Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OLTL Left Me Breathless Today!!

OLTL  just rocked today-- it has been for so long. I love how they are doing this whole Eli story.  It's happening fast and everyone is involved. LOVES it!! I felt like I was watching a spooky movie! The stories are SO good--and so intertwined. Why they didn't get an Emmy nod last year, ??? I so wish GH could do suspense this great. I was screaming mimi today!! eeeee!! 
Short Recap: Eli has Starr/Dani...Dani goes into the hospice just as Tea is walking down  the stairs out of her room. Eli and Starr fight (Pretty convincing fight) and Starr manages to run into a room. She calls Cole, who just left to go check out their apartment. Hannah answers. Meanwhile, Tea opens the door and sees ELI and she thinks he's a good guy and is happy to see him!! He smiles like a maniac. In the meantime, Blair and Todd are talking together and Natalie is trying to get info out of Marty.  The whole thing is shot horror-film style-- and done so well. In the end, Starr opens the door and  HANNAH steps in!! Eli has Dani in the car, ready to drive away. Can't wait until tomorrow!!

Dante literally looks wet behind the ears. I swear those are Kate's cushions too. You know my obsession with props!  Seems the Balkan is after her because of what she and Dante were involved in!! 
Hey, Mayor Floyd shows up on Thursday. To yell at Dante to hurry up the 'investigation' WHY bother??
Let's see.
Brenda and Sonny are talking about Dante...and the past.

Dante and Lulu are talking about Brenda.
Robin and Jax are talking about Brenda.
Carly tries to bribe Jax with dinner so he doesn't think about Brenda. 

Lucky and Siobhan are trying to get out of a jam with thugs with MORE weird-ass accents. And like they'd believe she's working for Lucky. Lucky needs to act tougher--more steel. 

Thank Goodness for the Robin Bday party!! Mac, Maxie and Emma!!! And Mac even said that Anna was going to call later!  :thud: Mac gave Robin a Spa Day! I so remember the old PC Spa!! It was a hot bed of gossip. Robin  wishes Patrick was there..awww. Patrick shows up with his necklace. 

Liked Suzanne going into Sonny's house and getting in his face,  not taking his money.  Heh. Telling her to stay away from  Brenda.  Oh, priceless. 

Brante Daydreams...they BOTH had them. Dante after boinking Lulu. Brenda just sitting there, remembering how he took home a candy bar for his MOTHER (OLIVIA!!). Interesting.

The Evening with the Stars seemed to have been a hit! Some Tweet pics came up today. Here's Tyler and his wife looking awesome!

Chat live with Ronnie Marmo Sunday Oct. 17th! For details go to Ronniacs.com !!! 

Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted that today, she had scenes with Alexis drinking at the bar. I asked her what they used for the drinks:
(@nancyleegrahn) water for vodka, ice tea for scotch, 7 up for champagne. the real booze is in our dressing rooms!!



Anonymous said...

KD On OLTL when Starr sent her baby away and Eli was passed out why didn't she leave too????

Anonymous said...

Is Hope just running around the parking lot by herself........LOL!!!

Ari said...

I know. Where is Hope?

And man GH is all about Brenda. And is it just me or does VM not click like she did last time she was on? The same with JJ who I think is a joke as Lucky and completely unusable for any integrated story.

Anonymous said...

I think The Balkin wants to kidnap Brenda to get to Dante.he probably knows that they were involved and that Dante is in love with her.

Mamaspat Ole said...

I was screaming at the tv Run Starr Run.:))) And when he opened the door and saw Tea I said OHHHHHH S*** now GH yall need to watch this show and take notes this is the way a true soap is suppose to be.Didn't bother watching GH will just read your blog...your blog Karen is way better than watching GH

kdmask said...

Starr went back for her purse or the baby bag, I think...D'UH. OLTL was so great.
The whole Brenda thing is just flat. It was terrible to keep her off canvas for 5 weeks and terrible to not have her interact with people more than 1-2 at a time. She should have gone to Robin's bday party.

Dori said...

Ugh! Why oh why do I subject myself to the torture everyday of GH? Everyday I feel like it's an hour of my life that I'll never get back. And yet, just like any good addict, there I am again the next day....

Sonny is a pompous ass lately
Carly is a whiny insecure brat
Brenda is just being stubborn and it's stupid!
Scrubs is heartbreaking to watch
Jason needs to lay off the Java Jumbo juice before he explodes!
Maxie is a hypocrite
Lante are just BORING!
Suzanne is a bitch!
Alexis and Diane are being wasted
and last but not least...
Lucky is NOT Irish!!

Yep, that's about the extent of how I feel about GH right now, and it's probably how I'll feel next week too!

WTH are we going to do when Mad Men ends??!!

Dori (rtjmom Twitter)

sonya said...

OLTL was AWESOME today! Yes It did feel like it was a horror movie! :) Today on GH, Suzanne and Sonny scene was so stupid! No reason for her to visit him! Brenda is the one who is visiting Sonny Suzanne! UGH! So Nancy Lee Grahn explains what is in the drinks! I always wondered! :)

sonya said...

Mamaspat Ole When Eli woke up I was yelling at Starr to get the gun! :)

Arlene said...

Poor Tea. She's been out of it for so long she doesn't know Eli is as mad as a hatter.
Great show today. Starr gets away, only for mad Hannah to kidnap her, Tea gets thrown in the trunk of Eli's car.
This soap has had me at the edge of my seat. Can't wait for a T&T reunion.
GH, I started watching again and stopped.
It is the Brenda Brenda Brenda lovefest.

Frank Strovel III said...

I remember the Avalon Spa! Lorena ran it and that creep Leo the masseuse was preying on the old ladies...Amanda Barrington among them.

Arlene said...

Re OLTL, when crazy Eli saw Tea alive, the eye bulging look he had on his face was priceless. And she hugged him......I'm yelling noooooooo at the TV set.

kdmask said...

AND REMEMBER: it's only TUESDAY and they did this on OLTL! LOL...
it's not even sweeps!!

LvKnM said...

No mention of Robert calling Robin? Robert forgotten again?

dnbmommy said...

ok so I didn't really watch when Brenda was on before, but she is BORING. I mean I like VM on Las Vegas as Sam but here with her voice, its just...weird. Brenda pales in comparison to my girl Carly anyway.

Totally agree Ari, but I do like JJ in the role, I always that GV was a bit dorky howdy doody like - but JJ is more smoooooothe

Anonymous said...

KD I have a good idea. Since everyone on this blog hates GH why not change and make it OLTL Wub Tub? There are very few spoiler sites for OLTL and no(that I can find) chat sites. It might be fun to change once and a while to see how it goes over. GH can be boring.

mosbp2003 said...

I completely agree- OLTL rocks! I make sure to keep up with it and watch GH (mostly ff'ing through it) when I have ten minutes or so to spare. OLTL has had more action and suspense in the last week than GH has had in the last two years, and that is very sad!

sonya said...

Anonymous if this was changed to OLTL I wouldn't be able to read the spoilers. Cus I wouldn't want to be spoiled cus OLTL is AWESOME! :)

Anonymous said...

None of ABC saytime leave me breathless love Maya and Mayan! Why do all the pro Maya and Mayans posts get pulled but the negative ones don't Maya and Mayan do have fans boy Maya is a natural beauty!