Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RINSE and REPEAT: ABC Reruns Boring Eppys Today!

The Announcer said "Some of the best episodes in soap history" before these ran today.  Uh, really. And FAN FAVES? WTH did  they get that!!? Dear LORD make it stop. The older viewers want REAL CLASSICS: ie: weddings, murders, deaths...Nurses Ball-- maybe some  Halloween eppies.  Costumes, Maxie's birth??
I'm sorry but I need to run daytime soaps. LOL. They act like we can't watch stuff on You Tube whenever we want.

THE images were so blurry for me on AMC!! Some people said the same on twitter. Was it blurry to you??  I guess it's the HD transmission. OLTL  was fine and GH a blur.

AMC had on Maria...Edmund-- Aiden....Can you imagine if you are a newer viewer and don't know these people? Jack and Erica are basically the same. I'm also thinking some poor older people with dementia are losing it today. Heh.

OLTL: Only thing interesting is Langston's red hair highlights, Fish and Marcie/Mike. Todd/Tea wall sex.

GH: Well, JaSammers were going ga-ga over the episode today. Twitter blew up about it.  Back when Jax still thought Spencer was his. I like Tracy and Lulu. Luke and Tracy had the same dang dialog then  as now. heh
Jason had on gray..and you could tell it was HAWAII because of the Bird Of Paradise Flower!!  Surf boards!! Sand!!
FOR THE RECORD...I'm am neither a JaSam or a Liason Fan.... they both have their good points and not so good points, imo. 
GEORGIE!! *sniff* I miss her so much.
COLEMAN is so Burt Reynolds heh.
Old  Lucky was on...Emily-- 


Lucy and Alan! woot! THAT'S a fun episode. ANY Q Thanksgiving... any Dream Sequence. Alan/Emily discussing addiction. Really old weddings -- Tara/Phil, or Karen Woleck's meltdown. Tina walks into Cord's wedding with "Marcia Cross"!!

Notes: Rick Hearst will guest star on Castle November 8th! Haley Pullos (Molly) will guest on House as well, not sure the date yet. The Thanksgiving episode taped yesterday and NLG said Haley wasn't there for it!! Wonder where she'll be when they air it? Hmmmm. "Math Olympics"? We'll see the Scorpio and Davis' on that day supposedly.

Check out Lisa LoCicero in SELF Mag about her great nutrition (veggie smoothies?!!) and keeping her smokin' figure!


Mamaspat Ole said...

I started watching AMC then remembered the repeats so I qit and guess what DAYS was no repeat thats one thing I like about them.They never show repeats and they are on the Holidays

Andrea said...

Molly will probably be visiting her dad, Ric, who is never mentioned....

Dori said...

My vote for fan favorite today would have been the Lily car bomb episode because it remains the only time I have completely and utterly been in shock at something that GH did. Never saw it coming, didn't know anything about it. Had no idea Lilly Melgar was leaving the show and I spent the rest of that weekend trying to pick my jaw up off the ground, convinced that Monday couldn't come fast enough!

Ocean Park Girl said...

I watched Days today too!! Kate and Vivian were too funny. Booooring ABC, just boring.
Karen, you mentioned Molly being on House. I meant to post yesterday that she was adorable at Kelly's with Michael, worrying about Sam and then leaving when Abby showed up. I have been missing her - glad they showed her. And OLTL continues to rock - the best of the 3 soaps.

Trixie said...

Showing my age (and how long I have watched General Hospital), but the "classic episode" that I want to see again is the one where Heather Webber used Diana Taylor's dead hand to write the name "Anne" in Diana's own blood. That was the creepiest scene in the history of daytime.

And, to think, this woman (Heather) is Steven Webber's mother.

kdmask said...

didn't you all love Lucy's RED DRESS?! SNIFF

Mamaspat Ole said...

loved the clothes Lucy wore but I miss me some Alan Quartermaine.I never liked Rick Webber so I was always cheering Alan on.

Anonymous said...

When is Amber Tamlyn supposed to be on House? I read where she would do several episodes as a new doc, but have yet to see her. Did see Dalhia Salem on a Lifetime movie recently.

A good episode of GH would be something from before the show became the Sonny Show--maybe something with the Labines doing the writing, something touching. Like Lulu's birth, with Luke in tears over seeing her for the first time.

I liked when Luke and Laura were sitting together watching Brook Shields on TV in their living room and Laura said something about Brook's hair looking funny and Luke said, I don't know, honey--who am I to comment on funny hair...." They were eating popcorn and the dog Foster (Skillethead) ambled in...

And that wedding of Lucy and Alan--absolutely hilarious. Actually, for purely pretty weddings, how about Lois and Ned's? I'd like to see an old episode at Luke's place--when Mary Mae sang the blues, for instance. Good stuff.

Lori said...

Amber Tamblyn shows up on House after the World Series is over (November) She was in the preview at the end of last Monday's show.

My vote for Fan Favorite GH would have been the episode where they shot up Luke's, Laura/Lulu in the Spencer House,and Brenda in Sonny's shower (or when Nik got shot in the throat outside of Luke's that was good too) As for OLTL I would have picked the Karen Wolek trial, Judith Light hit it out of the park!

Does anyone think ABC actually asked the fans which episodes to air? I'm pretty sure if they had asked (and we (the Wubbers) had the opportunit to vote) ABC would have seen what fans REALLY wanted repeated and not the crap they put on today.

I hear they are going to turn Good Fellas into a prime time tv show... I think I'll submit some of Guza's work because they will need a head writer lmao

dnbmommy said...

Did you catch Cougartown? Bart was on - as a roll in the hay. hehe

Rita Pita said...

Jason looked horrible in that eppy. brain tumor or not, dude get a hair cut.

I call BS on you Karen that you are neither a Jasam fan or a Liason fan. You don;t have to be a diehard but everyone roots a little for one or the other or prefers one over the other. Unless you dislike Steve that much which I doubt.

So you have to wonder if they will show a Liason eppy. I doubt it but you have to wonder. Liz's rape was good, Any old L&L2 eppys, Nurse's balls, even frisco & felicia. I always hates luke with Felicia (kind of lide nik & Liz). Robert meeting Robin for the first time was precious. Or of course, Bj's death/maxies heart story.

sonya said...

I always hates luke with Felicia
Rita Pita I just threw up a little in my mouth! Don't ever bring them up together again!!!!

Anonymous said...

I watched part of the old eppy but then turned it over Days. It was funny to watch Kate find out Vivian. She tells Victor she knows today.

Anny eppy from late 80s-mid 90s would have been better than this one. When GH was at it's prime.

Anonymous said...

i would have chosen either a Nurse's Ball or the episode where Lucky "died" in the fire. that was the only time i ever cried because of a soap. it probably had something to do with the huge crush I had on JJ back then.

Anonymous said...

Anna showing up on Robert's doorstep with Robin, Anna & Duke's wedding, Sean & Tiff's wedding... now I'm depressed, that's when GH was worth skipping school for!

Anonymous said...

My mom started watching GH when it first came on the air and I was in the womb. It was on every day when I got home from school and at 47 I still watch it today. I even dvr it, and oh yeah...I'm a dude.