Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Vitamin B12 Shot STAT!!

Mornin'!! How was YOUR soap-watching week? I guess you can tell by MY blog posts that I was so happy about OLTL, I  didn't have much use for GH. *SIGH*. I do not plan these things. I actually had stopped watching OLTL for about 2 weeks-- I'm not picky when a show bores me. Now, it's just everything I really want in my daytime. Thrills, spills, surprises and a huge use of vets and all characters. Daytime Confidential reports that OLTL's ratings have gone up dramatically. I'm taking credit for some  of it--with all my gushing on twitter,  it had to make a dent!!

On To General Hospital.  Where to begin? Well, I have loved having Kirsten Storms back on screen. She just brings a sparkle to everything. She and Spin had been MIA for a bit and now that she's back, the writers tend to give us more "fun" scenes. We had Robin's bday party!! Ok, so it lasted about 3 minutes, but was there!! Diane, Max and Milo? How fun was that? Here's an idea: We see Max/Milo's apartment-- and they live like bachelor slobs. More Max and Milo!! I also wish Suzanne was Diane's sister or cousin or something. That would have expanded her GH base a bit. I love to tie things together, notice? (I wanted Claire to be her niece or sister too).

See that photo up there? I swear it's like Deja Vu..having Luke fake another attack? Wasn't there ANY other options? Plus, if I see the Haunted Star as an empty tomb anymore I'm going to scream. LOL.  I'm not going to complain though. If it gets more airtime for JE, I'm fine with it. I just wish they could come up with a decent story. Luke and Tracy should be working ELQ and doing all sorts of nasty corporate take overs. There's total drama on Wall Street dang it!

November Sweeps are coming. Usually I get a big ol' press PR thing about them. This year? Nada. In fact, the "Sweeps" read pretty dang boring (hence the need for a Vitamin B12 Shot!) Sam's going to pretend to be Brenda so the gang can "lure out the Balkan"-- not gonna work though. Can't have that be exposed yet. Siobhan is kidnapped, which I guess we are supposed to care about. Emma is wandering around on Halloween, which furthers Lisa's plan to make Robin look crazy. 
Lucky wants Siobhan to stay at Wyndemere. Now, think about it, Nikolas slept with Liz, you'd think that he'd keep his newest lady away from his bro! Siobhan is in danger, blah, blah..blah. Anyone care about this chick yet?? 

Of course, you can't talk about November sweeps without mentioning BRANTE!! I hear the two of them covered up a crime Brenda committed. That makes total sense. How close they got "romantically"-- that's up for grabs.  We know Dante is sure smitten. Brenda starts to have nightmares. Yada, yada.
The actual Balkan isn't due to surface until December-- and I'm betting on it being "Theo" the mysterious patient at GH. That is unless  Guza gets some weird  change of heart and brings Diego back to do it..HAHAHAHA. Get it? Texting all  over town. Heh. Franco has said he wants to come back at some point to direct and further his Franco-Franchise. I tell you what, if he does get an Oscar nod for "127 Hours" I highly doubt he'll have time for ABC. Just a thought. 

SPOILERS are up!!  Take a gander. I'm being somewhat conservative. I haven't mentioned some of the rumors rattling around like: Sam's PG--  Robin's PG, someone's getting married, Robin's in a fire-- yada yada... Can't confirm any of them yet. There's also one that involves Jax and Brenda thaht I don't think is happening either. Alberta's walking in the LA AIDS walk soon, so please hit a google ad in her honor. we are, starting a fresh week on GH. Hopefully, I'll be here more often than I was last week. (real life called!)  Here's a question. If there was going to be a wedding on GH, who would you like to see get hitched? Tracy/Luke?  Lante?  JaSam?   or a wild card like Lucky and Siobhan (having to marry for her to stay in the country??) Let me know.


kdmask said...

PS.I want a GIANT, FUN FAB Luke and Tracey "Rewedding"...just a glorious really weird, funny town ceremony. She can be such a bridezilla!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

If I can't get a JASAM wedding, I think it should be Brenda/Dante.
My guess is they are covering up a crime and that is found out. Their earlier "relationship" whatever that may be is then revealed. They get married so they don't have to testify against each other when one is arrested. They would still need to answer to all of Port Charles as they grill them one by one. That would be fun to watch.

Dori said...

Watching Milo/Max/Diane reminds me of Kevin/Lucy, Mac/Felicia. Remember that way back when?! Throw Alexis in the mix and that would be perfect!

Can you imagine Max and Milo in drag??!! COME ON!!! You know that would be the funniest damn thing you ever saw!!

My wedding of choice: Max/Diane!!

Anonymous said...

LOVED seeing Max/Milo/Spinelli/Diane this week. Too funny! Also love seeing Maxie- wish they would give her a real story already!

My favorite new spoiler? The Jolivia/Lante double date! Can this PLEASE play out on our screens? Think of the awkwardness and humor! :)

My ideal wedding would be Luke and Tracy. That has the potential to be so much fun and include everyone on the canvas- including the Qs! Stay away from a Brenda/Dante wedding...I'm already having a hard time stomaching this storyline, I don't think I could handle that. It's intriguing, yes, but all these flashbacks are pushing it. Move on with it already!

Anonymous said...

I like Jason & Sam or Luke & Tracy

Anonymous said...

I want to see a Luke and Tracey wedding. I love these two. They need to get them married and put them in a decent storyline. They're awesome actors that are totally being wasted.

AntJoan said...

I was SOOOO disappointed that you didn't blog Friday, I was waiting for your "bubble lamp" alert, which was in a scene with Jax.

Also, with Robin's adoring Uncle Mac as the police commissioner, WHY CAN'T CHARGES BE FILED AGAINST CRAZY LISA? They keep saying that there is "no proof," but she used that cabin, and pulled a gun on Patrick and Robin, etc., etc.

I guess I would like a Max and Diane wedding, although I have waited about 15 years for an S & B wedding, and that is the one I want.

Anonymous said...

There is a new RUMOR at DD that says Carly pushes Jax into having sex with Brenda & Sonny walks in on it.
I wonder if it is really Dante, instead of Jax, who has sex with Brenda?Because that would be WAY more dramatic & interesting then the same old Carly/Jax/Brenda/Sonny s/l they have been doing for the past 10 yrs.

Anonymous said...

I would love for there to be a Luke/Tracy or Dante/Brenda wedding. Hey if Brenda manages to break up JaSam and Lante then I will forgive her for coming back. Well at least temporarily because I know there are a lot of people who are fans of those two couples. I am just not one of them.
As far as the ratings going up for OLTL, I am not surprised. For one Kim Zimmer came back to daytime. Her return has been good so far. I mean she was on at the start of one week and then at the end. So it gave GL fans a chance to get to know the other characters. Now I am hooked on another soap. LOL!

zarqa said...

Didn't NLG leak (and someone else confirm) that the bald guy from Murder One is the Balkan? (Daniel Benzali, I just looked up) It would be kind of cool if he was Uncle Rudy Zacchara and Sam's dad, to boot, making Johnny and Sam cousins.
Fun fact: when Brenda was in Sonny's shower being sprayed by bullets from Joe Scully's men (I think), black-haired baby Lulu was in her crib upstairs in Mary Mae's house also being sprayed by bullets from the same men. Just when you thought all they had in common was Dante.:)

Anonymous said...

As for weddings my vote would be for Lucky and Siobhan. Get married first, fall in love later type deals. A Dante Brenda hook-up, nevermind a wedding, would send a large group of fans over the edge. Even TPTB are now aware of the wrath of the lime green tide.

Anonymous said...

Luke and Tracy wedding and just as they are about to say their vows,the minister says "if anyone here knows why this couple should not be wed, let them speak now or forever hold their peace." Laura pops up and says "wait". How much fun would that be????

Anonymous said...

I am just about over my love for Luke--for me the character was forever ruined when he admitted to being unfaithful to Laura at the height of their happiness. Believe that and the whole show shrinks to nothing and certainly the character of Luke is canceled along with everything we know about him.
What a major betrayal of history!

So please, no Tracy-Luke weddings. I do NOT find them amusing or appealing in any way. I like Jane Elliot, always have, but she is so not Luke's kind of woman and their so-called romance has him turned into a hen-pecked and phoney ass. That was never the Luke I knew and loved all those years.

I do like Siobhan, but it is still early for her to be inportant to us. She seems to have promise, though....

Anonymous said...


Mamaspat Ole said...

How could one not get hooked on OLTL has danger,love and excitement something GH use to have.Today on the edge of the seat with Greg,Starr,Tea and Danni and even scuz bucket Ford.....On GH I would rather see Sam and Blinkboy get married.