Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Soapy Day! Tons O' News!

It's Vanessa Marcil's birthday Friday and some of her fans would like you to leave a message for her! Go to their BLOG or tweet @vanessamarcilg to give your wishes. 

So, how exciting was the Scrubs shout-out on Letterman!? TOO FUN!! It's not even an ABC Show. LOL. His staff must love GH. See the full clip in the blog below.

FINALLY Kirsten Storms (Maxie, @teenystweeing) has gotten Jason Thompson out on Twitter!! That's right...follow him: @Jason_CT  Kirsten tweeted that photo earlier today. 

Perez Hilton has said that he's going to stop bullying on his naughty blog....uh...hmmmm.  Okay. It's interesting that he's made such a name for himself doing just that and now is backtracking. I mean,  I like snark as much as the next person but he could be extra-bitchy on things like Rumor Willis' face.  I hope he doesn't get TOO sane on the whole thing. But kudos to him for finally admitting he was being hugely hypocritical over the whole gay-bullying issue. Thank god ELLEN is around to help celebs become "real". Watch the clip on the link. NO more "Linsanity" ..end of a freekin' era people!! He's made a pretty powerful You Tube video about changing.

SCOOPS: Things are hard to dig out. First of all, looks like Lisa dies in December and Robin looks guilty.  But we all know she didn't do it. The Balkan doesn't look to be Jerry Jacks like we thought, he's just looking for something or information that Dante and  Brenda might have that involves the Balkan. It's probably going to be Daniel Benzali (See below for photo) who shows up to GH as Theo. He looks like a baddie! LOL The ReRun that's on the 27t has Diego on it, setting up a guy named Carter.  Maybe an  Akazar tie too? Oh, Guza, you don't know yet do you!! I think he's making it up as he goes along. Just like the TEXT Message killer!!

Ronnie Marmo is having a CHAT on Sunday!! Check his Ronniacs site out for info. There's also an ebay auction going on!! This will go towards the 2nd Annual Habitat for Humanity GH Build! Remember that ALBERTA did that last year!? 

Did you see Lisa LoCicero  (Olivia) in the audience on DWTS last night with her hubby?! I missed her somehow, but I was clicking between that and Biggest Loser

Order Vanessa Marci's LOVE Tank Tshirt for Sorjourn House! Read about it at
 The event will be held at the GUESS store at 6801 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, California Oct 13th. SID also reports that Vanny will be married on December 31st! Now, I thought she was married, given the fact she's already taken Giovanazzo as a last name. Maybe they had a small civil ceremony and are now doing it up!

PLEASE tell me if I should watch GH today. I am not going to be here and will DVR.  If you all say so, I shall watch. If not...I won't! LOL.   It's getting harder and harder to be excited for the show. The Dante/Brenda connection has me guessing so that's a good thing. 


GHfan94 said...

You HAVE to watch Max and Milo today! They were HILARIOUS! I know you'll love them.

And I heard that the episode airing on the 27th is of JaSam in Hawaii...what episode are YOU talking about?

sonya said...

Yes I agree with GHfan94! You have GOT to watch Max and Milo! Hysterical! I laughed so hard! :) And Perez Hilton, I don't believe him. I will have to wait and see if he is telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Max and Milo and Diane were hilarious! Luke and Tracy scenes, too. Not a great show, but watch just for that!

kdmask said...

I will watch Max and Milo!! Derk Cheetwood tweeted about giving him a wedgie! LOL...
SO glad I DVR'd it!!
Luke and Tracy! wow..nice.

AntJoan said...

It was good, a break from S & B (although I love love love them, the anxiety over having to watch yet ANOTHER hurdle on the way to [hopefully] happy ever after, is giving me an anxiety attack!).

The physical stuff with Spinelli, Max and Milo was hilarious, Spinelli is a marvelous physical comedian, and Max and Milo are no slouches, either.

Diane was really great, I was hoping to see her interact with Brenda, but, alas, we will have to wait . . .

Poor Dr. Steve went from yellow-orange to severely dark orange; Liz looked radiantly beautiful as always, Maxie was adorable, and, mercifully, no beatch Carly.

Lots of actual hospital stuff, so you should like that.

AntJoan said...

Karen,when you said that Lisa dies, my heart skipped a beat thinking that you meant Lisa LoC. Glad you meant the character Lisa. Although she has proven herself to be a wonderful actress, you know that most crazy villains on GH have to die (unless they become so popular that they somehow can be "rehabilitated").