Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Target, Red Vines and Hoover Support Soaps!!

Target just announced a HOTLINE for soapfans to call: 1-800-440-0680

Red Vines are supporting soaps by using #savesoap hashtags and getting their #TeamRedVine on Twitter to spread the word.

Of course,  Hoover kicked this off with their boycott of ABC starting April 22nd!! This Saturday is HOOVER Day....buy some Hoover bags or if you're rich, buy a dang new Hoover!!

Look down the page to find more sponsors to contact. We are hearing that Hershey is THISCLOSE to joining!! That would be major!!

PROTEST ABC ACROSS AMERICA has a TON of info-- check it out!!

Wubs Net on Facebok has all the addresses you need as well!! 

Jamey Giddens: "Soaps give the voiceless a voice, first the housewife, then the minority, the gay, the lesbian, the nerd, the misfit". 


  1. Had my sister text me who won Dancing w/Stars me or my husband did not watch and told my facebook friends to not watch as well.Go Target and Red Vines

  2. I tried that with my grandmother, but she got upset with me. DtWS is her baby, so when i told her it was down 13% in ratings last night because of the soap fans boycotting ABC, she was spitting nails thinking that we'll get it canceled.

  3. I would say the only show I can't boycott is Greys, but they haven't shown a new episode in so long it doesn't even really matter!

  4. I called the hot line number and listened to the menu three times and could not find a place to leave a message about the soaps. HELP

  5. Very worthwhile piece of writing, thank you for this article.

  6. Little doubt, the dude is completely just.



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