Monday, April 25, 2011

Dixie's Back to AMC-- it's the ol' "History Before the Ax"

Cady McCain is set to return to AMC -- as ghost Dixie or real Dixie? Not sure yet. SID is now saying she's JUST IN TALKS, btw but it's on Facebook (SOD) and all the big sites.
Hell, just have her be alive, whatever. Since they are going that route, please have Jenny come back too.  Glammorama-- Nina, Cliff. Everyone. 

Of course, I'd love a nice Mona, Kate, Phoebe-- Palmer montage.  I'd like if they'd show "best of" reruns for a month. Why not!!? That's what SoapNet should have done, restarted all the soaps from their beginnings. 

OLTL: magnificent as usual!! LOVED it!! Tension.. tension. THEN Natalie rips up the damn DNA paper!! LOL..woo!! The Llandview PD is also great. Brave, gives Shane hope and usually they catch their man. 

GH: please read my "Exit Blog" below. 
Luke can't understand Siobhan either, you know it's making him drink more! He thinks he's stuck in a Guy Richie movie!!
Abner is arrested by Ronnie. Way to go PCPD-- now we know she didn't do it. Michael throws paper, not barware? WHAT!!
I hate Sonny and Dante's stupid arguments. 
Just get Sam PG already, this is torture! LOL..
I did like Maxie/Lucky talk. Liked him saying he didn't usually understand what she was talking about but she made him smile. 

Luke calling Jason a "glorified sperm donor"! Whahahhaaaa. I wish Spinelli was there. Oh, Luke!
I love Krissy talking about Brenda to Sonny! yeah... "You kids are my heart"...uh-- no comment. It's not written that way. 
Luke trying to kill himself, perfect time for Helena to show up to push him ' over the edge' F*KyeahGH said that on Twitter!! 

Now, Michael decks a cop AT THE POLICE STATION and I so bet he doesn't even get arrested. Hell.

Here's a great page @SpinsVixenella put up with advertisers, addresses and also some tips on contacting people, what to say: Live Journal. 

And a nice article about local ABC protests happening tomorrow in Orlando! 


Anonymous said...

painful to watch again.

lisa said...

I actually tried to look at this show today and could not watch it all. The fact that they have Liz confiding in Maxie is aweful. There are no friendships for Liz anymore.
Karen, I almost keeled over when Liz mentioned to Lucky that she has a lot of support and she mentioned Gram! Where is her grandmother! Seriously!?Did anyone else catch that ? Luke drowning in a soon to be pile of his own sick is sooo boring. Sonny, jason and OH breathless Abby, AND MOB JR. Michael are aweful.
Still no romance.Luke going on vacation /rehab makes the intervention unappealing because , as you said , Karen, what's next?
I can't believe a writer is content to end the show this poorly and predictably.
Thank you , Karen , for this wonderful blog.

Trixie said...

I never thought that I would ever wish that they cancel General Hospital. But, I really wish that ABC would let One Life to Live - live on - and, instead, cancel General Hospital.

mosbp2003 said...

Trixie, ITA...Marty's laugh today when Natalie tore up the paternity results was priceless! That one scene was better than anything GH has offered in years...

Anonymous said...

I agree, Trixie

kdmask said...

I agree too Trixie, and my buttered "bread" is GH!! LOL said...

I saw so much worthwhile material here!