Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alberta Wubs Gets Ready for Halloweenie!!

Alberta's California friends gwaddie and ghubby have dressed her up as our fave GH characters. Can you guess who she is?? Note the MOLE:

OR THIS!!?? 

Anyone else dressing up as their Fave GH character? I think I'll go as Helena...get out my green suit, jewels... feta and Ouzo. Maybe an ice pick or two!! 

This was just posted...probably the most INSPIRED of all the costumes that Gwaddie did.  Note the TREE!! 


sonya said...

Hahaha cute pictures! Is that one picture with the sign that says Jayyyyysoooon you have to take care of meeeeee. Supposed to be Carly? :)

Michellena317 said...

Brenda, Carly, Dante and little baby Emma left up in a tree...priceless

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