Thursday, October 7, 2010

Characters Welcome...

Yep, I stole that line. Sue me! LOL. Since I didn't do a blog yesterday, I thought I'd jump on here this am to catch up and just share some thoughts with all of you . I did watch the show on DVR -- How obvious will the Brenda/Dante thing be?? HUGE!!

I'm diggin' Suzanne and her feistyness--I hope she turns out to be connected to the baddies. I heard that's the direction it's going but if she's really popular, they might change all that. She and Diane were priceless. Two ladies with great acting chops.

Michael..Michael...Michael. Now, here's the character part. On twitter, there was a bit of a "discussion" about whether or not Candy was a "hooker" or a "stripper" or just a "College-girl that really wanted to help a friend by having sex with their boyfriend's almost son"... Some say Sam  didn't pay her. Some are adamant on this subject. After thinking about it, they might be right. Does it matter? NO!! She's a character and if I want to bitch about how a character is written, it doesn't mean I hate Sam. I don't get the whole "Fan First" thing. If the writers do stupid things and make the characters say idiotic stuff, I'm callin' them on it. All of the actors on the show are fabulous--that's for sure. For the most part, they play what they get to perfection. So, if I hate on a situation it's just that. The SITUATION (no offense to "The" Situation lol) --Chad did an AWESOME job with the post-Candy Story. 

Where was the whole Brooke in Europe thing???? WTF....I guess the plane scenes were all we got.  LMAO. I'm sorry but why bother!!? All kinds of stupid/lazy writing. Don't get me started. The next  time we see her she's singing some weird assed song in Jake's! LOVE Jake's scenes, but having  Kate anad Olivia fight was just stupid! Especially since Kate hasn't been on (in any real sense) in AGES!! They bring on Megan Ward to make out with Coleman at Jake's about once a month now.  Steve and Olivia talking about Lisa and Johnny...hmmmmm. Then the fight--you could see LLC and Megan trying not to laugh! LOL..and it was a laughable moment. Like the "fat ass comment" and the "Miles on the chassie"!!

Thank God for the Scrubs stuff. I love that Mac is on..Love that Patrick talked to Matt. It's about time. Let them live together, and be like Tad and Jake on AMC!! Think that would ever happen?? HA!!!

FAVE shot of the day?? Maxie holding up the magazine with Brenda's FACE on the back and her MOLE standing out like a banshee! LOL.


  1. I agree that the Kate/Olivia thing was weird. They have argued before, but I don't remember them being bitter enemies that would physically fight one another if in each other's presence. It didn't fit.

  2. Oops I didn't sign my post.

    Mrs. Goose
    I can only post from my iPad. So weird, but at least it works!

  3. Karen, I think it's so sad to have Kate and Olivia fight. When Olivia came on, she and Kate loved each other like cousins and supported each other, more or less. Where did this "catfight" come from? Horrible idea! MEN like to see catfights, not women, and women are the main fans of soaps! (I know we have some men on this site, no disrespect to them.)

  4. I don't get the whole "Fan First" thing.
    Huh? What fan first thing? You mean just because you like a character you have to like everything they do? OH HELL NO! If I love a character and they do something stupid I WILL call them out on it! I love Sam but sometimes she is stupid. The Kate and Olivia thing I loved sorry. :) Are they going to have Steve and Olivia a couple? I will call them Oleve. :)Yeah that Nik and Brooke thing they didn't show the party what the hell?! Yeah what WAS the point?! I love the Suzanne and Diane! Great stuff! Mac and Robin was great too!

  5. Um AntJoan. I'm a woman and I love seeing catfight on soaps. :) And it was damn time we had one! We should have had one with Lulu and Brook!!!

  6. I love catfights, but for a reason!!
    and HI MRS>GOOSE!!

  7. Why the hell was Brook singing a song in Spanish?? I was so confused! Kind of liking the idea of Steve & Olivia!

  8. Time to break up Olivia and Johnny. They serve no purpose now. In fact, Johnny serves no purpose now other than a good looking face to look at -- when he is not sucking face with Olivia. Olivia with Steve would be good. Olivia with Jax would be good and would bother Carly to no end. I can just see Carly opening her big fat mouth at Jax and Brenda, burning her bridges behind her and setting her sights on Sonny again just to prove that she can do it. Silly bitch.

  9. I agree that the Kate/Olivia thing was weird. They have argued before, but I don't remember them being bitter enemies that would physically fight one another if in each other's presence. It didn't fit.

  10. I think that some people get really nasty about the whole "fan first" thing. I am a GH fan but GH's writing has sucked lately. Perhaps I am in the minority these days, but I like nearly every character on the show (with the exception of those they put on for no apparent reason). When I was growing up I would sneak around to watch GH - it was exciting and I was nearly in tears if I had to miss it. These days it is sad to me that I can dvr the whole week (sometimes even two) before I feel the NEED to watch it. The storylines all fall short to me right now. Some with simply pitiful writing and others with total character assassinations. The bottom line, to me, is that the actors are still amazing but the writing has taken a nose dive. I have heard people speculate that the networks want to get out of the soap opera business . . . if that is their goal then they are on their way. However, as a loyal viewer and GH lover, I would much rather you were true to the history of the show and just ended it with one huge Cassadine freeze than continue to ruin the show altogether. I'm just sayin'! ;-)


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