anybody! Anthony sticking his face in the ice because he saw Lisa in her bra and panties! ROFLMAOPMP! I am so glad he is back! With GH being so dark I'm glad to see Anthony. :) He makes me smile and laugh. :)

  2. Do you really think Lucien will turn out to be Nik's? Is there any way they would make Emily alive and living under Helena's "spell" in Greece? Maybe they are starting to lay the ground work for everyone's "Happily Ever After" next September? The writers have to know the writing is on the wall.

  3. I don't know about that Lucian thing and Nikolas...everytime I think a rumor is too weird to be true, it is! LOL... could be that's how TC exits?

  4. I didn't watch GH today. It was all about the royal wedding. GH could take a page out of this book and give us couples we could get behind. Some romance would be nice. I felt S&B's wedding didn't do it for me because of the usual end with explosives in a car.
    Romance , I miss seeing it portrayed on tv. Not surprised about ratings. I think GH should fall even lower. I agree with you , Karen . OLTL is better.

  5. Yesterday's show was riveting. JJ was superb, but everyone did a good job. Good flashbacks too. It was the first day of sweeps, btw.

    I remember Nik saving Claudia's life, but I don't remember if they slept together. Even if they did, she was never off the show long enough to have a baby. Unless Guza suddenly decides she was and totally rewrites what we all watched. Which wouldn't be the first time.

  6. Love that Anthony is back! Him on the stairs with the orchid was hilarious. That was about it for today, huge let down after the amazing acting from yesterday.

  7. Why does Lucien have to have been parented by anyone in Port Charles? Why can't he be an orphan from another City/Country?

    IF Lucien has to "belong" to anyone, I would vote for Brooklyn and Diego. We would have another Quartermaine and Sonny would be raising a relative of his former nemisis, an "Alcazar". Might open the door for a return of Ned, Lois, Lorenzo or Skye. It could also develop a storyline for Brooklyn that does not make her look like a paid escort. (yes I know she is leaving the show, but that could be undone).

  8. Per your new spoilers, Not thrilled about the Jaspam news, but oh well. We'll see if we actually get the 2 planned scenes for him & Liz this week.

    There Carly goes again. the mother of the year. Leaving her kids and putting her nose where it doesn't belong.

  9. Liason is my favorite couple. Loved Luke and Laura, Anna Devane and robert scorpio, felicia and frisco jones, robin and stone. I'm not into the couples on now. As Karen said , there is no romance building and then suddenly they ar in bed. Annoying characters are shown now, dull.

  10. Well, I don't actually think this is likely to have effect.