Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bad Week To Blog I have a dental appointment!

I haven't watched Tues or Wed and it's sad, but I have no real desire to in the evenings. Geesh--with all the Stavvy stuff, you'd think I'd rush right in. Reading the blog and twitter feed though, I just don't care right now.

Sunday Surgery will probably not be what you think LOL--especially if I decide to just FF thru the eppies in about 10 min flat. 

Such a busy week. And wine touring Saturday and Black Keys concert Sunday. Just NO TIME for GH right now!!

The other thing that's changing is my desire to live tweet. Since most of the major East Coast markets aren't at 2 when I get it, it's just not as fun. I could wait until 3 and watch via DVR "live" but by then I'm like, eh-- nope. Other stuff to do!

What are you feeling about the show? I'm not seeing the 'regulars' as much in here either! I guess we are all having a moment.

Speaking of-- it's 9/11 and just want to say I'm remembering today like crazy. We went to the Trade Center memorial this summer and it was just stunning/moving/sad.  Still hard to believe. On a GH note, that was the time the Cassadine "End Game" was scrapped.  Perhaps we are seeing that played out now? 


Sandi said...

I'm not a regular poster, but I thought I would put in my two cents. I think I could win an award for how to FF through GH in record time. It just doesn't hold my interest and hasn't for quite some time. The point of the soap is to entertain. Recently I saw a Maxine cartoon that I would like to paraphrase: "GH is the sand in the bikini bottoms of life!" It is annoying, aggravating and chafing. One more thing to add, I really do appreciate all that you do on this site. I enjoy coming here.

LSV422 said...

Wow - you are going to see the Black Keys! Love them and my favorite song is Gotta Get Away.
I agree most of this week is ffwd. material.

jasonroks said...

I've left the show but for a few Fridays a month until the Fluke and Levi crap is gone. I very much enjoy Ava, Anna,Patrick, Dr. O, Julian, Alexis, Maxie, Nik, Liz, Britt and a few others - Sam,even Carly and Sonny, Nina& Rosalie. Geary has the show hostage in my opinion. It's time for his "end game". Complete with mask soon and Heather back from what I read.
There is such talent on GH but way too many stories/folks. These are the stories that can go away now: Sabrina, three gay guys, Jordan and Shaun, TJ, Franco, Silas. So many characters are just gone or not integrated - Olivia,Lucy, Scotty, Ric- any sight of him after the Molly Emmy reel?
Now with Jason and Cassadines returning I'll never keep up. Why can't we have a nice love triangle with Sam, Liz and Patrick?

dar said...

As I have said before the Stavros stuff is like a cartoon. I didn't like most cartoons as a child and I really don't care to watch them now.

The endless victimization of women is disgusting. I hoped that would end with Guza but no such luck. If anything it has gotten worse for me because it is, as AntJoan noted, so perverted.

They have hired so many people that I swear only Abe Vigoda remains unemployed. I don't remember a time when so many terrible actors were on at once. I know soaps are on the job training - the man who plays Morgan has grown tremendously. But some people just can't act. The actress who plays Sabrina is even worse now that she's trying to play vengeful. Can the directors please tell these people that bug-eyed eyebrow-raising is not acting?

The writers do a terrific job most of the time with dialogue but most of the stories are just plain stupid. And as other people have said, Who cares about most of these people? Serialized dramas are supposed to be character-driven. Most of the time we don't see the characters I care about (and I think many others care about).

My list of who should go: Stavros, Levi, Victor, Sabrina, Nina, Shaun, Kiki , - pretty much all the new characters. Let them give Anna a real story - without Faison . Show Alexis more than once or twice a week. More Ned please. Let Tracy find her missing brain. Please make people in general less stupid.

When the current folks first took over three years ago the show was so much better than this. Now it's barely recognizable as GH.

LSV422 said...

My wish list to go would be Kiki, Sabrina, Levi, Nina, Silas, Rosalie, Franco, re-cast Nathan with an actor who has looks AND talent and Stavros.

Tammy Wynette said...

Hi Karen! Have a great time at the concert. I see them next Saturday. Woo hoo!

Di said...

I hate the Sabrina story. Yet another character going off the rails. How many psychos is that now? Way too many.

I agree about the way these guys write a lot of their characters, dar. They are cartoon characters. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching the Key Stone cops.

And the way they write women is ridiculous. How many are obsessed with babies or revenge at the moment. Too many!

Ava is an older woman who's now pregnant. I'd love to have them do a serious storyline about a baby. Be a pioneer not a comic book writer. Have the child born with Down Syndrome or some other genetic problem that can occur in later age pregnancy. Have them deal with that instead of all this mob stuff and psychos forcing young girls to get pregnant, or planning to kill or abduct unborn children.

Di said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that I love the new Danny. What an adorable child. He interacted so well with Sam and Patrick. It was nice to see such a happy normal scene on this show for a change.

delcodave said...

I admit I like Sabrina now that she is subtly vengeful. A lot better than the over the top crazy vengeful people this show likes to write for.

Here is a question. When Lulu was kidnapped, did anyone call her parents? Tracy talks to Luke. And Laura is in Paris, right? Doesnt Nik talk to her? Wouldnt you think her parents would return to help Anna?

Where is grandma Leslie? Is she around during this?

Oh, and most importantly, how about Lucky? He is an excop. Couldnt he return and help with the case?

Wow. poor Lulu. All alone in the world when kidnapped and no family members to care enough to come home to worry for her. Sad. :(

Oh well. screw the Spencers. Keep bringing on the newbies instead, right?

Mary Bekker said...

I know I'm in the minority here, but I am enjoying the show. I took about 5 years off from watching when the glorified violence got to be too much and I started watching Y&R mostly, which I have watched off and on for about 25 yrs. I started watching GH again when the new crew came in and really enjoyed it again. It took about 2 weeks of JFP taking over Y&R to make me remember why I stopped watching GH. Someone was immediately shot! I know there is still violence on GH but there are other stories I enjoy. I love that Alexis has a love story, Even though I wish the vets were on more I am happy to see them when they are on. I know the stories are disjointed but I guess as a binge watcher it doesn't affect me as much. I have always enjoyed your insights since the beginning Gedstern days, Even when I wasn't watching I would read you. Just want to say thanks for that!

Sally said...

Ok, so Ava is having a "contraction" today and she says she never felt pain like that before! So is anyone else convinced that she's never had a child and that Kiki is Nina's daughter???? Madeline must've given Kiki to Ava shortly after she was born. When Madeline comes back on the scene maybe we will find out more about that. I was guessing that Nino will do something horrible to Kiki and at the last minute find out the Kiki has her long-lost daughter.

Anon said...

I am still trying to figure out if Cartini is writing/editing this way because they want to or if some kind of restrictions are placed on them by ABC that they HAVE to.

Either way, I'm not into it these days although 70% of the cast are outstanding actors.


sonya said...

McSilas's home: I really hate this part of the storyline! I don't want Rosalie to seduce Michael! I want Morgan and Rosalie together! oh oh be careful Sam! You don't want to be on Nina's list again!!! Nina wins the line of the day.

Nina: I won't be satisfied until all that's left of Kiki is a puddle of tears on an off one shoulder tshirt. Is she serious with that? Even I know that the flashdance style is over.


Ava's home: Oh oh Ava is in pain! Must be heartburn.

The hospital: Wow!! Sabrina has changed so much! I love it! :) She is not even trying to pretend to be nice! :)Oh Ava's baby is fine! :)

Kelly's: Oh I can't wait until they find out who's the father of Ava's baby! Then they can stop talking about the baby could be Morgan's or Sonny's! UGH! Oh boy! Rosalie planting seeds in Michael's head, and Starki and Morgan are all huggy. Hmmm I don't mind Rosalie planting seeds! Keep doing that Rosalie! You don't need to sleep with Michael! I can get on board with planting seeds! :)

Sam's home: Oh come on! Stop rehashing! Just kiss Sam and Patrick! Oh look baby Cheeto is awake! :) Or I should say toddler Cheeto! :) And he is getting along really really well with Patrick! :)

sonya said...

"Karen says it's 9/11 and just want to say I'm remembering today like crazy."

Yeah I will never forget that day. :( I don't think anybody will.

Di said...

You don't think that Stavros is planning on planting enough seeds, Sonya?

sonya said...

"Di said...You don't think that Stavros is planning on planting enough seeds, Sonya?"

You mean Rosalie? :)

sonya said...

Anna's office: Great scene between Mac and Felicia!! She has a lot of guilt! Mac won the line of the day! He beat out Dr O's line of Anna squawking.

Mac: Felicia the guy didn't eat meat.



Victor's office: Victor gets a lot of people visiting him! :) Glad Dr O finally admitted to Victor that Ethan is his son! Ethan finds out Victor is his daddy! YAY! :)

Peter Sr's room: When I first saw him, I'm thinking Is he Jason? :) Then I'm thinking he is a Cassadine. But as soon as he called Maxie Felicia, I realized he is Peter Sr!!! :) Maxie meets her almost father in law! How sweet. :) Oh but he wants her dead! DOH! I guess Peter Sr won't be buying her any wedding gifts!

Jason's room: Jason isn't happy where he is! How rude!

Lante's room: I just love how Stavros is messing with Lante!!!! :) Lante is so boring! Thank you Stavros for spicing things up!!!! :)

Nathan's room: Poor Nathan looks so constipated while with Petey Jr! Oh look he is choking the hottie! He isn't dead right? Cus I mean his eyelid keeps fluttering! And Nathan did say to him to have sweet dreams.

A scene that was cut out from yesterday''s episode. Alexis with toddler cheeto. :)

CareyN said...

Sonya! Thanks for that link. Almost looks like NLG just ad libbed it.

I thought today's show was excellent. Mac and Flea (a character I normally can't stand) were great. The Peter Harrel reveal was well done. Nathan totally choking that guy out with a chain ended with me having a full-blown crush on Detective West. And yes, as Sonya said, even this nasty, horrific, insane, cartoonish Stavros-sicle storyline has injected boring Lante with some juice and has actually made me care (for the first time she's been on screen) about NuLulu.

For those of you taking a break, maybe have a glass of wine and watch today's show. It's not bad.

Di said...

Unfortunately I couldn't see the video, sonya. I live in the wrong country. :(

sonya said...

"CareyN said...Sonya! Thanks for that link. Almost looks like NLG just ad libbed it."

You're welcome and yeah it does! :)

"And yes, as Sonya said, even this nasty, horrific, insane, cartoonish Stavros-sicle storyline has injected boring Lante with some juice and has actually made me care (for the first time she's been on screen) about NuLulu."

Yup! And I love how angry Dante is with Stavvy! :)

"Di said... Unfortunately I couldn't see the video, sonya. I live in the wrong country. :("

Oh no! :( Where do you live? In Canada? There has got to be a way for you to see it. Somewhere.

LSV422 said...

I loved the Mac & Felicia scenes-well acted and so great to see them actually have some screen time. Lulu is still not doing it for me. I wish JMB would come back. FH looked beautiful and great scenes with her & Dr.
O. Thanks for the AlexisDanny scene, Sonya. That kid is so adorable! Someone should have caught the major eye fluttering and edited it - very sloppy.
Have a nice weekend all!

sonya said...

"LSV422 said...Thanks for the AlexisDanny scene, Sonya. That kid is so adorable!"

You're welcome! And yes he is!! :)

"Someone should have caught the major eye fluttering and edited it - very sloppy."

Yeah it was sloppy! Who was the director?! That person should have caught that.