Friday, October 22, 2010

Season 8: Project Runway: Cried Like a Baby, Yes I Did.

I will from time to time, write about my fave primetime shows...and after last night's Project Runway I just HAD to get on here and dish.
OY... if you saw it, you know what I'm talking about. First of all, this season has been pretty good, mostly due to the expanded time. I love that we get to see more of the comments backstage after the judges' critique. It's been too fun. Tim Gunn gets more of a voice too. I remember way back in the beginning that he was just in and out of the work room.  Now? He's got a bond with them all and I really like seeing his advice in action.
Last night was the episode before the finale. Each of the 4 designers had to go home, make a collection, come back and show 3 pieces to see which of the would go to Fashion Week. Tim visited every designer. Mondo lived in a wild house, painted all crazy colors. Gretchen broke up with her boyfriend and was moving. In Hawaii, he met with Andy and his mom. They live on quite a rural farm. Andy even chopped off the top of a coconut for some fresh milk. Over at Michael C's house, there was his partner and son. We find out that Michael's parents aren't too happy with  his career or "lifestyle" choice. 

Back in NYC, everyone gathers for their last touch-ups on the collections. Tim tells them all they have to make another look to send down the runway. Everyone loses it and goes to Mood to find some material. Gretchen is in fine pout-face form and complains about everything. She made jewelry this go around--which  er... well, didn't do much for me. Andy had some sort of head things going on and Mondo also did a little head poof.  His theme was "Mexican circus"... his clothes were about the most jolly in the room. 
I have to say that is season has been lackluster as far as having some wild designs on. Very conservative if you ask me.  Yeah, Mondo had some weird things but there were no Santino, Austin Scarlet, Jeffery or Chris type costuming. I like the over the top stuff. These creations just left me flat.
Speaking of flat, how awful were Gretchen's things? Ewww. Anyone that knows "Flax" or "Eileen Fisher" has seen it all--and about 4 seasons ago. I personally thought she was gone. Oh, how wrong I was. 
Andy came out with a "Laos" inspired line-- and  his pleating did look nice. Again..underwhelming. Mondo had the usual weird patterns and colors. Michael C had his dresses--but a pantsuit that I really liked. The judges took off points because he used all the 'same colors'. Personally, I thought it looked pretty cohesive. But, who am I?
In the end, Michael C was sent packing and watching him go was so sad. He was truly, truly destroyed by not going on. Because of his parents being so anti-anything he does, Michael saw this as a rejection of him instead of his clothes. It didn't seem fake (like some breakdowns can) at all. It was really gut-wrenching. Tim hugged him and all the designers were supportive.
Which brings me to something else: Since when do Andy and  Gretchen like Michael C? What happened? Gretchen was a big nasty to him all season and Andy didn't like him either. Mondo saw what a sweetie he really was and treated him like a human being. I so hope they address this at the reunion special--and call out beeatches like IVY !! They all owe him such a big apology. week is the finale--a reunion and the runway show. I am thinking that Mondo takes it. He's won so many competitions and has that quirky kind of "Christian Siriano" thing going for him. I mean, who won last season? (crickets chirping)
I have no clue.

Soooo, did YOU cry when Michael C did? Do you think he should have gone to Fashion Week? Is it me or is Heidi getting more mean every season? By the way, I still totally forget it's on "Lifetime" and not BRAVO. whoops. 

PS. I also watched "Jersey Shore" Finale last night. In a really weird way, I'm gonna miss those weenies.   :fist pump:


Anonymous said...

Oh, I agree about Gretchen's collection. Nothing the least memorable there. Colors--drab. Styles--unh.
I was sure she was going home. I have not liked ANYthing of hers all season and have thought several times they would send her home.

Andy's were too short, too much pleating, too. I have liked a few of his things but the volume pants he does would be SO hard to wear...

Mondo's things I like very much. The long dress was good because the paneling down the sides would tend to slim even when the dots down the front wouldn't, and the dress was sleek and fun and sophisticated. Wearable. I loved his mix of patterns on the blouse and skirt outfit--he does that so well and it isn't easy to pull off at all. I even liked his blue top with plaid skirt--colors were delicious. The sleeve trim should have matched the skirt tones better, however--not the dots. His construction and patterns always seem professional. I expect him to win big.

Michael's collection was VERY nice--that gorgeous long gown in coppery satin was elegant, simple, moved like a dream. He should have won on that alone. The other pieces were a bit wild--feathers over the top, but that is supposedly what they like! I honestly thought he and Mondo had absolutely the best chance. Was SO disappointed about Gretchen--nothing about her work tells me she is a designer. And that short dress with the bag tied on the back--imagine wearing that somewhere!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I was devastated along with Michael. I cried when he cried. It really moved me, and it takes a lot to make me cry. That was painful for him and it killed me. It was disturbing and I really wanted to hug him. I can't believe that b#$%^ Gretchen made it to fashion week. Booooooring... Michael's stuff was SO MUCH better. His work was very creative, and I don't care that he liked a particular color palette. At least his stuff showed some style and imagination. I can't believe he got that far and then they cut HIM in favor of "Granola Girl" Gretchen who was a b#$^* to everybody on there. Poor Michael. I hope somebody high up in the fashion world with a couture house takes him on and gives him a contract.

kdmask said...

That dress with the bag on the back, I was so sure that Michael K was going to say it was a DIAPER! LOL But no...they liked it? WTH?

Frank Strovel III said...

To be fair to Andy, he did say several episodes ago that perhaps he misjudged Michael C and seemed to amend his behavior toward him. But Gretchen? We never saw any contrition from her. Not even after Tim's now-famous post-runway verbal smackdown where he called her out for being a bully so I don't get why she's so suddenly warm and fuzzy toward Michael. Early on, I really didn't understand his willingness to take her crap and his obvious low self-esteem. Now I do. We all do. His parents should be nominated for Worst Parents EVER.

And to also be fair to Heidi, she actually uttered the phrase "I felt bad" after a harsh critique recently. I about fell off the sofa.

Go Mondo.