Monday, April 25, 2011

Alec Barrett: The REAL Deal?

Not sure who the hell poor Lucian is....maybe some baby they found at a shelter somewhere? Russia? Italy?? That's why he doesn't talk??

Go over to Soap Opera Network to get the whole story on the new kid. He's also a cutie. Seems Suzy was keeping him at her friend's house.  Quinn Friedman is his name. 


  1. I've been wondering about the talking myself...Brenda yammers away at the poor child, he just looks off...If he was raised in a European country, wouldn't it make sense that at 3 he wouldn't speak English????

  2. Now if this is really her kid, I can see Jax in this kid!

  3. i just think it's STUPID in the first place. So not dramatic at all.

  4. Pointless, useless story.

  5. If Jax is the father, I would suddenly be interested!

    BTW, I ff thru 5 GH eppys in 1 hour. New record...

    ps: CARLY STFU

  6. Re: Rita
    I actually FF'd through the scenes and watch the commercials. LOL!

    This storyline is ridiculous.

  7. I feel disappointed with the portrail of Brenda since her return. They made her so weak and needy, VM does better when she acts assertive.

    The Brenda/Sonny reunion was dumb to me, even though I enjoyed the wedding. I would think it would take them a bit more then 6 months to reunite and marry after so much time apart. Given their history, a slower smoldering romance with some Jax angst would have played better. You'd figure she'd have unresolved feelings for both men and be weary of both of them.

    The baby angle is so silly and Brenda's willingness to just trust Suzanne again makes no sense whatsoever! Brenda is supposed to be an international supermodel who's traveled the world and worked with charities, etc; wouldn't she be savvier by now?

    Maybe that's why the actress is leaving this summer.

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