Friday, April 1, 2011

General Hospital: 48 Years-- Most of them Splended

David  emailed me and thought it would be fun for people to put up their top GH Clips. He suggested Tiffany/Sean's wedding and Robert Scorpio on Night Shift. 

I got to thinking about mine--and there are so many. You've all seen the Luke/Laura scenes over and over again.  I put three up for you, PLEASE put some of your faves in the comments! 

One of the most creepy, scary badass clips ever. Gives ya chills baby: (2001)

Next one from way back... 1989 Frisco proposes to Felicia.. BUT there are scenes of BJ, Lucas, Tony and Bobbie. IN THE Brownstone!!

And the best clips of the L&L Story, 1979 style:


  1. From what I can remember, my favorite GH scenes of all time were:
    The nurses ball (all of them!)

    Luke/Laura/Liz scenes when they thought Lucky was dead.

    Jason and Liz at Christmas time in her studio.

    When Stone and Robin both found out they were HIV positiv.

    Jason and Liz together for the first time, though it it ended up being the biggest waste of time ever, considering everything that came out of it is dead (Their love/Jake).

  2. I also really like when Tracy wouldn't give her father the pills and he pretended to die!

  3. Hi all. To make it clear, the Night Shift that I really liked was called Robert's 80s reunion when Sean and Tiffany came back to visit on the show. They recreated Robert's house impressively. And the writing was very cute and tongue in cheek and nostalgic. Its on YouTube.

    I thought the best wedding ever was Sean and Tiff and will never know how Sharon W. got through it with a straight face the way she did.


    Thanks for all your have done for us this pat few weeks Karen!

  4. My favorite scenes were pretty much all of Lucky & Elizabeth falling in love after her rape and committing to each other in that little church...the scene I remember most though is Elizabeth at the Jason's garage and they tell her Lucky is dead from the fire...I cried like a baby, I was in the 8th grade!

  5. Tracy and the pill refusal was one of the most shocking scenes ever....
    I also love the scene when Robert was realizing Robin was his child....
    And oh yes, Jason and Liz...
    sigh, thank goodness for videos............

  6. Speaking of Tiffany, I saw this in The Suds Report today:

    Thoughts and prayers go out to Daytime Emmy-nominated actress Sharon Wyatt, who starred on GH for 14 years as Tiffany. According to the New York Daily News, Wyatt is battling osteonecrosis.

    Wyatt believes she got it from the drug Fosamax, which is prescribed to build up bones, make them stronger and more durable — not to make them brittle and porous, as has happened to Wyatt's jaw line.

    “I just want my jaw back,” sighed Wyatt, who will undergo surgery today.

    Best wishes and good thoughts going out to Sharon.

  7. Sorry to hear about fellow Tennessean Sharon Wyatt. I love, love, love Tiffany.

    MY all-time favorite GH scene has to be the reveal of mousy librarian Lucy Coe as the hot and sexy girlfriend of the murderous Kevin O'Conner from 1986's ill-fated Laurelton storyline. This was back before spoilers and I remember almost coming out of my chair as this scene played out.

  8. that scene with Helana was priceless and I wonder how he layed their and not blinked his eyes.
    Didn't Richard Simmons look good lol he hasn't changed his hairstyle at all.
    I loved Luke and Laura my favorite was them getting married.

  9. I vividly remember when Luke came back from the "dead" and went to see Robert. He learned Robert was married and was waiting for his wife to come down the stairs. He saw Holly and smiled big, then it slowly dawned on him that Holly was Robert's new wife. I was in 8th grade, and I actually said "Oh No!" out loud. That wasn't even a Friday - the cliffhanger for that week was Luke and Robert finally meeting up on the docks.

    I loved all of the adventure stories in the first half of the 1980's. Ice Princess, the oil scam, the disk, the real psycho Grant Putnam, Sean and the treasure hunt. So much fun.

    My favorite story ever, like many folks, is BJ's heart. And I cop to actually liking click/boom when it happened the first time. The last fifty times they've done it haven't quite worked as well for some reason.

  10. David, now I know the one you mean, and Luke showed up too, right?

  11. My most memorable L&L scene came after their first "on the run" storyline.Upon their return, Laura was mobbed by her parents and the press, and not wanting to get in trouble she blurted out that Luke had raped her!! OMG I almost died...then Luke got her alone on the yacht, and almost made love to her...almost...and he got her to admit it wasn't rape at all and that she loved him...and once she did admit it, he turned and left her standing there...whoa! talk about pay back! I can still see the look on her face.

  12. Frisco and Felicia were always my favorite couple - their first wedding was my favorite episode of all time.

  13. In honor of Liason/Jake (since I'll never have them *tear* lol): (Nightshift Liason & Jake)
    ('08 injured Jason; Liz/Jake visit)
    ('07 Liason after Em's funeral; Jake & Cam)
    ('07 Liason after B&W Ball; Jake & Cam; GV's Luckless interrupts)

  14. I like this one with Jason & Sam:


    Liason engaged.... Love Becky's innocence.

  16. OMG RIta! you have me hooked on these Liason videos. This one is so awesome. jason throws Liz down so rough before having sex w/ her and then at the end of the video he says I love you SO much" kills me.

    Have to also say Fleicia & Frisco scenes when he first came back on canvas.Great old fasshioned soap triangle.

    Alo Tamara B's carly when she thought Michael was dead. OMG. perfection.

  17. I have only watched 1990s on YouTube, but I loved the BJ's heart storyline, I bawled like crazy when Felicia and Bobbie cried together on the hospital floor. Tony putting his head down to listen to BJ's heart in Maxie...WAHHHH.

    Liason--anything Liason is so so good. They are so wonderful together.

    Jason when he had to tell Sam (and I hate Sam now, but I felt badly for her at the time) her baby was dead and she hit him and cried and screamed that he and Sonny weren't taking her baby away, etc. So sad.

    Sonny and Carly and the first miscarriage.

    Liz when she found Carly in the panic room.

    Monica and Jason after Emily's death and Monica's subsequent alcoholism.

    Liason on the wall at B&W ball "Would you die for love"

    Carly and Jax bonding over baby John(who turned out to be baby Spencer)This was HUGE for me, b/c I loved Carly and Sonny(never saw him with Brenda--I didn't watch back then)and didn't think I'd ever like her with anyone else.

    Jason and Alan when Alan died.

    The day Lila died--so sad.

    I think one of my VERY fav's though is when Jason found out Sam had watched Jake be kidnapped, and then found out that she had hired the two men to scare Elizabeth, Jake and Cam in the park. He went to her apartment and told her in his 'stone cold' way "If you ever threaten Elizabeth or the boys again I WILL KILL YOU" and left you with NO DOUBT he meant it.

    When Jason finally told Carly to shut up about Elizabeth I stood up and cheered.

    When Ric forced Liz to admit to the "night o passion' on the stand. And she basically told him any relationship they'd ever had, even the tentative friendship they'd worked at building was DONE after that day.

    Mrs S

  18. Forgot: love that the Q's end up having pizza every Thanksgiving, the elf costume at the hospital every Christmas, the reading of the Christmas story at the hospital as well.

    Mrs S

  19. Karen: Yes, and Anna was there, and Robin was in the same style dress with a doll that she wore the day she met Robert. Throughout the episode, they had clips from the 80s and the cast involved.

  20. Karen will love this one. We talked about it once. Some of the best GH moments never even occurred on GH at all! On The City, where Tracy was a mob boss, hired "fake" actors to portray her family for the dinner.

    Turned out that the guy playing Edward was gay and continually made passes at his "son" Ned. And Lila was a drunken lush.

    Also, Lisa Licero (sp?) is on it, along with a few other previous GH actors.

    I know this might not count, but I remember talking about this with Karen once. This was priceless.

  21. I loved all the supercouples of the 80s: Luke & Laura, Robert & Holly, Frisco & Felicia and Duke & Anna. That was when there was love in the afternoon. Sigh.

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