Monday, April 11, 2011

MONDAY: Saving Our Soaps!!

Mark H's Soap Musings include a great list by Jamey Giddens on how you can help save the soaps. Writing, phone numbers, you name it. I'm working on finding those magical Nielson Families that might actually make a difference. We should know this week. Local affiliates await word as well. If there is a time slot to fill they can probably pick up suggested programming or just buy syndicated shows. Hell, our CBS station shows "Everybody Loves Raymond" reruns at 2pm! I just hope if the soaps ARE saved, the production and writing ramp up as well. You know I love OLTL, but other than that? eesh.
Write to ABC Chief:

GENERAL HOSPITAL: What the hell is Carly doing with her big mouth all over Sam. God..isn't she enough on my last nerve?! She tells Sam to have a kid and if not, she'll do it....even though Joss was a high risk baby? Idiot writing.

ANOTHER Banner Two people per scene day!!! This was it today: (no other people in the room).

Carly and Sam
Dante and Lulu
Patrick and Lisa 
Lucky and Luke
Michael and Jason
Brooke and Nik
Patrick and Robin
Lulu and Luke 
Lucky and Jason 
Lisa and Johnny
Lisa and Krissy
Michael and Dante 
Johnny and Luke
Michael Carly
Dante and Jason
Lulu and Lucky

So, they switched the Brooke Lyn scene from last Thursday to Today. At least they didn't abandon it. She'll be off singing... that's another Q gone. She wasn't my fave but hell..she's still another Q. Only Edward and Tracy left-- not sure if we'll ever see Maya again. 
I think Tony Geary's contract says he can only be on one set per every 2 weeks. That way he doesn't have to move. People just come to him..ONE at a DAMN Time. zzzzzzzzzzzz
Did you know Luke Drank? Did you? Just in case you missed it.
Wow,  I really shouldn't have watched. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

Again no Elizabeth? Are we sure they didn't fire her?

Carrie said...

was One Life To Live bad today? why no mention? lol

Anonymous said...

Sam & Krissy were in the same room as Lisa & Johnny I Kelly's

Anonymous said...

what about EDWARD having a heart attack? Will he survive or will another Q be gone??

Anonymous said...

Why wouldnt Maya be back? Annie is free to film now. The other Angels are able to tape their shows.

kdmask said...

Carrie..I didn't see it, I'm sorry, I only saw like one Dorian/David scene

Lori said...

OLTL was good, focus on them getting Langston off canvas. Also lots of Natalie/John, Brody/Ford, Messica/Cutter, Rama/Vimal. Solid show with some plot progression, nothing earth shattering though.

Anonymous said...

Karen, did you read Ingo Rademacher's recent "Soaps in Depth" interview? He says that even though there are many published reports about an umbrella story with brenda, he is skeptical. He feels he has not had a frontburner story since august. He questions why with joss sick he is not shown with her at the hospital and he hasn't gone to see Liz. He feels that if he is not shown in the coming weeks then the writing is on the wall.
I think both he and RH ( yes RH-even though re-hired ) still have to worry about their jobs.
Liz may as well drop off the planet with her baby daddy pathetic repeat storyline. Aweful, Guza. There is no saving this soap when the writers and the higher ups at ABC think that GH is good. GH is a sad shell of it's older self. If they don't care, why should the viewer.

kdmask said...

I did NOT read his latest interview!!! is it this month's mag??

Anonymous said...

#GH has had luke standing in Haunted Star so long he thought burning it down was only way to get the heck outta there. I agree the writing f Carly and Sam wasn't done well, I got teary eyed that Carly would take that risk to carry their baby, I guess because I relate to that I'd do the same for someone I love. GH needs to open it's eyes and see how much they are upsetting and disappointing it's fans. I read, as I'm sure most of you do, many different fan base websites, spoilers etc. Although there are so many disputes, which is the hottest couple, who played the best Carly, the Liz lovers and haters, for the first time in a very long time all these groups are united and consistent in believing that GH is taking potentially great stories lumping them together confusing fans as to what in the world is happening and where are all the actors? It's like GH decided these past few weeks are the finale episodes and the few remaining actors are playing it all out at once before the final curtain falls.

AntJoan said...

Just a tiny little grammar lesson for all of my fellow GHers (please don't kill me, but I used to be an editor, so I feel compelled to offer this teeny, tiny, lesson . . .).

"It's" means IT IS--it is a CONTRACTION, meaning a blending of 2 words, such as don't, can't, etc. If we are using "its" in the possessive sense, such as
"its fans" or "its actors," THERE ARE NO apostrophes in the word. Got it?

(Again, please don't kill me, but a little knowledge is never a bad thing, right?)

muebles en getafe said...

This can't actually work, I suppose like this.