Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Cake

I happened to find photos of the Wedding indulge me while I put it up! I know my Mom wanted to see it.
The project has left cake-maker Fiona Cairns exhausted but elated after working for five weeks on it  which has tested her skills and those of her team to the limit.
The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are fans of her fruit cakes, while Paul McCartney orders one for Christmas every year, and she has also baked creations for bands Pink Floyd and Simply Red in the past.
Ms Cairns, 56, whose confections are sold in Harrods, Selfridges and Waitrose, was contacted by St James's Palace in February and asked if she would make William and Kate's wedding cake.
Speaking at Buckingham Palace after she had put the final touches to the cake, she said: ‘The picture gallery has high ceilings and is an imposing room so I wanted the cake to have presence but not to be imposing and I think it worked.
‘Catherine did not want it to be seven feet tall, she didn't want it to be towering and thin, and I think we succeeded.

PS. BRITISH Fruitcakes are NOT like American ones at all, they are delicious!


  1. Wow. Take it from someone who has decorated a cake to two in her life... The icingwork on that cake is amazing. I'm surprised it did not take her longer.

  2. Wow. Just - WOW.

  3. It looks soooo good I would not want to touch it neverless eat it lol.....Now thats one to put the top layer in a huge deepfreeze

  4. I love how they have English roses, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodils and Irish clover on it. Such a nice touch, including all of the British Aisles on the cake.

  5. Sorry, that should have been "Isles". lol

  6. Not thrilled about the Jaspam news, but oh well. We'll see if we actually get the 2 planned scenes for him & Liz this week.

    There Carly goes again. the mother of the year. Leaving her kids and putting her nose where it doesn't belong.