Thursday, October 21, 2010

General Hospital: Thursday Scoops...New Stuff Up!

Well, take a gander:  WUBS NET.  There are a few interesting things up there.  A Vegas trip for Luke/Tracy/Maya and Ethan. That's a fun thing, I hope. Sort of a "Hangover" type story!!! Brenda's going to shoot a thug..(Love the "Henchmen" "Thugs" Whatever. Just watch OLTL. I'm telling you. ;) Today was absolutely WONDERFUL! And it's only Thursday! They have a cliffhanger every other day! LOL
AMC is boring me to tears, btw. There's never been a soap trial to match Karen Woleck's on OLTL,  so why bother?!

Dominic Z (Dante GH) named his girlie Anbilliene. This was confirmed by SID this am.  The GH cast has been BUSY!!  That's the last bambino to be born out of the four (JJ, BH, DZ and DC)

Hey, here's my new Halloweenie Avatar on Twitter (@wubsnet) ...YOU LIKE? You know I so miss the whole Cassa-Crew!!!  sigh. Parapet!! Helena just disappeared again and it looks like "The Balkan" is taking the place of Valentin.

Here's a direct quote from the SOD November Sweeps Issue: "Sonny's relationship w/Claire threatens to destroy her, which leaves Sonny vulnerable to Brenda, which does not sit well with Claire."
Uh..WTH does THAT mean?!  Sonny and Claire are "reconnecting" I know that (stupid)-- so what's this? More boring sheeze. 
Today's General Hospital:  Geesh... this really IS the Brenda show. Dante's moonin' over her, Sonny/Suzanne gab about her-- CarJax and Olivia sniping about her. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.  This is going to go on FOREVER. FOR-EVER.

Jax redoing 4 rooms at the Metro for Brender? I would get pissed too, Carly. Carly's right about the Metro being a target.

Maya/Luke/Ethan/ least they aren't sitting around talking about you know who. BUT why on the empty crypt of a Haunted Star? Why not the Q's!!?? Might have to pay Alice and Eddie and Monica? Why WHY does Luke have to fake heart attack number 8 thousand? Monica helped last time. I would have him try to raid ELQ or do something like that to get her attention.  Anything but this again. 

Lisa's wearing vixen-red and black today! Even in scrubs she can look a bit evil. Where is this Steve "Lisa love" coming from? I mean, FOR REAL? He says to "put it all behind them". Like Robin should just forget the kidnapping? Drugging? WTF?

Please, for the love of GOD, just have Brenda spill something already.  PLEASE. This is just painful. I don't care. 

Claire and Sonny get "notes" about dinner. heh
Claire and Sonny go to dinner and the restaurant is EMPTY. Empty!!

NOTE TO FRANCO-FANATICS: @JamesFrancoNews: James to film/direct his own feature in November in NYC script from a bio of poet Hart Crane called “The Broken Tower”

Also, @lldubs (laura wright) tweeted that she hurt her back and you'll see Carly sitting a lot in about a month because of it!


Anonymous said...

I agree about this Brenda/Balkan thing getting a move on. I'm getting bored! For the love- something happen already! At this point I really don't care what the Brenda/Dante secret is (and I'm a die-hard Lante fan). Just get things moving instead of showing us the same thing everyday!

LOVE the drops about Luke/Tracy/Ethan/Maya in Vegas! :)

Ari said...

What happened on OLTL???

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to think that TIIC are setting it up for a Dante/Brenda romance.I mean why else would they have Sonny hooking up with Clair and BRENDA fantasizing about Dante.Because in today's episode it looked like she was in love with him.

Frank Strovel III said...

Who in Port Charles and in their right minds would stay at the Metro Court? The Beirut Hilton circa 1985 was a safer place to stay.

Frisco said...

When Claire was looking at the background file on Brenda that Dante prepared all that was in it was pictures, yet she kept looking up saying "Brenda was tried for murder twice" or "Brenda last lived in Port charles in 2003", as if she was reading a briefing note. All she was looking at was photo's...where did these facts come from? Made NO sense. Atleast the props department could have put a piece of paper in the file.

When Tracy/Luke/Ethan/Maya go to Vegas I hope a little conversation months ago was foreshadowing, they all get drunk and Tracy and Ethan end up getting married!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Sonny rented out the restaurant for the night so he could play the role as always!!! Talk about BORING!!

Anonymous said...

I SO hope Tracy and Ethan end up married - and stay married for a while! That would be HILARIOUS and they could cause all kinds of funny havoc.

Anonymous said...

I think the wedding could turn out to be Ethan and Maya.

Anonymous said...

My money would be on Tracy and Ethan.

Mamaspat Ole said...

Ari on OLTL Greg woke up.Destinys birthday.Tea and Danni togethor and Matthew was being a total butt.
GH?????? only watched Carly and Jax arguing about Brenda

Anonymous said...

Balken I think is Rick teamed up with Jerry.

AntJoan said...

I guess that Carly sent the "pretend" notes to Sonny and Claire to get them back together.

Liz said...

i hope Laura Wright is okay. i wonder what she did.

I think that it would be interesting if Tracy and Ethan got married, but the spoilers say that she and Luke are planning a wedding. That doesn't sound like it would be a planned wedding.

Jennifer said...

GH, I can't take much more... it's killing me. Everything is so repetative and really, does everyone have to be in love with Brenda for Pete's sake?! Is she that good? Jeez! Give the woman something to do rather than lament on the couch everyday.

Anonymous said...

what if, just saying what if robin did all those things to herself????