Tuesday, September 30, 2014


OH THE GLORY....OH THE SPLENDOR!! Can I dare hope it's going to be on the ABC Store site to buy for your VERY OWN!

Hahahha. I love that they made it so...wonderfully grotesque. Carly..walking around with that on her neck. LMAO 

Shawn bursts in the door to save Mikey..guy grabs Michael. They stand there with guns on each other.  Kobe and Michael tussle for the gun. It goes off.. and...Michael shoots/Kills Kobe.

Rosey is freaking OUT.. like badly.  Sonny comes over, they remove the body in a BRIGHT BLUE TARP (??) and Sonny tells Rosalie to shut up. "NOTHING Happened"!! 
Carly is there too...she's mad that Michael managed to murder another person. 

Franco shows Nina his phone/necklace app.  Sonny asks Carly for a kiss but his phone goes off. Just when Franco is going to find out about Michael killing the goon... Nina stole his phone and put it in her BRA lol 

Ava told Morgan/Kiki about AJ (which I love that Morgan knows before Michael LOL). And that she got CARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlos to confess. AND that Carly knows. Kiki thinks Michael should know the truth. 

Alexis asks Julian if he's working for Luke. Julian swears on everything and everyone's life he's not. Cause it's NOT LUKE..get it???@!!  Julexis MAKE OUT.  Then start to go at it and Julian stops it.  HE says..all you're going to do is leave.  She says NO.and they do it on the couch! 


  1. The tarp they wrapped the body in looks just like the one we just used in the painting of all the rooms in our house. We used it better, IMO, Hee hee.
    I watched the show ff; it took less than 35 minutes. It would have taken less time if I hadn't been multitasking.
    Tracy looks like she is going tell Fluke about what everyone suspects. Rosalee is going to get Michael (they share in such a trauma, and Kiki is all wrapped up in Morgan and the secrets), Alexis and Julian are going to have another sex scene, and I am going to throw up. (Sorry, Sonya, and all the fans of this couple. Julian is being played as such a sleaze ball, and I am so sick of Alexis falling for all the sleazes. Sigh.)
    I have been watching this show for so long. My Mom and Grandpa used to watch it together, too. I WANT to like it again; thus, I keep watching. But it is frustrating to be treated like an idiot by the writers. And it is such a shame, because OLTL was so good at the end. What happened?

  2. Carly and BobTodd's home: Awww Sonny wants Carly to give him a kiss goodbye! :) Go ahead Carly. Do it. :)

    Michael's home: Awww Mr. Stiff constipated died! And poor Rosalie! I don't blame her for freaking out! Altho her saying oh crap over and over again was funny. :) Well Michael and Rosalie has bonded for sure! Carly did NOT like that Michael shot that guy! What a waste for Shaun to be there! He didn't even shoot that guy! Well, he sucks at shooting so he could have missed and hit Michael! Michael wins the line of the day.

    Michael: I'll walk you to the door. It's three feet but still.


    BobTodd and Nina: Nina calls BobTodd a little crazy?! This from a woman who is pretending that she needs a wheelchair, and has a list?!?! Oh hush Miss Looney loon!

    Julian's home: Well, Julian isn't lying! The guy he is working for ISN'T Luke! :) Oh man they are making out! *fans self* Wait no! Don't stop Julian! Awww he doesn't want Alexis to walk away. :( Whew they are at it again! *fans self*

    Lante home: This is a bit boring. Rehashing everything. Zzzzzz. Oh "Fluke" is in Amsterdam!!!! :)Tony Geary's vacation home! :)

    Brownstone: Ava spills ALL her guts! Don't you dare tell Michael the truth Starki! Keep your mouth shut!! Of course when the truth comes out, and Michael knows you kept that secret from him, he might just dump your ass! :) That is something else to look forward to. :)

  3. "ishouldreadmore says Alexis and Julian are going to have another sex scene, and I am going to throw up. (Sorry, Sonya, and all the fans of this couple.)"

    Oh that's okay! You are forgiven ROFL!

  4. Oh, Rosalie was SUCH a good actress (I mean that the actress who plays her was so good), when everything went down. FINALLY, someone shaking, trembling, acting like they were going through a trauma when they are going through a trauma. All the others always look so brave and defiant, and are barely upset afterwards, it always drives me crazy.

    Speaking of cray-cray, Nina, please get up and out of that wheelchair, I am so tired of her wheeling around, how long will they keep this up? And where, oh where, is Silas?

  5. I was thinking the same thing about Rosalie. Her reactions were so realistic. She's a really good actress. I'd love for them to keep her and get rid of Kiki. her scenes with Michael were good.

    The rehashing of everything yet again at the Lante home was definitely zzzzzzzzzzz.Enough already.

  6. So when is TG due back?? Hope it is soon!

    Too bad BobTodd didn't get to hear that argument between Son and C. Anything that could break up those two would delight me, but this new crisis with Michael will only cement them and Carly will vow not to tell--even Todd. Shame.

    If the truth comes out about Fluke, Ric will be able to come home and that would be pleasing, especially for Elizabeth. But would that mess up Julian and Alexis? (I really like them together.) And if the truth comes out about Sonny killing AJ, Carlos can be released and that would take Sabrina out of action, which would be good. She bores me even when she's bad.

  7. Loved the Julexis scenes-I think he is irresistible. The Rosalee actress was really good, but she made Michael look even more lifeless than usual. Creepy Nina and Franco are made for each other. Sonny is such a cocky little twerp.

  8. Keep Rosalie and cut Alderson, McCullouh, and Storms.