Friday, April 15, 2011

Soap Opera Cancellations: More Fallout...More Thoughts

SOD has announced that staff will be cut by 50%, no surprise really. I can't see it's sister mag, SOW sticking around much longer. SID has said for now, everything is staying the same.

Terry Morrow reports that Power Player Unions are weighing in on the news as well. Read his Tinseltown Tales blog.

Here's more of what Frons had to say: 

As for fan reaction, Frons quipped that he "pre-entered the witness protection program prior to" announcing AMC and OLTL's demise.
"We didn’t expect anybody who has been a passionate viewer for a long period of time to be happy about this, and so we are hoping the head writers will be able to craft emotionally satisfying goodbyes," Frons added. "It's not as good as having them continue. But we are having them turn the lights out the best we can.”

 Erika Slezak (Viki): . "I am so terribly sad that we are losing ONE LIFE TO LIVE. This is a show with so much heart and life in it and we have had so many wonderful loyal viewers. I am deeply sorry. We have been a family for so long, and the sadness of this loss extends to all of us. This is not only a loss to television, but the entire entertainment industry and to the many hard working people of New York who have been the heart and soul of ONE LIFE TO LIVE."

Stephanie Gatschet has a nice blog entry (she's Madison on AMC) 

After Ellen has an awesome piece about the soaps. excerpt:
The storylines are often silly and predictable, true, but AMC has often been the first daytime show to address LGBT issues. We were all glued to the set for the First Lesbian Kiss Ever On Daytime TV! between main character Bianca, a lesbian, and her girlfriend Lena.

Personally, we've watched the ratings decline for years now.  The online sites and communities were always loyal, pitching the shows and we got NO credit what so ever. ABC was way late in the game with utilizing online resources and treated those of us that DID use the web as the enemy for many years. Yet, we were the ones that were saying the genre had to evolve, the writing change and the fans needed to be listened to. WE didn't cow-tow to the shows and sugar coat how we felt. We knew these shows were in danger. We begged for change. We got nothing.  Writers go around and around the revolving door. I found out the average age of soap writers is over 55. 
Fanbases begged for their faves not to be let go. On GH alone, so many core families were killed off it was/is criminal. Ironic they are the one to stay, isn't it? Poor OLTL, who beat GH in the ratings last week--and has come UNDER budget,  is leaving. I'm not going to give advice about boycotting or watching or sending petitions, calling or writing. Do what you think is best. I'm cynical enough to think not much is going to help. Tim Gunn and Clinton Kelly are slated to go. Soaps (on the 'official'  record) have terrible  ratings... if they can produce shows with the same ratings that cost a lot less? Guess where they are going. 

Hate to be such a downer but it's difficult. I love the soaps or I wouldn't have worked on a website dedicated to one for so long. I also wouldn't have been screaming so loud for changes that needed to be made.


Mamaspat Ole said...

When they got rid of GL I think we all knew it was just a matter of time.I truly believe thats why GH sucked so bad Frons made sure they would go down the tubes.But OLTL was a great soap with a lot of great actors and great writing.GH not so much.I will just watch Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives till they kill them off.So I wouldn't waste your emmy time folks.Save that money too

Anonymous said...

since the writers decided to get rid of steve hardy's granddaughter, elizabeth, ( she and others will never get a storyline) GH has no where to go but to get cancelled. my guess is next year. jasam cannot save this show.

DJ Rogue said...

This was posted at the end of an article about one of the new shows on

Meanwhile, there may be a glimmer of hope for All My Children and One Life to Live fans: Insiders at the network say ABC would be willing to entertain offers from other outlets — either cable or online — that might be interested in picking up the shows or even taking over ownership.

But before you get your hopes up, ABC (which didn't shop the shows before making the announcement) doesn't think they'll get any interest. And indeed, when TV Guide Magazine asked several cable networks whether they'd be interested, reps for those channels — including Oprah Winfrey Network and Hallmark Channel — said no.

Frank Strovel III said...

Well said, Karen. You pretty much covered it.

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