Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Dear Franco..

Quickie today:

Robin and Jason are driving to PC-- and She tells him that Danny is really his kid. (he doesn't even grunt)

Franco is playing cat/mouse with Carly. Then he asks Kiki if Carly and Sonny slept together.  And she TOTALLY CAVES! Yep, she tells him!!!! He's going to go all MOCA soon!! 
HE's PISSED and gonna tell Michael about AJ! 
There are only 6 people at his party, btw LOL 

Anna walks in on a very close DUKE and Lucy! GEESH!  It's Duke!! HE'S ON THE TV!! Anna doesn't even blink. She's like: I trust him.  Lucy leaves, the go to bed, then have a martini. She says " I have something to tell you" (about Faison) 
and Lucy interrupts again so she doesn't tell about Faison OF COURSE!! 

Lucy and Bobbie are going to make Scotty choose. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . Is he a leg man or a boob man? Hmmmmmmm. 
HE CHOOSES: Bobbie!!! 

About 45,000 bullets are sprayed to get AVA out of her apartment. geeesssssh. Shawn and Max are up there. She's talking to her pills (they spill all over the carpet).

Sam asks Sonny if Fluke could be taking his biz down. He thinks Spencer is making stories up. 

END OF THE SHOW:  Jason is walking up Sonny's driveway and Robin is knocking on her Mom's door...Ava might be faking cramps, can't tell. 


Anon said...

#1 If this is KM last appearance as Robin for awhile, PLEASE give her some scenes with Anna. I hope that the Cassadines don't kidnap her off Anna's doorstep or something - LAME! KM and FH always have had the great chemistry and we deserve at least a few minutes of that.

#2 I'm a Scotty and Lucy fan from way back. Never did really follow Bobbie after the character was redeemed from her early schemer days, but I respect the character's legacy on the show and the years she was on the canvas. All that said, I think Scotty and Lucy are the better matchup - they are FUN and bring out the best in the other actor.
Scotty and Bobbie does have legacy credibility from WAY back, so I guess that's cool, and it's nice to have an excuse to have Jackie Z. back around more, but I'm not sure they have the entertainment appeal of Lucy and Scot. Oh well.


sonya said...

Friday's episode

BobTodd's art class: BobTodd is in such a Carly high! But then Nina had to burst his high by telling him Carly had sex with Sonny! Carly high gone! BobTodd wins the line of the day when he talked about Bobbie eating food hahahahaha!

Metrocourt: Carly and Sonny again. This time BobTodd is watching them! HA! :)

Brownstone: Oh Rosalie in her little sexy hooker dress planting more seeds in Michael's head, and telling him that Starki has a secret hahaha! And when Starki lies to Michael about the secret, the look on Rosalie's face and her shaking her head! Hahaha priceless! :)

Sabrina: Oh dear! She has changed so much! Well I can buy that. I mean her son died and now she wants revenge/justice.

sonya said...

Today's episode:

Anna's room: Anna is on the phone with Robert!! And they show his face on her phone YAY! Oh Duke and Lucy! They look like they are kissing! I was thinking now THAT I wasn't expecting! But whew they weren't kissing. She was just whining to him about Scotty! UGH! I love how she kept hugging Duke hahaha. And love how Anna says she trusts him. :)

Scotty's room: ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna's room part 2: Lucy comes in all upset because Scotty picked Bobbie?! HUH?! All that crap we had to endure with them, and we didn't even get to see Scotty pick who he wanted?!!?!?! WHAT CRAP!

Scotty and Bobbie: There is NO way I am buying Scotty picking Bobbie, after months of him chasing after Lucy!!!! And then Scotty tells her that he didn't pick Lucy because she would have went back to Kevin, I think he picked Bobbie out of revenge!!

Metrocourt: Starki tells BobTodd that yes indeed Carly slept with Sonny, and now he wants to ruin his OWN party to tell the truth hahahahah! Love it! Carly and her speech was so pathetic! ROFL! Ruining his own party, now THAT is a first. :)

Robin and Jason: Wow she is talking WAYYYYYYY too much! Blah blah blah do you have a fever? Blah blah blah you have a son. Blah blah blah do you have a fever? This scene was so boring!!!! The only good thing about the scene was that Robin won the line of the day.

Robin: Nice try buddy. I'm not the daughter of spies for nothing.

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Ava's home: Boy she is having a heck of a time trying to take one damn pill! She gets distracted easily! And then the shootout, COME ON! That was idiotic!!! Max and Shaun couldn't even protect her?!!?!?! SHE IS A PREGNANT WOMAN YOU IDIOTS! You couldn't take her in her bedroom?!!?! No she has to sit on a chair and almost get shot! DUMMIES! And Shaun sucks at shooting! And now she is in pain! Are you two idiots happy?!!?! BAH! Unless she is faking it. We shall see.

Sonny's home: Sam and Sonny bonding over Jason. Oh and here comes Jason!

soaplover said...

Kinda interesting how distraught Robin was, pounding on her mom's door and then there is an echo of Frankenstein in Jason's walk up that drive, and we didn't get to see what happened.

Did he take the car away from Robin? He hasn't spoken so we really don't know if he understands anything Robin says to him. She is chatting away like the old buddy she is, only we (and she) really do not know what is going on with him. He tries to load his gun. His hand trembles and then it stops.

Maybe Victor got him onto killer juice and he is only a machine now. Victor kept saying he had plans for Jason. We didn't hear what kind of plans.

I really do hope Jason is no longer St. Jeesus, killer angel. Hated that. Made no sense. Is Jason being sent by Victor to kill Sonny or to do Fluke's bidding? I liked Sam with Silas and if Jas is a different actor, it propably isn't going to have the same appeal as the characters had before.

Nice to see Duke again. Finally. I much prefer Lucy with her Doc, but the actor may not be available.