Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back TO Reality...Whoops There Goes Sanity...

Borrowing today from Mr. Slim Shady! All the soaps were back to present day. Yesterday was bizarre. That's all. BIZZZZZZARE. I don't mind shorter years, or days but sticking in random "Classics" is going to mess me up!!

Today's show was all about Brenda...and she was upstairs doing her yoga. We saw Alexis today and MIKE too!! Yep... wow. Alexis and Claire were pretty good together.  Didn't bug me at all. Why they didn't make Claire somehow related to Diane is beyond me. It would have fit perfectly and given both those characters a family. 

Finally Mike/Dante are together..given the fact that Dante's supposed to watch him 24-7 and hasn't been around at all. heh. 

OMG..Poor Olivia, reduced to talking about Lasagna ....Lisa LoCicero is too good for that! I really like her and love her character.  It's like Guza wrote for her 24-7... then nothing. That's it, all or nothing on this soap, swear. 

Robin and Sonny on the other hand, I'm so glad they are having them talk-- I wish it was with Mac more, but this is good too. Anything to have some character interaction. Sonny talking about Lily was a bit random, even if it was about forgiveness.  Robin had on a band uniform looking shirt/sweater. Heh 

It was a Vanessa Free day.."Brenda" was doing Yoga "upstairs" must be she has a 'rest' clause. Maurice doesn't do that..LOL. You always see Sonny.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lexi Ainsworth...Krissy Davis! She is such a sweetie, btw. She loves her fans and always tries to answer tweets. Rumor has it there's going to be a bullying story involving her character. Given what Lexi did with the Keifer stuff, I bet it will be good if written right.

Ok, I'm  going to watch ONE LIFE to LIVE which I had on my DVR. People on twitter are saying it was WONDERFUL!


Lori said...

OLTL was amazing once again. I can't believe it is only Thursday and we will get another great cliff hanger tomorrow out of this show.

Mamaspat Ole said...

Guess who is on Days?????Heather Webber the nut lol

Mamaspat Ole said...

i just played my dvr of OLTL that was fantastic and it wasn't even a Friday

kdmask said...

heather webber. sigh