Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Post Operative Blues

As usual, I'm sitting here thinking about the show this past week and just shaking my head.
I so love the actors on it...I do like the day to day dialog and think GH could be right up there with Y&R if they played their cards right.  Brenda and Robin really hit it home for me this week: GH is still missing huge connections and a sense of family. There are moments here and there of recognition of relationships but no real togetherness. I wish Brenda would have been put into Mac's custody and lived there for now. She and Robin and Emma all together. Maxie could move in because she's depressed about Spinelli or something. I want coffee around the kitchen table, damn it! LOL. Everyone goes nuts when Luke and Lucky have scenes together--which should be the NORM not the exception. And by the way, having Lulu whip over to "Ireland" isn't "family time".

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When is Brenda going to visit Edward?? Oh, that's right, she said she did but it was OFF SCREEN!! . We hear Monica's name mentioned on the PA system at work but nothing more. Although Steve's back, the "Webber"  family is still nothing. Alexis and Nikolas speak once every 6 months or so. Don't get me started on Mike Corbin. 
Robin goes to talk to Sonny before she goes home to see Emma? Sonny didn't even KNOW about her whole Lisa ordeal! Why not have HIM go see her?? See the baby?? Have Mac walk in all pissy? grrrrrr. 

The fragmentation of GH is so huge, it's hard to follow the stories most days. Things are dropped , things are started (Skye, Maya..) and we get scenes upon scenes in places like the empty Haunted Star. No reason those scenes couldn't have happened at the Q's is there??
I'm also afraid the Olivia/Kate/Dante connection is just going to dissolve with the Brenda invasion coming. I liked Kate and Crimson. Great potential there. You know I love Olivia but her story is just dwindling. That's because Guza gets so focused and laser-beamed on ONE topic, the other players languish in the background. Happened with Kate when Olivia first came on. Instead of including her into that story more, she was shoved in the background. Having the two of them randomly fight in Jake's this week was just bizarre. BIZARRE. It may have been funny if they've had more than a few scenes together all year. 

Claire's turned into a Sonny-bot. That's all. One of the last females that wasn't a clingly dimple worshiper. 
Don't get me started on the time wasted with CANDY THE STRIPPER/Michael "story". Good GOD. I would have rather seen more teen stuff and school things than that sheeze, thank you.

We are also missing a maven for Port Charles. We need Leslie, Monica, Audrey or Mike as the "sage" advisor on the show. We JUST DO.  

Question of the Day: HOW ARE YOU liking the obvious Brenda/Dante recognition? Hmmmmmmmm? Oh, the possibilities.

NOW for the good things this week:
*I liked Diane and Suzanne. However-- wouldn't it have been cool if Suzanne turned out to be Diane's sister?? She walks into Sonny's restaurant and yells: SUZANNE! WHAT in BLUE BLAZES are you doing here? Didn't you do enough damage to Daddy's trust fund over in Europe??!  Tie things together!! It would have been awesome.

*I liked Brenda and Robin. I liked Spinelli and Maxie-- I miss them. I liked when Pat talked to Matt for 3 seconds. Of course, the Carly Brenda showdown should be amazing.  

WHEN WILL WE HAVE A WEDDING  on this show? If Scrubs break up, who's left that's married? CarJax? Is that it?? I mean, come on. In an entire town NO one is married?? 
SPOILERS! GO take a gander!! The weirdest thing is Carly trying to shove Johnny in Brenda's face to keep her away from Jax. I mean..huh? I also hear that Nikolas is going to bankroll a music career for Brooke Lyn.

Later today I'll have a fun article up on Massi Furlan and his failed commerical for Hardy's. (look at that name...Hardy!! another GH ironic connection!) It's actually pretty fun. 

Last night was An Evening with the Stars-- I hope a Wubber or Two went to get photos! There's also a great event today in NYC for OLTL fans. Anyone going?


  1. dang! not ONE comment? LOL. how do I take this?? BORED With me??!

  2. We know the sonny show will get Brenda. I'm surprised he hasn't had Maxie or Lulu yet. Give him time.

  3. No your not boring Karen. The sonny show is zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  4. We want the old GH back. The Q's, Bobbie, The WSB, Location shots. The Webbers, Hardy's, Cassadines. The Adventures. But that will never happen, with sonny's lover guza at the helm. sigh.

  5. Sorry haven't been able to get around to commenting. Meant to, just it's our Thanksgiving weekend up north.

    The show has been boring, with a few great scenes here or there.

    Karen, you are absolutely right. You hit the nail on the head! The show is so disjointed. No real family interaction unless you're a part of the Corinthos family. Worst thing this show could have done was to center GH around Sonny Corinthos. Don't get me wrong, Maurice Benard is a great actor and the character is good. However, I think the writers have lost sight as to what made him so great. We know he's tortured and he's got demons, but to constantly see this over and over again without growth, it begins to lose its appeal. Constantly having the same character on the front burner with stories that are supposed to make us feel or sympathize with said character doesn't work if they are on the fore front all the time. Rotate the lead.

    It's been like this for a better part of a decade.
    When Brenda, Robin, Lucky, Jason, Laura, Lucy and Kevin left to name a few characters, there was a big whole to fill. And, though we've gotten back some of them, the damage was done so to speak. THE WRITING CHANGED. The show is plot driven instead of character driven.

    Changing history of a character just to move the plot forward is what makes viewers tune out. Stunt or big event stories don't do the trick. It's the day to day storytelling that keeps us intrigued. Connect the stories. Integrate characters outside the mob.

    I have more to say, but I digress. It's a lot to chew, as I must go now and start on chewing my own turkey.

  6. Happy Turkey day Watch!!! xxxoo
    did you have lots of good food?? Molson?


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