Friday, April 15, 2011

New Scoops are UP! Friday Fright Day!

Soaps, Soaps....Soaps. It's all I've been thinking about!!
NEW SPOILERS are up!! Nothing to bowl you over-- Suzanne will spill the truth to Sonny, Michael confesses to "save" Abby. Yada Yada. 

One Life to Live Today: Great show. Wendy Williams was on-- I love that Access Llandview thing. Heh...  Clint was so good, he's so Asa. One minute you hate him, the next you're just about ready to forgive him. (sort of)!! 

General Hospital  Today:  Brenda is acting so weird for finding out she has a 3 year old.  I'd need Xanax. LOL I love that Jane Elliot is on so much. 

The Jason and Michael stuff has been DONE TO DEATH. Pre-jail..Post-jail...IN JAIL!! LOL 
Maxie and Liz..not sure I'm liking this so much, not sure if the DNA should come out this way. 

So, Sam goes to see Liz..and Liz gives  HER the motorcycle to give to Jason. Hmmm, may have been more meaningful for her to give it to him herself. I did love the Liz/Sam scenes but-- well. History would have been more honored. 

Lucky Tracy
Lucky Nikolas
Brenda Suzanne
Brenda Sonny
Maxie Liz
Liz Sam
Jason Michael
Luke Steve
Luke Tracy
Suzanne Sonny 
Jason Sam 
Michael and Brenda

WATCH VIDEO footage of Brian Frons canning the soaps! ONLY ON DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL!! 

Nelson Branco dishes on his Suds Report.  He was the one that broke the news to Robin Strasser!!

SOD tweeted: Rumors abound that @Susan_Lucci is going to DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. She’s got that ABC contract and DH is ABC.

I will see you for Sunday Surgery! Probably for something tomorrow. :) 


Anonymous said...

it is so obvious that jake was killed only to promote a jaspawn baby. we are to forget that liz and jason were ever friends or lovers. that is reason for liz giving sam the motorcycle.

Anonymous said...

Liz taking the blame for not supporting Lucky during his drug addiction is a complete rewrite of history.Sure lets blame liz again.She tried and tried he lied cheated stole and she stayed until she walked in on him with Maxie that was her breaking point.How dare they say she didn`t support him what bull,but what can you expect from Guza the hack

Anonymous said...

Frons has to be the most insensive creep on the planet.

Anonymous said...

That would explain why Susan Lucci sounded so upbeat...

Anonymous said...

maybe susan lucci will be eva longorais's mother on DH.

kdmask said...

laLucci probably even knew. I hate to say that but with this? She could have been told to say anything and she would have.

kdmask said...

Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair Disney Media Networks Division 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521

Rhonda said...

Seriously? Seriously? After spoiling that Liz gives Jason the motorcycle they give it to Sam to be able to give that honor. I f'ing GIVE UP. Anyone that says that Liason fans have not gotten the biggest smack in the damn face can frankly kiss my BEHIND.

Anonymous said...

Rhonda I totally agree with you. liason fans are to forget the past. liason was all a dream. jasam is a nightmare.

Jen said...

I don't necessarily think Jasam is a nightmare, they have their strong points but I do think Liason really got screwed. It was their son that was killed. We aren't even getting the Liz/Lucky scenes. May as well have left becky fired. said...

Goodness, there's so much effective information here!