Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Richard and Sal" of Howard Stern Fame Are Mentioned on GH!!

Long running listeners of the Howard Stern Show took note that Jason mentioned "Richard and Sal" as being the body guards for Sonny's house the other day. Well, it was confirmed that  writer Michele Val Jean put that ditty in there as she's a big fan!! Not only that, MVJ also referred to Howard and Beth as their "Luke and Laura". Stern went on to dish about the fate of Soaps  and brought up the rumor that AMC is being canceled. 
Between Stern and Colbert, GH is getting mucho comedy time!! 
Here's the clip.  Giant thanks to Frank Strovel for this!! 


Adora said...

OMG! I am *huge* Stern fan and I can't believe I saw that and didn't connect it to the show~ Thanks for the tidbit, I'm still on last weeks Stern shows~ *^^;*

Big Stern & GH fan said...

Loved it!!! It's so great to know that when
least expect it a Stern fan shines... I am
looking forward to seeing Mambo on couture's
next cover

Adora said...

Hahaha, Mambo on the cover of one of the magazines would be hysterical~

This is such an old story now but I've just been catching up on the last few weeks of GH and noticed that Sal and Richard got another mention on the 6/6/11 show! @ 6:41

Carly talking to Jason about a security replacement for Shawn: "Okay, well, are Richard and Sal avaliable? Cause at least they're funny."

I love the way Carly said this~ Imagining Richard or Sal anywhere near a baby or a security detail also adds a bit more amusement to the mention, but she's right; at least they'd be funny to have around! Though I have a feeling Franco would have no trouble getting his hands on Joss with those two in charge! *^^;*

All of a sudden I am in love with Michele Val Jean for throwing in these tidbits!

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