Monday, October 25, 2010

WOW: Another NOT Miss One Life to Live Day

Go to TMZ "Celeb Scramble" to figure out who THIS COULD BE!! heh Thanks to @babysarms for this. 

OLTL Had a nice crank a boom-boom Guza style...but with more extras and no hose blood-transfusions. LOL. I do like the Destiny story too. Next can be the Mama Drama!! I was shocked about the Shaun thing, then about the Greg murder thing--Squee!! And this is MONDAY?!  Today's show: (Spoilers) Greg admitted to killing Destiny's real mother, Cole shot ELI, Starr knocked out James by mistake--the roof's collapsing in on the warehouse.
 (from twitter) 
@JBernardJones: #oltl Frank Valentini needs to hold seminars titled How To Produce A First Class Looking Soap W/o moving 2 A New Coast.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: I think the J&Bers will be happy with the Jax/Brender walk down memory lane. Or WUBBERY Lane. Heh. WUB WUB...those of you that know the Wubs, know that it was their Wubba Love that started the whole thing. Ahhhhhhhh. Such a sweet love they had. Remember  when he brought her movies/popcorn machine? That was a banner WUB day. 

Brenda and Lulu. At least they are going over some history with Brenda. Of course, Lulu was about 5 when she left. Going Ice Fishing. 

Why the hell would Sonny ask Dante to make Brenda's life more comfortable in PC? RANDOM.

CAN ANYONE understand stupid Sioban?!! You know I sit here and make fun of her. Heh. They had her say "Get bent out of shape" which isn't in character. Why do they over do the dang accents and under-do the slang?!

Liz has to tell Lucky she wiped out the boyz bank accounts because of her stupid DRUG investment. I bet Helena has something to do with that!! 

Monica was on!! I Liked her playing along with Luke-- heh. Although I'm not convinced that Tracy doesn't know what's really happening!! She's being too nice too soon!!

Who's watching Michael?? Let the parole board know.  And NOW, Claire thinks it's a good idea if Dante also watches Brenda!! LMAO!! I give up.

EMMA is missing PROMO on ABC.

RUMOR DRAMA: What recent shake up on the #GH Set has many people wondering what/who is next!!? Things might be changing from the outside in!! Why is a certain someone walking...nay Running?! More tomorrow once Gedstern gets it sussed out! 


  1. :O this was my mouth with the OLTL spoilers. Man oh man does that show totally kill it. I did catch the 15 minute recap from Friday and man is it good.

    As far as the changes lets hope Sonny leaves. If he takes Lucky and Brenda with him I won't shed a tear.... note I love VM but this Brenda-palooza is boring.

  2. The commercial about the rerun of GH great love of Jason and Sam makes me want to vomit every time.

  3. Wow was right Karen thats why I love this show you don't have to wait till Friday for some great writing.Loved Des finding out about Greg.Poor Cole I hope he emtied the gun is that nut myself.Starr will stand by her man.
    GH who??Guza needs to watch OLTL and see how a soap is done.

  4. I heard a rumor that one of Robin's parents was rumored to come back to GH as part of the Balkin deal. I thought that meant that Robert Scorpio was coming back! Now I just saw that Tristan Rogers is going to be on the Young and the Restless. GH blew it again...I so wanted it to be Robert. So maybe Anna?

  5. I just saw the news about Tristan going to Y & R as well. Shame on you, once again, Mr. Guza.

    Everyone please watch OLTL, it is the best show on daytime right now!

  6. I haven't heard Anna's back but it would fit with the Balkan stuff I guess. Who knows what they are doing, they keep changing all the spoilers.

  7. Today's OLTL was AMAZING. I was so into the show I forgot to FF through the commercials some times!!! I had a brain storm during OLTL. What if Greg only thought Destiny was his daughter? What if the chick was already pregnant by Sean before he went to jail??

    GH was slow and tedious. I do like Lucky and Jason working together. But the brightest part of today's show was Luke/Tracy as usual. Adding Monica into the mix was the right thing to do (How many times have we asked where Bobbie or Mike or Audrey were when they should have been on screen?)And of course Monica would want Tracy/Luke back together so she could have some peace and quiet... hilarious!

    Karen I can't believe you didn't mention how your beloved bubble lamp showed up in the lobby of the Metro Court!!! He was over Carly's shoulder when she was talking to Lulu!!! Sooo disappointed in you lol

  8. eeeewwwwww Lori that would be great if Sean was Des's dad me personally I never have liked Greg.

  9. Karen, I just read on another spoiler site that Tristan Rogers was going to Y&R. I'm excited about this because I'm a huge Y&R fan but I'm also sad that he's not on gonna be on GH. Can you confirm if this is true or not?

  10. GHfan94 it is true that Tristan Rogers is going to Y&R. Soap Opera Digest tweeted the news earlier today. GH is so dumb to let him go to another show :(

  11. Does anyone else ever watch GH and keep waiting for someone to come out and announce that we're being punk'd?

    Or is that just me?

  12. I love this couple of weeks of One life to live! I hope they stay on the air! and get a Emmy! for best show and acting.Jennie

  13. yeahhhhh Jennie I hope everyone will try OLTL at least once.

  14. After a bout with my computer, I'm back with just a couple of personal observations. Personally, I rather like Siobhan with Nikki.She's not whiney and wimpy like Emily, or clingy and unable to make up her mind like Liz, and she's not BROOKE LYNN!I swear that girl needs to pin back those bangs and stop talking through a clinched jaw. As for the accent, as an English/Speech major, I don't find it offensive. It adds a level of childishness that is charming and yet impressive when she blesses someone out! lolol. The more she talks the more I see that accent fading a bit too, like Ingo's Aussie speak.

    As far as the American slang in her lines, our language travels the ocean just like our movies and tv shows and even our holidays (Halloween for instance). No reason to believe she wouldn't have picked up some phrases. As a friend of mine who lived in England used to say when I asked about thatched roofs and sweet cottages..."dearie, we've even got flush toilets too!" hahahaha...

    Just one more thing...OLTL ROCKS! and the young lady who plays Destiny deserves an Emmy just for her crying scenes alone! FANTASTIC SHOWS!

  15. Yes, Tristan Rogers is going to Y&R

  16. Watching yesterday's OLTL right now. So amazing!! Loving every storyline right now. The girl who plays Destiny is doing a wonderful job. She's improved so much since beginning on the show.

  17. Loved seeing J&B. Thanks for the picture.

    Happy to see Monica!

    I'm really upset about TR going to Y&R. It makes sense for him career-wise, but GH is so short-sighted to not use Robert Scorpio. If they could just back off on the Sonny-Jason worship, then they'd see that Robert has a key place on the canvas -- especially with the Scrubs story.

  18. Sorry,but i thought OLTL was STUPID.
    Did not like anything about it.G.H is better with better actors.


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