Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Did Brenda Plug The Balkan's Baby?

Word on Z street is: Brenda shot The Balkan's Boy and he's dead.  Dante helped her clean it up, and that's the connection. Still cloudy on the romantical front. I don't think they slept together, but I do think Dante has a BIG thing for her. He talked to her while she slept. Awwww. Wonder if that was the Balkan's son that was leaving Brenda's "Flashback" room?

It's the Spencer Connection!! Too Bad Bobbie's in the Closet!

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY: Finally I can watch most of the show.
SID reports that CONGRATS are in order to Dominic Z and his wife! She had a baby girl this morning. NO name yet, but both are doing fine. 

If they get any more weird-ass'd accents going,  I'm not going to be able to deal with it much longer. LOL. 
How did Lisa get out of everything? She was there with the police, with a gun, saying she was sorry? Uhhhh, I can see not wanting the story to die, but why write it like that!!? Geesh.

Diggin' Luke and Jason!! Yippee!! That will last for 2 scenes, then evaporate.  I'm such a cynic. Does Jason take care of enough people?? Good Lord.

People wearing black, white or gray today: Robin,  Brenda,  Sonny, Jason, Luke, Patrick, Steven, Lisa...Dante,  Spinelli and Michael . Ronnie had on a blueish tshirt. Lulu had on some pink/purple Robin changed into a red outfit. Brenda tells her to tell Sonny to stay away. I vant to be alone.

Tyler Christopher just tweeted this: Just auditioned for a pedafile  on Justified. They said I was right on. Huh. Cool I guess?

PS. OLTL was so good because they have a boarding house with Roxy!! She and Echo were so fun.  And ECHO has the other half of the necklace? THUD. Then, Vicky and Dorian were on the same side hating on Echo together!! Ah, the joy. They also added a real-life mole removal comment by Dorian. ES had a melanoma taken off and they mentioned the band aid.   

On a hysterical note, we here in NYState have a political  party called "Rent is 2 Damn High" and their candidate debated with the other guys last night. Hit that link to watch the RIOT of an intro he gives.  Ahahahaaahahaa.


  1. They also added a real-life mole removal comment by Dorian. ES had a melanoma taken off and they mentioned the band aid.
    What do you mean by a real life mole removal comment by Dorian? Who had a mole removed? And ES has a melanoma in real life?!!?! I hope she is okay. :(

  2. One thing is apparent...Tyler can't spell. Haha!

  3. Trying to catch up on all of these posts.

    1. Dream wedding: Liason
    2. I LOVE Maxie's hair lately
    3. Dante was ugly b4 he got the scarecrow do' in the old scenes wBrender
    4. Not lovin the irish chick at all.
    5. Lisa's story was greta until they brought her back so soon without showing us a courtroom hearing w/ Dr's, or someone paying someone off, something. But we get nothing.
    6. rumors of a jasam baby make me want to vomit. Ditto for wedding rumors. Ditta for carly trying to sleep with jason. What an idiot!

  4. ES had a melanoma and they removed the cancerous mole...Dorian mentions the band-aid..Hopefully all will be well with our favorite Llanview resident! And remind people to get things checked out with the docs sooner rather than later! We want to keep you around guys!

  5. It's a shame that GH's writer can't spin a story as well as OLTL. That show has rocked for days. I have loved GH for 30 some years. I think it's time for a new writer. He is ruining Brenda's return. She is a much better actress than he is writing for. What a waste of talent.

  6. Rank these 3 couples as to their boringness: Dante and Lulu; Sam and Jason; Sonny and Brenda.

    VM is looking more and more like to Octamom. Her mouth is fully engaged these days. Silicone treatments?

  7. Make that "like the Octomom" Is it Octo or Octa? Does it make a difference?

  8. If Jerry Jacks is not the Balkan I wonder if he might play a key role in bringing down the Balkan...use it as a way to redeem the character of Jerry Jacks?

    When Siobhan assumes her new identity in Port Charles will she drop her accent? We can only pray she does.

    I can not recall any former Chief of Staff who spent so much time hanging out at the Nurses station wearing scrubs. Shouldn't the Chief spend some time in his office, perhaps even wearing a suit?

    What is up with people who need temporary accommodations moving into a hotel? The Metrocourt must have really cheap rates or these people must be going majorly in debt paying $150/night for a room. If only there were somewhere like, oh I don't know, a Brownstone where these people could go? Geez, when Monica kicked the Q's out of the mansion years back the Q's couldn't afford a hotel...they rented a room at Kelly's. Luke OWNS Kelly's...why isn't he staying there?!?!

  9. I agree that Brenda could have killed The Balkin's son and that it could have been him in the flash back scene. I saw a new promo and it had a flash back of Dante fighting a guy that looks like him and Brenda picking up a gun & shooting him.So i think Brenda saved Dante's life and Dante is grateful to her for it.

  10. everyone goes to jason for protection because he is our saviour. (sarcasim)

  11. Tonite on Law & Order Los Angeles will have Alan Quatermaine on it as a judge.I just barely caught a glimspe of him.Check him out

  12. OOOpsssss wrong Law and Order was the first one not Los Angeles sorry yall

  13. On a non-related item: did you know there are Mad Men dolls available now?? A Joan doll, a Sterling doll, a Don doll, and a Betty doll. And they do sorta resemble them!

    I was surprized Mattel picked that show for dolls--what kids watch Mad Men? Actually, they are probably strictly for collectors.

  14. Is it just me are Liz & Olivia channeling barbara jean with their new red do's? Becky looks absolutely radiant after just giving birth.. And Liz losi9ng the money will make her what? Ask Nik for money? How stupid when gram is most likely loaded after her career not to mention her husband being chief of staff. And hello? Her brother also is loaded. Of course we won;t have a Liason scene, that would be too much of a bone thrown at us. After all, Liz is mother to arguably the most popular character on GH's only son.

    Will they please stop making Robin so snarky? They are going to make us root for crazy Lisa like they almost made us root against kristina when she accused ethan. Speaking of Kristina, where the hell is she?
    Only GH can do that!

  15. Does anyone know if Tyler Christopher and Vanessa Marcil have seen each other on set since her return? I know they dated and lived together for a few years and might have been engaged. I didn't know the status of their relationship. If they are still friends or do they avoid each other. Imagine their spouses! Any info would be appreciated. =)

  16. Tyler used to date all his GH girlfriends in real life.... I hope he turns out to be the Balkien, and Lucky has to kill him to save the world. Wouldn't Helena be proud? Then she would have a reason to continue to come after the Spencers...

  17. Why can't GH writer's take lessons on writing from OLTL writer's.....


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