Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tricks or Treats: General Hospital Howls and Haunts!

YOU want FUN? Check out this hilarious Halloween JibJab Card starring: Olivia, Carly, Jax, Dante and Johnny!! Wubber Crackie made it! 

 GREAT photo of Tony in "Into the Woods" posted by TonyGeary.net --He plays the narrator. See it at the new Downtown LA Performing Arts Center Oct 22nd-November 20th. If you go, let us know how it was!!

Hey, Speaking of Halloweenie, we all know that Maxie's Bday is on that day!! There will be trick or treating on GH which is great. I remember back in the day when the kids would go all over town, even the hospital to get treats!

I am DVRing GH today..so if you have anything to add, let me know. I might add show notes later, not sure.  It was so boring yesterday--oy.

I hear Connie will  be back to GH if scheduling allow!!  I was hoping for sooner rather than later in the whole Balkan scheme, but now maybe it's Dec or even January. You know Hells has to have her fingers in this pie--and also dabble again in the whole baby switcheroo. I know how much Connie loves her stints on GH-- Can't wait!

Tomorrow is the big "FAN FAVORITE" on ABC. Hate to tell you ABC but fan faves are the NURSES BALLS or the Q Thanksgivings/Dreamsequences. NOT some show from five years ago that's supposed to give us "clues" for today's story lines.  First of all, just goes to show you the repetitive dropped sheeze they've had and second of all, I'll be so sad to see Georgie!!

Did you see Charlie Sheen  was hospitalized for a psyche eval? He's got  such serious issues and yet, we still seem to pull for the guy. Sad, sad... I hope it doesn't disrupt his Two and 1/2 Men because I feel badly for the cast and crew (not so much him) Get your sheeze together!


Amy said...

I feel bad for Charlie Sheen. So much talent. Although, I did see somewhere where it said it was an "allergic reaction."
I totally agree about showing old nurses ball's and Q holidays. A friend recently mentioned they read the Christmas story Bible passage on Christmas Day, and my first thought went to Alan Quartermain! Gosh I miss that!

kdmask said...

I actually watched 15 min today and caught Candy back on! LOL

Anonymous said...

Why would Luke call Tracy angel??? That was his name for Laura.....poor writing forgetting that!

Mamaspat Ole said...

Karen make sure ya watch OLTL today was priceless with Manning thinking he was going to have to give John mouth to mouth.lol plus a whole lot more of action not going to ruin it for folks.

Danielle said...

Karen I used to love the nurses ball. It was always so much fun, aww LUCY :(. When did they stop that?

Anonymous said...

So...what is the rumor/drama about that you posted yesterday?

RUMOR DRAMA: What recent shake up on the #GH Set has many people wondering what/who is next!!? Things might be changing from the outside in!! Why is a certain someone walking...nay Running?! More tomorrow once Gedstern gets it sussed out!