Friday, October 8, 2010

Carly's NOT HAPPY!!

Sebastian Roche in front of the GLOBE Theater getting ready to play Henry VI (part 1)!!

Did you have a good Thursday night? I watched The Office and Project Runway and  BONES with Lisa LoCicero! She was fabulous!  Perfect Jersey Mama. Loved the hair. Wish she'd talk to Sonny like that once and awhile. Project Runway? I so hate Ivy and Gretchen. I'm voting for Michael  C for fanfave  just to piss them off! LOL 

General Hospital: Carly finds Brenda in Jax's office!! Priceless. Jax has his Brender twinkle back. LET THE WARS BEGIN!! heh. It's going to be the J&Bers...the S&Bers..and the CarJax's. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I love a good  fight. Too bad they couldn't have had Carly stick around Jax's office longer. GEESH "I can tell she's your kid (Joss); she's blonde and perfect" says Brenda to Jax.

Love how Spin is so uptight over Brenda. The docks looked all autumn like--mums, leaves. 

 Carly went off on Jason!! Heh..insecure? yep. This is going to be getting long in the tooth though. Carly's nasty tone-- Brenda arguing with Jason.  The Brenda/Man-Eater Wars.

Luke/Lucky: Enough already. At least Tony was on for a day. Lucky called Tracy--and then Tracy went to see Lulu! Thank you for having Tracy on today.

Lulu and Dante talked about nothing at Crimson. Someone on props: PLEASE get rid of those silk flowers on the table.  They've been there since "Crimson" opened. They are driving me nuts.

Sonny and Robin--Robin SHOULD have gone  home to see Emma and Sonny should have gone to visit HER to see how she was  after her well ordeal. I mean, come on.  The fact that Robin is talking to Sonny instead of going home is stupid. I don't even think Sonny realizes what's happened to her! LOL...

Brenda's bedroom in the PH is HUGE!!!!!!! HUGE  I tell you!! I had trouble with where she was at first. Suzanne was just coming in/out like it was a hotel. I guess that was the hall to the PH outside the door. Jason  doesn't strike me as a sideboard kinda guy. 

THE END? When Dante and Brenda see each other? THERE it is...heh. Did you see that look they gave each other? DANG!! Let the crazy-ness begin! Do you think Brenda will know  Patrick, Steven and Ethan too??

I put new SPOILERS UP!! get in there!!


Ari said...

I would be way more interested if they put Brenda with someone not Sonny or Jax - that's so 20th century lol

Plus I love CarJax

Amy said...

I heard a rumor on another board about Dante and Brenda having a secret past.DO you think they are going there? Wouldn't it be funny if Sonny had a grandchild, whose mother was the love of his life!?

Anonymous said...

I had a funny thought today as to who this Balkan is/could be... what if it was Brender?? And she knew all along that Dante was Sonny's kid. And all of this was just to get revenge on Sonny. Teehee... that would be kind of a shocker no?

sonya said...

Maxie's outfit is so bright!!! ACK!! Burn it Maxie! Burn it!

sonya said...

No Amy! That would not be funny if Sonny had a grandchild who's mother was the love of his life! :) I hope that's just a rumor!

Anonymous said...

Now I remember why this show was so good in the 90s....Vanessa has amazing chemistry with Mo & Ingo. I'm right back to where I was years ago! When she's with Sonny, I want them together. Then when she's with Jax, I want them together! Loving it!

sonya said...

Anonymous yes I loved Brenda with Sonny and Jax also back then! :) She sure does have chemistry with both! :)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Sebsatian Roche on Supernatural tonight? He played an angel, and not a good one. everything this guys does he plays a bad guy--talk about typecasting.

Frank Strovel III said...

Project Runway: I'm a Mondo fan but am rooting for Michael C to make it to Fashion Week. Ivy got what she deserved. Gretchen will probably make it to the finals but I would LOVE to see her trip up.

Loved the Heidi-in-the-workroom drama too!

Anonymous said...

So I'm catching up on this weeks eppys and I just watched Thursday..
Love love seeing Luke, Brenda & Robin, Ethan & Tracy. Jax interacting with Maxie was just icing on the cake. Have to say the Kate & Olivia fight was so misplaced & and out of left field..

I am a Brenda & Jax fan so seeing her weith Sonny made me ill. They aren't even addressing that she was left by jax last, so WTF?

Watchintele said...

The show is incestuous enough, isn't it? Please, don't make the Brenda and Dante connection romantic/sexual.
Try something new.

I'm also tired of Jax being with women that have already been with Sonny or Jason. Then we have to suffer through his incessant spiel of Sonny ruining said female's life. You are married to Carly. You share a child. You're going to adopt Morgan. Be happy with what you've got and stop with the constant one-upmanship with Sonny.

Truth be told, you walked out on her. Left her at the alter. So in my book that makes you no better than Sonny when it comes to Brenda. Get over yourself.

What can you say about Carly's constant neediness when it comes to Jason's attention besides...

For once, think of someone else. So what if Brenda needs Jason's help. She did something you never did. She married him.

But I do have to give it to her for putting Dante in his place regarding Michael. He's never there to keep a close eye on Michael. Carly may not be the Judge's favourite person, but I'm sure he'll frown upon the fact that you went off to Ireland without informing his parents or the courts of your absence and Michael's subsequent lack of supervision.

I also must commend her on giving Michael the advice of seeing a psychiatrist. THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Watchintele, it is called a pissing contest. Jax and Sonny have been engaged in one for years now. It got OLD back in the 20th century.

I do so hope the rumor about Carly finding out Brenda's secret is just that, a rumor and an unfounded one at that. Carly is toxic even to the people she professes to love. She is more interested in revenge and destroying Brenda than she is in Michael. She is, always has been, and will forever by a BITCH.

Watchintele said...

Very true Anon. But I for one hope they start pissing on themselves instead of each other for a change.

I concur about Carly too. BITCH in every way of the word.

mosbp2003 said...

Isn't Brenda's bedrooms supposed to be the one Spin was staying in? It sure looks different than when he and Maxie were tearing it apart while having sex!