Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Close then Open

Have you all noticed the trend in my opening FACES on Sunday?
Here we are AGAIN! It' Sunday and time for my weekly review, snark and bitchin'!!! Like the show, you are probably sick of the same ol, same ol. I'm going backwards today. You'll see what I mean after the jump,

I think today I'll eat backwards to. So, I'm having some wings and beer. 

Here we go--in reverse! 

FACE (S) OF THE WEEK: Awww, Patrick and Emma, missing Robin..sniff 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Gas Can!! I do believe they found this in a drawer labeled "Guza Faves" and took it out and decided to use it. Of course, it did remind me of Batman (or the Roadrunner) but it did surprise me. Heh. 

And honorable mentions to these props:  Cereal Bowl and the weenie picture behind Franco.  

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Maybe it was because I was waiting for it for so long maybe it's because Michelle and Maura played the hell out of it. Not sure, but I LOVED the whole thing. 

Again, GH was two totally different shows this week. We had the crazy-fun hostage camp with Victor throwing the gas bomb and then...nutty Nina, more Carson and the kids. So hard to switch gears. Even if there was a tiny bit of the hostage story thrown in there, it may have made better sense.  
Does this hazmat suit make my butt look big? 

I did like the end of the hostage situation. The surprise ending DID surprise me and it was fun. The yellow hazmat guys, Victor removing his mask and slowly realizing that Nate could be his son.  The execution was a bit awkward (Oh WHY can't they take a page from the dozens of crime shows on TV and at least TRY to make it grittier??!) 

The scripts with Nina were tight--and Michelle's delivery on-point. I am a bit weary of her being at GH 24-7 but I guess it's better than her being in Silas' apartment.  Hey, I FINALLY got she and Ava together! It was glorious. My favorite line was Ava saying "You don't touch a woman's stomach without asking" and Nina saying 1 second later "May I touch your stomach"?? (with a psycho face on!) Ava was flustered by the end and ready to get out of there.  Nina also stole the show on Friday with her Rosalie scenes. SO many references to the early 90's in there (talk to the hand, and "Girrrrrrl"!).  She talked about the progression of gay life since she was in a coma as well. Told Rosie her figure would be better if she 'worked out'. Heh. Saying that Kiki has "nothing to career no money"-- Good stuff. Of course, her motive is gross; go after Michael even though you have a crush on his brother.  I'm ready to see Rosalie in action. She's probably the best newbie-hire in awhile.  

The CLINIC. Ok this is going so slow and it's just--driving me insane.  I've seen a close up of that card 90 times. We are not 12. We don't need to see it ALL. the. TIME.  Close up card: Silas stares into space. Close up card: Sam stares into space Close up of card: Sabrina stares into space.
Ok, got it. GOT IT!! I don't need a week of this. JUST get someone there to investigate. Thanks. 

Which brings me to--Anna.

What in the hell is going on here? I mean, we all know that she runs the PCPD and yet--we don't see her during the hostage thing? What? Yes, she's on next week confronting Dr. O but some consistency would be a good thing.  Is Duke even on the show anymore? I have no idea.  I really wish that Anna was there when Emma had her meltdown with Patrick. She could have been the one "filling in" for Robin for that first day of school. Hell, I would have her moved in with them. 

The ol' Drug trade story is shoved into oblivion again. Jordan and Shawn are absent--again. Oh, wait--not true. Shawn popped into Sonny's so Sonny could brag about bagging Carly. That's right. Forgot. whoops. They also discussed kidnapping Ava so that she could give birth and Sonny could kill her.  Welp.

Much of the week also focused on Franco's seeming stupidity over the Carly situation. Just when I think he's got a clue, he acts like a 12 year old.  Joss and he were the highlight of "back to school Kelly's Day". She gave him looks to kill. Heh. 

On to the kiddos. VERY Polarizing. Some people love them, a lot hate them. Not the kids--the story.  Now Spencer and Josslyn are totally Tadd and Liza, trying to break up the people they have crushes on to take over. Strange to watch 10 year olds play this out. Especially when we have Bobbie, Scotty and Lucy in the storage closet with their triangle dropped and picked up again at random moments. HOWEVER, I like them. They are funny and they don't bug me at all. You know I want Joss to grow up just like little Starr did. 
"Yes, this IS my resting bitch face  
Sabrina? Um.. yeah she's "pissed" (hard to tell) and after Ava. Yawn. There are MANY more characters I want to see besides her. Ned for example. More Tracy--Anna, Duke. I can go on and on.  I suppose she's going to serve a purpose later on when "revenge on Ava" comes down but good lord, getting there is going to bore me. 

Speaking of boring, have I told you just HOW MUCH I hate the 98th Carson revisit? Oh, I have? Ok, sorry. But man, I DO, I so, so DO.  Kiki got caught listening into the sex chat. Whoops. Watch out girlie! I am still shaking my head that Sonny would risk doing Carly and having Franco tell Michael.  

Weird observations: 

**Ok, who has that much time before school ?? I mean they sat around, got ready....walked to Kelly's and geesh. Come on. Most of us shove food in our kids hands and hope the bus isn't early. 
**Spencer's driver guy is named "Chandler" 
**How in god's name are Kiki and Morgan going to finish that brownstone by themselves? I mean, seriously. 
**Where's Monica? (ahahhaaaa. HAHAHA. Oh, I make myself laugh)
**The PCPD is horrific. I mean, they must have lost radio contact with their ENTIRE "swat" team and no one was monitoring it? WTF. 

Next week promises to be Clinic mayhem. I think Robin's on again.  Dr. O's back. Dante and Lulu are chained up. 
Lulu STILL hasn't gotten to the bathroom yet. heh 


Cosmoetica said...

The kids are not ten. Emma's barely 7, and Jocelyn is quite wooden. Emma and Spencer are the best of the 4.

Nina's just an off the rack whacko, and so far unimpressed. This seems to be her schtick, in characters.

Last point: Sabrina must die.

friscogh said...

Oh Karen, why would you ever wish upon the little girl that plays Joss that she grow up to be a StarKiki? To do that she would have to become completely irrelevant and dull as dirt. I thought you liked the children, haha.

kdmask said...

I meant that she'd grow up on screen like Starr and Robin did. I like that a lot. Love watching them get older.

Yeah, I guess you're right about their ages. Joss seems 10 to me, Cam about 9 and Emma 8. We know Spencer is really 33. LOL

kdmask said...
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nance24 said...

lolol I was thinking the same thing about all that time they had before school

sonya said...

"Karen says FACE (S) OF THE WEEK: Awww, Patrick and Emma, missing Robin..sniff"

Oh shoot! Too bad crazy eyes Nina didn't win face of the week!

"Does this hazmat suit make my butt look big?"

Why yes it does! ROFL!

Michelle Latta said...