Thursday, October 14, 2010

Goosebump Thursday!

OLTL was just fantabulous. I'm sorry to gush so much but it has EVERYTHING I wish GH had. The story is moving along--winding up together. Every character is invested somehow and Eli? Genius of a bad guy!! They even pulled out an old "The Killing Club" book that Hannah had stashed away. They did an outside shoot... had more than a handful of extras at the police station. SIGH....just in love with it. The Hannah twist was brilliant. EVERY day seems like a Friday too. It was another giant cliffhanger today.
Daytime Confidential is reporting that Kathy Brier is going to be on HBO's "Boardwalk"!! Watch for her November 14th

REMEMBER: Tomorrow is Vanessa Marcil's BDAY so if you can, go HERE To the  Sonny and Brenda Forum and leave her a message.  I think Guza should gift her some Tiffany. heh.

Line of the day: "Sometimes Spinelli has trouble telling the difference between real life and cyberspace" Jason to Brenda.

I sometimes wonder if it would matter if I missed whole chunks of shows all together with this. Somehow I don't think so.
How boring are Brooke and Nik? Geesh, they are involved with no one else, we didn't see their "big adventure" (other than a short airplane ride)... YAWN And then she builds a fire for him (because I guess he's in his 30's and clueless). She used to do that in Bensonhurst with her  Grandpappy Carmine IN TRASH CANS.  Yes, she said that. heh. 

If they don't hire some extras for the F'in Haunted Star--grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It's Ethan's house kinda. Just give him a coffee table instead of a bar.
At least Carly went and threw down with Claire.  Loved Laura Wright's face. She looked like Claire smelled bad.

LISA'S BACK!!!!!  "Miss Me"!? 

Dante's got the FACE FEVER...LOL. Staring at her on the computer--all the flashbacks... heh.


Ari said...

What's the Hannah twist? Who is Hannah I saw her on Monday but I don't know who she is.

Arlene said...

Hannah is a teen who became obsessed with Cole.
After crazy Eli took Starr, Hope, and Dani, Starr and Hope got away.......Starr kicked and clawed her way away from Eli.
Hannah was in a mental hospital because everyone thought she had pushed Marty down the stairs, and had done other bad stuff.
She got out of St. Anne's under Marty's care. Marty is Cole's mother.
Everyone thought that Hannah was over her crazy obsession with Cole, but obviously not. After Starr called Cole to help her, Hannah answered the phone, went to the Cherryvale Clinic to kidnap Starr and Hope at gunpoint.....and is now holding the 2 hostage somewhere.
Hannah is nuts with a capital N.
Eli is insane, and has killed people to get money out of Todd.
So, let's hope that Hannah and Eli end up offed together

Shirleedee said...

I really like Brooke and Nik together, I think they would make a great couple if the writers would give them something to do besides getting a fire started in the fireplace.

Arlene said...

Dani gets to see Tea on Friday.
Can't wait. They are reunited on Monday.
I have loved that the writers keep me at the edge of my seat every day of sweeps.

Anonymous said...

When Lisa said "Miss Me?" I wish Robin would have said "With every bullet so far"

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Arlene, Sweeps is in November. 4 months a year: Feb, May, Aug (the least observed) and November. They take ratings country-wide then and average them. Shows make extra efforts during those months to get viewers to tune in. GH usually has some extravagant 'event', like an extra violent hostage-taking, or a trainwreck (which is what the whole show is now), or BIG revelation. Usually doesn't do much to help them ratings wise, but occasionally gets them an Emmy nom.

OLTL doesn't even get the Emmy noms, which is a crime because it is the best pulled-together soap right now. It has the true soap values of several stories going at once and crossing over, all veterans and newbies and in-betweens getting air time, cliff-hangers, secrets, romance, exciting villains, etc. My only problem with it is that there is no one actor who catches my fancy and who makes me tune in daily. I used to feel that way about Luke/Geary on GH, but the writers have nearly ruined the character so I've lost that old feeling that I need to find out what he's doing or just to see good acting. I still like good acting, but, well, the thrill is gone there.
When I watched Santa Barbara (best soap ever) I loved Mason and also CC and Cruz.
On Another World I liked Carl and several others.
(I've never watched CBS soaps.)
And while OLTL has a batch of good actors, they have a few so-so ones and most of the male characters are not my type. Still, it is enough of a good show to hold me.

If this month is this exciting on OLTL, what will they do in November??

Dori said...

Haven't seen today's show...Not really too excited about it. It has really kinda sucked lately, hasn't it?!! Scrubs stuff has been about the only thing I've really liked, and of course Diane/Max/Milo. Such wasted talent's a shame.

nyangel22 said...

so, Italians in Brooklyn make garbage can fires? glad to know. i wonder how many fires my mom and grandfather made when they lived there. seriously, Guza? if you're going to stereotype Italians, do it right.

kdmask said...

IT'S NOT SWEEPS!! THAT'S The beauty of OLTL..they do this IN THE MIDDLE of "normal"!! It's a beautiful thing. If it were up to me, OLTL would be on at 3, and GH on at 2!!

Anonymous said...

Hate what has been done to Claire in order to hold up Sonny "Cockmeister" Corinthos, the aging lothario of Port Charles. Here is a seemingly intelligent woman with a career she loves falling for a mobster/gangster boss who thinks ALL women want him. I just don't buy it. Why couldn't he fall hopelessly in lust with Lisa.

Anonymous said...

OLTL has been awesome this week I'm so glad I start watching it again way back when Star thought she lost Hope. GH... I have really gotten to the point where I don't care if I miss it or not. I even went to the hobby store for a yarn run in the middle of the show the other day. I've only been watching it for Scrubs for the longest time (since they broke up Maxi and Spinnelli). Sonny bores me to no end, his life is like the movie "Ground Hogs Day" only the names of the women change.

Jennifer said...

We went to WDW last week and I did miss a whole weeks worth of shows. It made no difference at all. It was as if I had missed nothing of substance. :( I loved GH and now I only watch out of pity.