Friday, April 1, 2011

Today's Shows: April Fool's No More OLTL is ROCKING

 Hold the PEPPERONI!

OH man oh MAN!! OLTL Was so good..SO GOOD. I thought yesterday's show was a cliffhanger day, it was so good. Then,  today just blew it out of the water!! WOWza Erika just knocked it out of the park as Vicky today. The confusion??! wow. And Shane?? Wahhh I just wanted to hug him. Too bad the NuJack is such a terrible actor, he is starting to really ruin it for me. And ABC with the run of Disney kids. Who's he related to?! 
My heart was pounding!! You know it's good when your heart pounds!!  ...GEESH! Even Clint being halfway decent to Vicky seemed so right. So many of the characters interact. Vicky went and talked to Shane..sniff...
Did you see the funny SCOOPS? 


You want to read some sick sheeze?? Go and check out TV Guide Mag's interview with Bob Guza. Some choice excerpts:

TV Guide Magazine: Aurghhhh! Moving on. Why the name Lucian? It sounds like one of those antichrist kids in the Omen flicks.Guza: He was deliberately named, as you suggest. I'm just planting a little seed here, desperately hoping that daytime will be around in 15 years and we can harvest it. Lucian is old way beyond his years.

TV Guide Magazine: So there's already trouble in paradise? Guza: We are going to resurrect the Brenda and Jax [Ingo Rademacher] part of the Brenda-Sonny-Jax triangle, and it will all hover around the return of Brenda's child.
The stories of Brenda and Sonny and Carly and Jax will be intimately intertwined.
And then he takes a dig at the Liason fans at the end!! LMAO!! He has NO CLUE how the fans are reacting to all of this. He also suggests that his is NOT Brenda's kid after all. Good Gravy.  BTW, the ratings were up for GH last week, some big numbers. Guess people checked in for the train wreck. 

Today's Show: Jason reads Michael's giraffe book to Joss, too bad it's not JAX reading to her!! 

And I take it Brenda and Sonny didn't go to the memorial? Although I liked Robin visiting, wasn't she awfully giddy for just getting back from a funeral?

They are showing Mabby so much I am going to loathe them even more than normal. What are they the new Lante? Good Grief. I don't CARE! And having Abby's ex beat her up again is just STUPID! 

I didn't follow any of the Luke/Lulu stuff very well....whatever. I'm out...I just can't... C U Sunday


  1. Yes! One Life was exceptionally good today....everyday lately, but today better than most. I was really sorry when the hour was over.......

  2. liked jason's pink lipstick today!!!

  3. GUZA IS AN A-HOLE!!!!

  4. I guess we should look forward to seeing "GH,The Omen part 3" in May!
    Oh goody another really AWFUL ripoff of anther movie i HATED!!!! So much to look forward to! F-U BOB GUZA!!

  5. Funny how he tells us Jason/Liz fans that a tragedy like this brings people together more. How many scenes did we see of Liz and Jason? TWO!! One of him picking a bad time to ask her about a kidney transplant and her slapping him and then one where he goes to her house to return Jake's motorcycle and they both apologize...then Dante calls and ruins it. So, 5 minutes. Wow. I am on the edge of my seat for that reunion that you are BSing us about, Guza...

  6. Guza should be slapped. that poor reporter. i hope someone gave him a tylenol the size of Texas after that interview.

  7. It's Michael Logan, he loves Guza and GH

  8. OLTL was rockin today, I didn't FF through a second. Not even the Jack stuff which I really don't care for. The cliffhanger was great, I can't wait for next week (and I read the spoilers but I'm still excited)

    As for GH I FF through everything except Lucky and Maxie, pitiful.

    The new interview with Guza makes me want to kick him in the rocks even harder than I usually want to kick him...

  9. I don't know which is worse...the idea that Guza thinks we don't realize he's also a consulting producer and likely DOES know if actors are considering leaving...or his sheer arrogance in assuming that if the show is around in 15 years....HE'LL STILl BE THERE WRITING IT. (cause you know he's like Voldermort...the world will end and the only thing left will be cochroaches and Guza. And the cochroachers will have more sense than to hang out with him.

  10. I'm sorry Guza, but as a Liason fan, I think I would rather have Jake alive than see more screen time for Jason and Liz.

  11. I can't stand Abby.....

  12. I know Guza is lying about screen time with jason and Liz. If TPTB wanted them together they would be together. Guza admitted the Jake story was the way for Liz to leave the show. They do not want to show Liz and definately not Liz and Jason together. Frons is a JASAM fan and promoted this couple on soapnet giving his insight into why he likes them. Liz will continue her crappy baby daddy story. I haven't watched at all this week and I see I missed nothing. I'm sorry that Rebecca couldn't get on Y&R like Genie Francis. I will watch her on that soap and I'm sure it will be great. Guza's interview made me laugh when they asked about Jax and he easily said he may be gone down the road but they have the triangle planned for him right now.

  13. The author is absolutely right, and there is no question.

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