Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Surgery: M*A*S*H* The Bloody JaSam vs Liason War

Yep...I'm going there! I'm tired of talking about the total lack of direction, vision and day to day disappointment of GH.  So, LET'S MIX IT UP! I'm getting my Hawkeye Hat on and diving in! Who wants to be Hot Lips?!
Ah, fan base wars. In reality, a relatively new phenom. The beginnings of the wars are totally connected to the Internet and message boards. Before that, you may have argued with your friends in the dorms or seen a rare letter in a mag but that was about it. Being able to "band together" via cyberspace has created a huge, huge monster. (or ratings and buzz creator if you're TPTB). I can tell you one thing; talking with press that run interviews and stories, they see almost a three-fold increase when the topic is a contentious one like JaSam vs.  Liason.  Articles/interviews with say...Genie Francis? Not even close to the traffic.
People love to argue. They love to invest in their couple. Unfortunately, it may be killing the genre as fast as reality TV and streaming videos. 

Ok, task at hand: JaSam Vs Liason. 
Round ONE.
I think we can all agree that Liz' first love was Lucky Spencer. He rescued her after the rape, they had their box car...his guitar and a "permanent lock". Sam went out with Jax and a baby/miscarriage with Sonny.  For Jason, there was Karen and his virgin-busting Keisha. Then there was Jason/Robin. If you go back on You Tube you can see many, many Jason/Robin scenes. (I'm not sure their "smoosh" name...we didn't really do that back then). They actually raised Michael for a bit.   Purists say that Robin betrayed Jason by telling AJ that Michael was his son-- although he did forgive her and realize it was ok after the whole Jake story. There was also Journey..Courtney and Jason. They married (for real, not fake like Las Vegas). The Carly factor is just like a bug on the rug.
Anyway, many of us don't even CARE about Jason with Sam vs Jason with Elizabeth. Just sayin'. Personally, I see Burton having chem with both ladies. 
Round ONE: Draw

Liason enjoyed Liz' thrill of a bad boy, riding a motorcycle for the first time, romanticizing a "normal" life-- and painting the wind. (ahahahaha!) Of course...they got a baby. 
JaSam on the other hand were partners in crime, Mr. and Mrs. Smith--wearing black and shooting their guns. 
Round TWO: Has to go to Liason because they got a baby. 

One of the biggest arguments that Liason fans hang over JaSammer's heads is the fact that Sam ignored Jake's kidnapping and hired gunmen to scare Elizabeth. They aren't going to let that go. MUCH like The J&Bers wouldn't let go of Brenda wearing the wire. Yes, Liz lied about Jake's paternity but she didn't actually put the kid in danger.
So, in the 'purity' category, Round Three goes to: Liason

The question of Jake..did Liz tell Jason that was his kid from the get-go? Did she tell Lucky Jake was Jason's from the start? Nah... why bother with details??! Everyone eventually found out who's was who's-- (except any of the Q's) and Jason asked Lucky to raise Jake as his own to protect him. 
Round FOUR: I'm giving to JaSam because of the lie in the first place. 

Pure Sex. This depends on if you like Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. One's friendly, girl next door the other is dangerous and knows how to shoot a gun. Both have huge histories with other men, so you can't count that part. I guess it's a personal choice
Round FIVE: Draw.

Recent history. Clearly the writers have given the present-day Jason and Sam the "love" story. You can't deny the writers have had Jason say he loves Sam mucho times lately. There's also the fact that Sam (right or wrong) embraces his mob life and Liz did not. We know Jason's not leaving  Sonny's side for anything or anyone. heh
Round SIX:  JaSam

Two Draws, Two Lisaons and Two JaSams...ah, a tie!! You didn't think I was going to have one come out on top did you!!? Thing is folks, this soap is written like the out..out in. Everyone's gone through it. S&Bers and J&Bers.... Luke/Laura/Stefan... Carly and just about anyone. LOL. Have the fan base wars hurt soaps? I think they have-- they've divided us big time. Then again, I do contend that such wars also stir up PR and "Buzz" that helps soaps survive. People want to hold on for that wedding that just may come years down the line (Sonny/Brenda the primo example!) I enjoy a good debate as long as it doesn't fall on the actors who are doing their jobs. 
One more thing...from my perspective? BOTH stories were botched...holes left and certainly not enough character interaction to really make a good multi-year tale. 

AND, am I talking about this subject to drive traffic to the blog? Damn tootin'!!

I'm sure you all have a lot to say on this!! I'm sure I'm wrong about a LOT of things!! LOL Have at it!!! Hope you have a great Sunday!! 

Scene of the Week: Nikolas ducking the liquor bottles when Luke is whipping them across the room.


  1. Let me first disclose I'm a Liason fan from day 1. Now as far as the war. It was started when we had to ignore history. Liz knew Jason well before Sam appeared. Then in comes folks to GH to pimp/push their female of choice on the golden/bad boy of PC Jason Q. Morgan. This allows high visabilty to said actress. In looking at the two women I find it ironic that Liz went from "deliquent" to "class" & "survivor" behavior. Sam on the other hand from "con" to "momma of SC baby" to "girlfriend/ride or die chick to JM" and just "needy overall". I can say from what I have seen of the two women I have yet to see Sam with real positive qualities. I can't picture her with a child, or a job Jason didn't get her. Many times I like the bad girl but in Sam's case she never seems to be the strong woman needed in today's standards.

  2. I am and always will be for liason. I like opposites. sam, I never liked from day one. she was shoved down viewers throats. paired with one man from the next.(jax, sonny,jason,ric, and lucky). she is always the man's sidekick. never independent. plus i do not know if it is kelly's style of acting or how she speaks. always a low mumbling voice. jason i have liked with every woman other than sam.

  3. continued--- liason only got a beginning love story. no middle or real end. jasam had it all. and it ended a long time ago. now they are just boring.

  4. Okay, I will also disclose that I am team liason. That being said, about the time they had Jason marry Courtney and Liz marry Ric, I pretty much gave up on Liason. I loved Liz with Lucky the first time around, and with GV's Lucky (hated JY's Lucky) and I was fine with Jason with Sam the first time around...then TPTB gave us liason again (for real this time) and wrote Sam as somebody that would sit by and watch a baby get kidnapped and who would send thugs to threaten Liz and her kids. The true JM would NEVER have forgiven her. But, she moved on with GV's Lucky, and I liked that pairing. Sam became a strong, independent woman. But then they tore liason apart and reunited JaSam...totally against JM's true nature (look how long it took him to forgive Robin) and Sam once again became this needy, useless character whose only purpose seems to be to cater to Jason and to costantly be his "backup" in her ridiculous high heels...what it comes down to is that I cannot get behind JaSam this time around because the TPTB destroyed Jason's true character in order to force the reunion and turned Sam into a pretty pathetic character...of course they also destroyed Liz's character to force the issue...

  5. Hi Karen! Liason fan here.. lol. Love the blog BTW, I can honestly say yes the fanbase wars have gotten out of hand.. and can I give a few reasons regarding Jasam vs. Liason.

    For starters, if GH didn't suck as a whole, no one would have ONLY their favorite couples to look forward to and debate w/ opposing fanbases, tooth n' nail, when we could be watching a well told, integrated story, from beginning-middle-end, using vets, the whole canvas, instead of valuing ONLY 4-5 same mob associated characters.

    Now, the direct problem between Jasam and Liason are Liason's fan's disrespect. Had we gotten our story, or an actual real equal triangle, none of the Liason fans would be upset. Instead all we have to show for is a child that wasn't planned, casual sex in secret, and a bunch of I love you's from Jason. Not to mention the years of teasing and sampling ('99-'03, '06-'08) (showing great potential) vs. Jasam's full-blown "living together" relationship. It's just unfair to us.

    Had TPTB actually played this out as a classic triangle, where all parties are somewhat happy for the time being, instead of feeding the Liason fans scraps and baiting us along, there would be a more peaceful coexistence lol. At least the S&B, J&B fanbases got their chance and romance. We didn't get anything but sleaze, lies, and samplings showing potential.

  6. First I have to start by saying that I know that Jason and Elizabeth knew each other for years. That’s the point years and if they had all those years to actually become a couple and never had the chance then why is it so serious now? From what I seen Sam came on the show so Jason could have someone stand by him no matter what. Jason cant really be with any other woman on the show when you really think about it. If that was the case him and Robin might as well be together because they have just as much history. Jason isn’t Sonny when he is with woman like Brenda and Kate. Jason kills people for a living that’s right I said kill. He is not the hero we all look up at him to be. Even though I love Jason Morgan he is a killer and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Jason and Elizabeth had their chance and it failed. The whole Jason and Sam history got spat on for them, ruined when they made Sam do things she would have never done in a million years, and Jason and Sam only got back together in the end and if that doesn’t speak volumes then I don’t know what does. What I see out of Jason and Elizabeth is two people who knew each other that long but that doesn’t mean they should be together. I don’t see what they would be bringing to the show entertainment wise. We must ask ourselves these questions if Jason and Elizabeth was together today right now in this very moment what story would they have? Lets jump back to when Brenda came do you think Jason would have been able to take Brenda in with two kids there with Liz? Really people I am not saying this because I am a Jasam fan but I like to see things played out on my screen that makes actual sense And as for Sam having a baby people say that Sam would not be a good mother but everyone likes to forget that she always wanted a baby and she has to get her miracle baby someday doesn’t she? In my eyes there is no Jasam VS Liason Jason and Sam already won they proved me and many fans that they did horrible mistakes and forgave each other and people can claim that the REAL Jason would have never forgave Sam but Jason is a person who is learning things everyday and forgiving Sam was apart of that process.

  7. The problem is that if TPTB gave Liz at least one stable, romantic, actual relationship, Liason fans would have something else to hold on to.

    All we have are memories. No Liric (Ric messed it up), No LnL2 (both Lucky and Liz messed it up), No Niz (never given a chance and.. just wrong), Liz & Zander (never really anything.. never explored).

    With S&B, Carson, J&R, and even Jasam fans, they at least had another coupling to invest in or bide time with. Sonny and his many live-in women, Carjax, Scrubs, and even Lusam were given a chance lol. Why does Liz ALWAYS get scraps?

  8. @last anon

    You are saying things as a Jasam fan. The sentiment is felt all through your comment... biased.. and that's fine. But don't try to downplay your pushing for your couple. It is what it is.

  9. thank you all for keeping this civil! :)XXoo

  10. karen, which actress do you prefer, rebecca or kelly?

  11. it was a fun read and could be debated point by point but why. I agree they have Jasam as a couple and even though I personally think it sucks obviously TPTB are blinded by the ginormous headlights-lol
    I did/do love Liason and thought they had great chemistry and they are flawless in scenes in when they aren't allowed to touch. However, I'm a true EWFF and as such I want good things for her, if that's jm down the line then fine I'm good with that. But no more Lucy I'm sick of his whining and accusing--just leave EW alone and marry that Irish girl--most of all STFU.
    I liked the way you made it come out even, very diplomatic. War is indeed HELL!!!!!

  12. I am a Liason fan and I agree with mosbp2003..They have destroy Jason by reuniting him with Sam...Jason would not have forgiven for what she did to Jake & Elizabeth...

    When Aiden was kidnap, Jason never called or went to see Elizabeth...that's not who he is; he's always there for his friends: Carly, Robin, Sonny... but apparently the planet will implode if Jason & Liz are allowed in the same room... The fact that they've only had 2 (crappy scenes) so far in this Jake s/l speaks volume to the fact that their is an "agenda" at play...

    I liked Jasam the first time around cause they sort of happened naturally after Sam lost her baby...but it makes no sense that Jason would forgive Sam for everything she did, including sleeping with Ric when he did not forgive Carly (enough to get back together)after she slept with Sonny or Robin....

    Jason may be a hitman but he has never been a hypocrite and his having a kid with Sam would make him a total hypocrite...

    I dont really even care if he and Liz get back together..I just dont want him with Sam because that's no who he is...

  13. I really liked Jasam the first time around, that is until Jason re-injured his brain and Sam turned into a whiney, crying, baby obsessed mess. I was ready for them to end long before Sam was shot in his arms.
    Now we have Jasam 2.0 and they are so boring it's painful to watch. What is Sam's purpose other then to be Jason's cheerleader and coffee getter? I do not see anything remotely romantic about a woman who claims she loves a man "unconditionally" so much that she condones his murderous choices. Yes let's not forget that Sam was clearly cheering Jason on when he wanted to kill Claudia, Dante, ect....
    At least with Liz, she wanted Jason to be more because she saw he had more to offer other than revenge murders. With Liz, Jason had a hope of redemption.

  14. that is my all time favorite picture of liason. pure emotion on both actors faces. they have so much chemistry.

  15. First, I want to say that I did love the Jason/Liz pairing. I thought they had great chemistry. However, I would love to see Liz with someone completely new. Becky deserves a storyline of her own with a new man, and hopefully be the independent strong character that we knew and loved from the beginning.

    With that said, I would love to see Sam get the same. I loved Sam when she was single after Jason. Actually enjoyed her character more then and when she was paired with Greg V. I do not enjoy Sam and Jason together. I feel she ends up being Jason's one woman cheer team. She also deserves a story where she can shine.

    I have noticed a trend with the women that are paired with Jason. All they do is cling to him, be rescued by him, or end up defending him to half of Port Charles. It happened with Courtney, Sam, Liz...Don't even get me started on Carly. I would love to see Sam and Liz both move on and have stories of their own. Sam has so many possible stories...after all she is a Davis/ Cassadine. We don't know who her father is...we only met one brother. I would love for GH to finally have strong women who aren't like Carly!


  16. Team Liason here but I don't mind Jasam the first time around. I just thought that it was really OOC for Jason to get back together with a woman who tried to harm his kid twice. It took him FOREVER to forgive Robin and Courtney for there betrayals but he never got back with them romantically so I just thought it was odd that he got back together with Sam.
    I'm hoping they break up soon because now they just bore me and I would like to see both Sam and Jason with someone new then mabye they can revisit Liason again lol.

    I'm just bitter because Liason never really got to have their story told, Jasam did, so I hope that one day I will get to see the Liason story told full circle.

  17. Ahh fan wars! Gotta love it! :) But Karen I love Jason and Sam AND Jason Liz!!! So would I be in a war with myself? :) I also loved Jason and Robin! And loved Jason and Keisha! Jason and Robin's couple name could be Jobin! :) And the thing about Robin telling AJ that Michael was his son, I wanted Robin to tell AJ the truth so bad!!!! Carly was getting on my nerves! I wanted to punch her! If I was on GH I would have beaten Robin and told AJ my damn self!

    I HATED Courtney and Jason together! I hated Courtney so much!!! She was so stupid when she was with Jason UGH! Oh please don't get me started with her ROFL! And what Sam did in the past with Sam ignoring Jake's kidnapping and hired gunmen to scare Elizabeth, well I forgave Sam a long time ago and I don't think about it anymore. :)

  18. mosbp2003 I will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart for Liz and Ric. :) I so loved them together.

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  21. Team Liason all the way. History, love,friendship...push/pull...unbelievable eye sex....romance...sexual tension intensified to the max...and angst up the gazoo...Jasam..boring and lacking chemistry....nothing interesting about them.

  22. I never liked Sam, period. Didnt like Greg's Lucky..Loved Liason, waited so long for them...still love them...then ReaLucky came back and I was so torn, I want it all I guess...:O)

  23. I'm not being jugemental here- I respect the JaSam fans opinions. I am just wondering how many of the JaSam fans actually watched the show at the start of liason- long before they ever had sex? I am wondering if the dividing line is people knowing the history vs people that "lived" the history...

    Sonya, I was actually a big fan of Liz and Ric too...I loved RH when he joined the cast, before they made him into just anyother underused character...

  24. Wow, judging by the comments to this post... no wonder JaSam fans avoid this web site :)

    Loved your post, Karen, you were fair and objective! Nice work!

  25. I am neither a Liason nor JaSam fan. I'm a Sam fan although the writers often portray Sam as Jason's appendix. I'm happy when Sam's happy. And if she's happy with Jason, ok. Liason fans always complain that Sam looked away when Jake was kidnapped. Jason KILLS people for a living and they accept him when he is with Liz. Why? Why this difference? But I believe that GH can be grateful that it has such loyal fans who fight for their show. Totally unacceptable is when ppl bash actors/actresses coz they don't get the difference between soap and real life. That's sad. JMO

  26. @Norissima You have to be kidding me. You can't honestly compare Jason's profession before he ever met Liz, Sam and before Jake was conceived, to Sam's neglect and secrecy out of spite, jealousy, and delirious anger.. directly putting Jason and Liz's son in danger.

    Us Liason fans love who Jason is when he's w/ Liz. His job is a non-factor because he has so much more to offer. We love that Liz wants more for Jason, not wanting him to just be Sonny's enforcer. With Liason, Jason showed his sensitivity, held long and many deep conversations, supported pushed for Liz's aspirations as an artist, allowed to dream because of Liz, and showcased his longing to be a danger-free family man that he dreamed of, and felt Liz deserved.

  27. Do fan-base wars hurt soaps? I don't think they do if exploited correctly. I think where the writers of GH go horribly wrong is not exploiting Liason and Jasam enough. Have Jason be torn between these two women and write a storyline that gets these fan-bases stirring even more. Play up both romances. Jason can be with Sam and still have interactions with Liz teasing at the prospect that he does still love her. I remember watching Dawson's creek and having many a discussion over who Joey belonged with. The writers played both sides having Joey enter a relationship with Dawson and Pacey at different points in the series. I rooted for Dawson and in the end I was the losing fan-base but it was fun ride and a triangle I enjoyed watching. Triangles can make people tune in. I mean there is a reason why you see a hoard of girls at these Twilight movies wearing team Edward and team Jacob shirts. It can work. It just has to be written well and with out character assassinations which both Sam and Liz have had to endure in the name of forcing viewers to side with a pairing. The writers just need to smarten up and use fan reaction to their advantage in my own opinion.

  28. @Tabatha How is his job a non-factor? Liz is not stupid. She knows what he's doing. Is he a better man with Liz? He is still the mob enforcer and will ever be. JMO

  29. First I am going to type before I read anything, so I am sorry if I say something that someone else has written.
    I have been invested in Jason/Liz when they were first paired together 11+ years ago. It was one of those love stories that I didn't think was ever going to happen. I always compared them to Buffy and Angel because it wasn't in the cards for them to be together.
    I liked Sam since she came on the scene, even though at that time, she was brought on as a Brenda replacement and I was a HUGE Brenda fan. When they finally paired Sam and Jason together, I thought it was cute, though they didn't get enough romance at that time.
    When I saw that they were going to revisit Jason/Liz, my heart flipped and I was excited that Jason and Liz were going to get their moment.
    But, the idiot writers did something stupid. They made Sam look BAD. I mean ridiculous bad to where those of us that were invested in Jason were very upset because it was against his character for forgiving someone like he did Sam. Us fans don't forgive or forget and some of us that are Jason/Liz fans may have been alright with the change IF they didn't really mess with the character of Sam. I really felt bad for Sam fans because the writers DID screw up who she was on the show. But it wasn't just that for me. I was upset because Sam wanted Jason back. He threatened to kill HER. If I were Sam, I would be the one to be holding grudges and find me a better man!
    When Jason and Liz had a kid, I thought I was going to get my wedding. But, the writers did it to us again. Barely revisited their reunion before they decided to put Jason back with Sam. But, we did get Jake, who a lot of us held onto as our one and only Liason connection. Then, what happens? Lets get rid of Jake and those Liason fans will be in an uproar. Damn straight. You ruined three totally fine characters + a little boy.
    The biggest thing that gets me in this whole Jasam vs. Liason is how mean people are. Why call Sam or Liz skanks? They both have had about the same amount of men on the show. (Liz: Ric, Zander, Lucky, Jason, Nikolas and Sam: Jax, Sonny, Ric, Jason and we won't count the men she had before that she conned because that was before she came on the canvas.)
    So, I really don't like that when I see it on the message boardsand people are downright rude. And one last thing that I really don't like is how nobody really says anything about Jason? It is either I hate Liz or I hate Sam. He has had as many women as the two above ladies: Keisha, Robin, Carly, Liz, Sam...oh and Courtney, but that was a mistake I always want to forget.
    In my last thoughts...Why not revisit some past storylines that made us like Sam and Liz. Liz was a changed woman after she was raped and she was the good girl of GH. Maybe integrate her rapist getting out of prison or something. Sam has her good side as well. She lost a little girl at birth and what about the autistic brother of hers that passed away? Never brought up.
    It is the writers that invest us in our characters and it is the writers that make us hate other characters. The problem with GH writers is I don't think they write for the future. It is all now, now, now for them and they don't think ahead on what may happen because of their storylines...

  30. I have never liked the character of Sam. From the beginning when they put her with Sonny or when she pathetically leeched onto Jason. Sam has never been more than appendage to Jason. I guess it could be believable that he could care for some one like that, it is easy to be with someone who is your cheerleader even though your job is to kill people for the mob. What bothers me the most is her neediness and her complete lack of selfworth in every story line she has ever had.

    The only reason I see that TPTB believe that Jason needs a girlfriend like that is that they love the Mob stuff so much. They like to believe that they are writing for the Sopprano's. To realy write a great love story for Jason, with Liz, they would have to show his internal struggle with his lifestyle. The Jason that they like to portray has this strange ability to separate his murdering,( since he only kills bad people and the cops/feds who are after him are all corrupt) with his "goodness" in all other parts of his life.
    The story would be him leaving Sonny and the business for his family. Finally coming to his senses and seeing that Sonny has done nothing but take advantage of him from the beginning. Sonny is not in any sense "a good man" All done for the love of the right woman.

    Since the writers don't ever want the mob to go away, we will be stuck with Jason and his pathetic Sam for as long as the actors want to stay. No matter what the fans might beg for.

  31. Round one: Jason and Liz falling for each other when she thought Lucky was DEAD. Didn't mention that one. That sshould have swayed it a little their way. Not to mention their history over the years of being there for one another.

    And I'm sorry, I love you to pieces but I don't buy it that you don't sway one way or another for either couple. At least a little.. You don't watch a soap for this many years, have a blog dedicated to it, but not feel one way or another towards one of the biggest debates in soap history. In your words "Just sayin'" Lol

  32. Rhonda... I have said I like Liz and Lucky together-- that's my first choice. BUT I also liked Steve with Becky too.. but she and JJ? Yep. When he came back, I'm for a reunion.

  33. mosp2003 yeah they should have used Ric more. :(

  34. I have been watching since 1996, I was a die hard J&R fan when I started. When Liz came on the canvas, I enjoyed watching that side of her but after the rape, she changed. I didnt really enjoy her character alone anymore but L&L2 were amazing! I loved their love story so much and I will always want them back together. When Sam came to town I loved her! The independent free spirit was fun to watch. Much like L&L2, I fell in love with Jasam's love story! No matter what the writers did to these characters/pairings, L&L2 and Jasam will always be the couples of my choice! I really need Jasam to finally have a baby and I need them to put Liz back with Lucky for a long period of time since that hasn't really happened since JJ's been back.

  35. Ok, I am finally going to chime in. It's late, it's Sunday, and my cartoons are coming on...

    I am not on any team. I really dont care who is paired with who (or is it 'whom'?) as long as the writing is good and the story is engaging.

    Along with good writing, I also want to see a couple given a realistic chance. I realize that not all relationships workout. But some actually do! It just seems to me that in the past 10 yrs or so, most people's bedrooms had a revolving door. If a couple "works" and the fans are behind it, the first instinct should not be to break them up and test the waters/chemistry with other people.

    (I realize that romance doesnt exist on this show anymore, but that's what I want. Good writing and relationships that are given a chance.)

  36. @Norissima I said Jason's profession was a non-factor to us FANS... ya know, since you directed "Jason KILLS people for a living and they accept him when he is with Liz" to the Liason fanbase.

    No one's ignoring or in denial about Jason the MOB ENFORCER. Trust us, we can't lol. That's the very reason why Liz and Jason couldn't be together w/ their son.. the "danger". Not to mention back in '02 when he tried to distance himself from Liz after she was shot.. same story years later w/ Sam in '06.

  37. As someone that's not invested in either Liason or Jasam, I'm with the anon who said they'd rather see Sam and Liz with someone else because Jason sucks the spine and personality away from every woman he's with. I think Jason deserves to be alone with his Box of pain. This way he can brood over Jake and clean up after Michael, Carly and Sonny's messes to his heart's content.

    I'd love to see Liz and Sam in stories that are not about the men in their lives. I'd love to see Liz getting more focus in the wake of Jake's death and figuring out how to rebuild her life. I'd love to see Sam search for her father in a story that involves Alexis and the rest of the Cassadines.

  38. When Sam was with lucky she was actually becoming an independent woman .I don't like Sam what Jason I never have and I've always been a liaison fan.The killing of Jake is what caused me to no longer to be a General Hospital fan.And the promos they're showing now of Jason said and than jumping in bed with Sam to make a new baby discussed

  39. When Sam was with lucky she was actually becoming an independent woman .I don't like Sam what Jason I never have and I've always been a liaison fan.The killing of Jake is what caused me to no longer to be a General Hospital fan.And the promos they're showing now of Jason said and than jumping in bed with Sam to make a new baby discussed

  40. I love jason and Liz together ever since they FELL for eachother after lucky was presumed dead.They began their romance and Carly began her hatred of Liz because she got what Carly wanted, Jason. They built a strong bond and always confided in eachother.This is what angers me when I see them written to ignore eachother. Guza and Frons couldn't even put them in scenes together for fear of drumming up their fan support and taking away from their promotion and support for Jasam. Showing liason would undermine their plan to push Jasam and the mob.I have always seen their pairing as anti-mob.Sonny used to like Liz after Lucky's presumed death until he realized jason's attachment to Liz and the possibility of losing jason's allegiance to her. She made jason actually consider a life outside the mob and that scared Sonny.I remember jason telling Carly to shut-up and not to say anything bad about Liz again. He told Carly that having a life with Liz and the kids would make him happy but he couldn't have that because of the mob.This couple deserved a chance. They got engaged and minutes later jason receives Carly's call about michael being shot, and that was the end of liason. NO wedding in Italy ( they always spoke of exploring Italy together ) , no living together ,no family. ONLY MOB. Carly will be Jasam's surrogate mother! Jason has now become a pathetic lapdog for Carly , Sonny and Michael.
    I now want Liz with someone hot and with a mind of his own ( NOT LUCKY ).GIVE LIZ A REAL MAN, A REAL RELATIONSHIP.
    Karen, Ingo said in a recent soaps in depth inteerview that jax and liz had great scenes during their surrogate storyline. He felt they should have had scenes together to talk about Jakes death.

  41. I loved Jason and Elizabeth when they couldn't be together (you could feel the chemistry),and when Jason found out Elizabeth was having his baby (I was so happy to learn Jason was the father). I was rooting for them...HOWEVER, once Liason was together they were the most boring couple ever...with ZERO chemistry and have remained that way. When they are actually together they have no magic. I see Jason almost bored to tears and Elizabeth the same...its awkward and almost like a "now what?" scenario when they are together.
    I'm now a Lucky/Liz fan (no one has more chemistry than JJ and RH) and I'm now a JaSam fan. To me these couples just work! <3

  42. "which actress do you prefer, rebecca or kelly?"

    I have yet to finish all the posts in this thread and am (blissfully) neutral in this fan war, but this question strikes me as somewhat sad and unfair. It comes back almost to "Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie" like Karen mentioned in the original blog.

    Rebecca is a good girl who has done one job (damn well) her whole life. She's a great mother and incredibly beautiful. From the outside looking in, she's got her life together and has a fairly typical ideal life.

    Kelly is a different kind of woman. She stayed in a long term and likely abusive relationship from her teenage years until she was nearly 30 and she has no kids. She made career decisions that some people would look at and use as reason to dismiss her without giving her a chance. She's living a much less stereotypically coveted a life.

    To some degree they can be compared to their characters. I think Robin even mentioned in the soap chat things a few months ago that if you were to compare the actresses to their roles Kelly/Sam is probably the most similar to the character she plays.
    Overall though, I think it's it ridiculously unfair to take the war out of the world of Liz and Sam and shift into the world of Rebecca versus Kelly. First of all, no one really knows either woman. I heard Kelly on Howard Stern and fell in love with her (she was nothing like I thought she would be!), but I can't claim the same experience with Elizabeth so it's an unfair comparison. You can judge it on a lot of things, but no matter how you slice it I think it's just cruel to shift the war from characters to actresses.
    I say this as a fan who has both feet planted firmly on "I don't care" beach, however, so to each their own.

  43. To the last anonymous, ITA. While it is fine to have a discussion of "Liz or Sam", it is not fine to have a discussion of Becky vs. Kelly. Both are damn fine actors doing the best job they can with the crap that is written for them day in and day out. Just because I am not a JaSam fan does not mean that I have anything against Kelly Monaco. It is no more her fault that Sam runs around in low cut tops and ridiculous shoes to "save" Jason than it is Becky's fault that Liz slept with Nik, and to take the argument to this level is unfair. And it I know anything from reading Karen's blog all this time, I know that she will NEVER go there...

  44. I agree with the others that said I am a Liason fan first. I was okwith Jasam all the years inbetween but then hated Sam after what she did to Jake.But then I opened my heart to her after seeing her playfulness with GV's Lucky. They were so hot together, and interesting and fun. I also thoroughly enjoy Kemo's scenes with Alexis and the girls. But her with Jason these days is boring. I don't want Liason back togetehr now, I am Liz & Lucky all the way when JJ is back. Hell they're one of the few couples with wonderful history. I say Jason needs someone new and give Kemo & Becky a good (separate) story. Or alternatively relaly drum up the controversy and have Liz carry Jasam's baby. Now that would be soapy!

  45. the problem with this show is that the producers/writers (GUZA) really managed to make the different fan bases go off on each other instead of creating a balanced show with room for everybody. I think my friend Guza is watching the boards and thinks: what can I do now to create a new insane s/l so ppl hate me? #fireFrons #fireGuza check out this one it's good:

  46. Let's face it - storylines are written for Jason and not really JaSam. I liked Liz with Jason and I think the time they created Jake was one of the best love scenes ever on this show. It was just beautifully done. Some of the things Sam has done I find unforgivable and beyond explanation, and I don't really want her to have a child, especially if Jake was sacrificed with that as the goal.

  47. I don't yell at me yall but I think Liz should be with Lucky.I loved Jason and Sam and of course they ripped them apart just like they did Liz and Lucky.I am the minority I guess but the writers do that tear apart the couples oops thats being a soap opera.They did it with Monica and Alan and Rick Webber also Luke and Laura look who Luke is with now lol and I am a loyal Laura fan.Can't we all get along?????? lol

  48. Sorry, Liz and jason should be married and jake alive. I care nothing for the writing of this show. Storylines are rushed and ridiculous and transparent.