Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Mid-Afternoon Liposuction


Unlike GH this week, at least I can make the title interesting!! So.. here we are, knee deep in the whole Brenda story and ...Sonny and Claire go back out together. Uh...can someone tell me the point of all that? I guess just to keep  Brenda vacillating and having her daydreams about Daddy's boy. I'm tired of the Carly melt-downs as well. Her kissing Jason?  Beyond stupid. "What are you doing" said Jason. Carly says: "I don't know what ELSE to do"....yeah, reminds me of what has to be going on in the writer's brains. What ELSE can we do? Another heart attack for Luke? Another Lisa melt down? 

There was on tiny line that caught my ear this week: Nikolas said: "Grandmother did some financial  work with The Balkan".  NICE!! It cracks  me up that people go around saying "I met with The Balkan about stock margins" but what the hey. If Helena's involved, it may prove to pull her into this dang dragging story. I have a sad feeling this whole thing is going to last until at least Feb Sweeps. 

BIG RUMOR this weekend? Maxie might be Pregnant?? I guess it must be from that quickie in the closet with Matt? Could Matt actually have more than a 2 second walk-on story?!! Hmmmmm. Remember, it's a rumor.  The other scuttlebutt is that Brooke Lyn and Liz will be  going at it a bit.  Siobhan is going to be kidnapped. (like I care). The most fun thing coming is the Vegas adventure with Luke/Tracy/Ethan/Maya.

Remember that Wednesday will be a repeat of a 2005 show about JaSam when Jason had a brain tumor, Diego and Georgie. GEORGIE!! wheeeee! Did you know that  2005 was the year Patrick Drake first showed up. Supposedly there are "clues" to things coming up in the Balkan story. I think we might be all over thinking that. 2005 also saw Noah Drake come back to the show, needing a liver transplant. This leads me into our next news item: 

That's Right!! DR. Drake on BOOK TOUR!

Everywhere you look Rick Spingfield is popping up promoting his new autobiography "Late, Late at Night". I saw him on  The View and Wendy Williams. Go to the LLAN official page to get all the book tour dates near  you.

Have a great Sunday night!! No Mad Men to watch ...boooooooo. Guess I can go to bed early!!


  1. Karen, Don't you have to watch Desperate Housewives?

  2. Karen, that was me, AntJoan.

  3. Ugh...please don't tell me this Balkan junk is going to last until February sweeps and beyond! I'm already bored!

    Is it sad that I just don't care enough to try to look for the clues in Wednesday's repeat?

  4. Ugh...please don't tell me this Balkan junk is going to last until February sweeps and beyond! I'm already bored!

    Is it sad that I just don't care enough to try to look for the clues in Wednesday's repeat?

  5. Oops, a little slow on the uptake there...Dr. Noah Drake aka Rick Springfield's book signing tour is about over, only four left - Texas and Cali.

  6. I am not surprised that Luke, Tracey, Ethan and Maya Vegas trip is rumored to be fun it was the most interesting storyline from last week! Jane Eliot was the performer of the week and I love Liz I wish they would stop ruining her character Rebecca is one of the most beautiful women on daytime.

  7. Brenda overkill is too much! Ilo e Ethan he's hot especically standing next to Maya! She's stunning!

  8. I'm sorry-I don't care at all about a Luke, Tracy, Ethan and Maya trip to Vegas. Luke's "heart attack" was ridiculous. Isn't it about time to TG to take another vacation? The only scene I have liked with him in years was the conversation he had with Jason last week. I also don't care about clues to the Balkan- advertising that they are showing a "fan favorite" on Weds and then airing any show with JaSam is laughable. Of course, I tried really hard to come up with any show in recent history that might be considered a "fan favorite" and all I could think of was Maxie and Spinneli's non-wedding! oN the other hand, I can't wait for OLTL!

  9. My Sunday Surgery:

    Get Brender a manicure
    ANYONE Slap Carly
    Have Liz show no interest in Nik
    Send Brooke lyn back to Brooklyn
    Show Sam having a life and job particularily with her sisters
    Have Brenda interact with old characters
    Stop making Robin so snippy
    Don't have Lisa return to the hospital to preform surgery after a flipping break down/kidnapping
    Have Steve defending this freak? (although I do love Lisa please just make it a little more realistic at a hospital)
    Give the actress portraying Maya a damn personality. Sometimes beauty just isn't enough

    And my #1 Surgery: Someone at ABC please realize not many of us want to watch a JASAM repeat (we'll keep georgie though).

  10. I know I'm slow on the Rick book! LOL.. don't call me out!!

    PS I don't watch Desperate Housewives, I stopped after about season 4. Just bored me after awhile.

  11. Sorry, but I don't like who Ethan is when he's with Maya, and I usually like him. They're awkward together and it shows. It's not getting better, no matter how much they try. She's pretty, but that's it. Bad actress and there's not an ounce of chemistry between the two. Boring and vapid. I hope they end them soon. And I am not interested in the Las Vegas thing. Been there, done that. I love Tracy, though, in all her scenes.

  12. Jane Elliott ROCKS

  13. I agree about Maya completely. The actress just doesn't have any personality. Every scene she's in is without any effort. I for one like Ethan w/ Kristina.

    Gee Sam really looks disguised in the photo. Wonder if she'll take off the 5 inch heals.

  14. I'm more interested in Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake)'s book right now than I am what's going on on GH with Brenda, Sonny, etc. Cool Rick - can't wait to read it and learn something new about Noah Drake!

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