Friday, October 8, 2010

Man Men: Season 4 Episode 11 "Chinese Wall"

The agency is is big trouble... and everyone but Roger (John Slattery)  is surprised. Lucky Strike pulled out weeks ago and Roger bluffed to try and get them back. Whoops.  It comes at the worst possible time for Pete (Vincent Kartheiser), who's wife Trudy (Alison Brie) is in the hospital giving birth. Giving birth '60's style-- where it can take days and days to happen. Don (Jon Hamm) calls the staff together to inform them that Lucky Strike has left. Murmurs of panic spread across the office. Don tells people it will be "exhilarating"--although he doesn't look like he even believes it. People are already thinking about different jobs but want to stick it out in their own agency.
Peggy's (Elisabeth Moss) in love..or at least lust with Abe (Charlie Hofheimer), the guy that's been trying to hook up with her for awhile. They fall into bed and actually have a nice morning tryst instead of him leaving. She walks into the big meeting about losing the account late, a bit of afterglow hanging around her head. Don tells her she's going to present to Playtex just as planned.  "If I do it, it will look desperate" he says. Privately, Peggy wonders how bad this all is.  She realizes that the yin/yang of things are taking her by the hand-- she gets love in her life and now the company seems to be crumbling. Back  at her desk, Peggy makes a rather titillating pitch to the other copywriters. Abe comes, pretending to be a delivery boy. He's got a package for her for sure!!
Roger calls Joan (Christina Hendricks) to come visit him at the hotel. He confesses he never went to Raleigh and knew about it the entire time. Joan cries at her desk, realizing just how big a problem this could be. Roger wants her to go comfort him...doesn't seem like she's into that. Later, she goes into the partner meeting  saying London is working on the problem. Glo-Coat calls and Don isn't sure how to react when they want to leave the agency. He ends up yelling at the client about the good work they've done for them. "We'll be here, don't worry" Don says. Meanwhile, you can hear the lifeboats being manned. He throws bar ware and tells his secretary to stop him from drinking after the third cocktail. Then, he goes and yells at Pete about losing the account.  When Pete gets back to the hospital, the competition is already there waiting to scoop him up. Ted (Kevin Rahm) wants him to come to his CGC...and even offers him a partnership. A full voting third as well. Tempting, especially when you're about to have a little mouth to feed.
Roger goes to Joan's apartment because he needs to "talk". He basically says her pj's are frumpy and he "needs" her right now. Joan tries to tell him she's another problem of his and she can't do this anymore. Roger gives her one last  ug and asks if the night of the mugging was their last time. "Wish I had known that" he says as he leaves. We still don't know if ol' Joan had her abortion or not. Hmmmm.  Back at the office,  Don and Faye (Cara Buono) have a little snuggle. He tells her he's only "one over his limit".  He wants Faye to compromise her morals and let him know which clients want to leave. She storms out. Before the Playtex meeting, Stan tries to make a pass at Peggy. "Why do you keep making me reject you"?? It looks like Peggy lands the account, even with lipstick all over her teeth.
Roger, Pete and Don all yell at each about losing the account. Pete finds out he has a new baby girl but it doesn't matter, they have places to go, people to memorialize.  Even Bert Cooper (Robert Morse) gives Roger hell. The guys all go to a  memorial to scope out clients and Don winds up listening to how much the dead guy spent doing work instead of being with his family. Sad, but true. Don comes back to work and asks to see Peggy.  His secretary Megan, (Jessica Pare) put the CLIO award back on Don's desk after he threw it across the room. She tries to stay with Don as long as she can, telling him she'd like to learn about the business. :Wink: She tells Don  she's Canadian and how much she thinks about him. "You're in my head all day". They have the requisite office sex.
Roger receives his bound books from Jane (Peyton List)  who's so proud of him!!  His life is in a volume for all to see. "Sterling's Gold" it's called. Roger doesn't seem to care anymore. Back at Don's place, Faye's waiting for him with news about Heinz. Seems she'll compromise after all. Meow. She's in love!!

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ONLY two more episodes left!!

think Joanie had the abortion?!


AntJoan said...

Yes, I thought that Joan had the abortion. Good recap!!

kdmask said...

I thought so too...I hope they just let it be, not make a big deal out of it, you know? She did it, it's done.