Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Rally For Sanity and/or Fear...

What an AWESOME, FUN Brilliant show!! Yusef/Cat-- Ozzy doing a "Train Off"?? Peace vs Crazy. Loved it. Loved the medals... and having Kid Rock do his new song. He and Crow were perfect together.

Colbert's Betabrand Pants!!

Stephen Colbert's pants were too fun!!! I tweeted about them and the company that makes them in San Fran tweeted back and said they make/sell them. LOL. Betabrand Pants! MADE IN AMERICA PEOPLE!!

Any Wubbers go? I found one on the Huffington Bus (NYCoverGirl) but we need more!! I need PHOTOS! R2D2 was even there!! The TV remote bit was a hoot.

America is FUN, dang it, and  you can't terrorize FUN. Nope. ya can't  Thanks to Comedy Central for showing this live. Made me happy to be American! :) The "fear mongering" clips were so telling. That's what the news has come down to...scaring us.  The biggest mouths come from the extremes on both sides.

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Jen K said...

I was there! It was quite a sight to see...the signs were the best part (since it was hard to hear if you were outside of the main zone (all those concrete museums make echos a nightmare)! One of my favorite signs: "I disagree with his politics but I'm pretty sure he's NOT Hitler." :)