Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Observation Deck

Well, it was one of those weeks for me. Not sure why I didn't hook into GH, but I didn't.  I was busy yes, doctor's appts and then sick but I usually make time to watch my DVR. Not going to lie though. Even IF Stavvy was on waving a fertilized egg around, I just couldn't muster up the interest. 

So, this week, I give you Sunday Surgery from the observation deck. I am choosing the week in pictures and using my own commentary.  Keep in mind--I only watched Monday's show and saw about 3-5 min of Thursday's.

PLEASE feel free to add your snarks/cheers/jeers as well. 
Do you like the direction of the show? Jason's going to be coming out-- are you ready for Billy Miller? What about the Spense-A-Dine hybrid that Stavros is holding in his evil hands? 

Let me know.  I'm going to have some thera-flu and OJ today. Sniffle sniffle.

Monday:  I can remember  watching because I was thinking that the lactose build up in the actors "chained" arms could hurt after while! I was also thinking how convenient it was to have Lante in one room and Naxie in another. This was the day that Spencer was angst to tell about Fluke's threat and Dr. O went into Anna's office screeching like a banshee. 

Tuesday: EGG SOUP?!  Stavvy is just-- well, proud of his ability to put his swimmers into Zulu's egg. Hey, he shaved--and I think has slimmed way down since his last appearance.  SO-- that little blue case will become the blood-bag ala OLTL. (If you don't know the blood bag, count yourself lucky).

WED: (the also rans?)  I see Molly and TJ were dragged out of the closet! Was this some sort of Shirt-exchange? Molly has pink one and Shaun/Shawn/Sean has--what? A BB jersey? TJ looks all proud so did he go on a shopping spree?  Nedly and Olivia were on, Jordan and new, bigger  Danny.   AND....

UT oh...I take it Ava has baby-pains? I can tell by her face and clutching of the stomach. This must lead into the 5 min I caught of Sabrina and she on Thursday in the exam room. 

Thursday: Ah,  A Jase-Face pic! Leading us to know that he's coming back. We also know he has a NUFace--so how we gonna explain that? Escapes and is mowed down by a car, then brought into GH with scraped off face and no memory? Hmmmm, that's my idea anyway.
Sabrina tries to act all pissy/mean to Ava. WHAT in the???  ...I saw exactly 3 min of this and wanted Ava to just take a bed-pan and knock her out. Seriously? Um, NO.
I also see on this day that Paddy and Sam enjoyed MANY scenes together-just in time to bond for the Jaysus/Robin returns. 

Ah...what could POSSIBLY be happening here? Nina's spinning her web and ol' Rosie is going to hatch a plan to make Michael all jelly of MoKi.??*sigh* Don't these kids have anything better to do? Get to damn work on the Brownstone so we can have a giant boarding house again. 

FRIDAY:  hey! MA! We're back....I'm doing GH again...this time it's alllll drama!! (Arm actors-see earlier interview )  Welp. I guess he moves. 

Mac punches someone?.. I think that's what he's doing. Flea looks--well, Felicia like.  I take it Maxie escaped and is wandering around--Levi holds a gun on Nate... 

Zulu gets injected as prep for...implantation? Probably. Got to take those hormones. Standing up. Chained to a bar. 

Is this Peter the Elder in that bed? Help me out here.  That's the only person I guess it can be..?  

AND THERE'S these photos:

"I'm Mad...Just plain mad"!!!
By the way, MY OWN resting bitch face is way worse than whatever this is. 

I take it CarSon was on. Sonny is cute with kids but-- seriously??? This has to be the most boring story on the show. CarSon is so over done, and the Franco Factor? whatever Just hurry up, get the truth out about everything. Sonny---go to jail for awhile. Thanks. 

They could  have their own show. Yep. Just:  "Gatekeepers"-- about the life/times of two sexually charged people trying to make in the PI business. (Moonlighting, Hart to Hart...Castle..yada yada). 

So, there you have it. I did the whole week watching only Monday and a bit of Ava/Sabby in the clinic. Did I do ok? I couldn't have done it without Lisa's great SCREEN CAPS. Hell, if she ever leaves, I'm doomed. 


  1. Victor, Fluke, Julian, Ava- these are really the only characters worth watching.

    Sonny and Carly are vomit inducing.

    Sabby, Franco, Kiki, all must die.

    Mikey needs to be recast.

    Nina can go away. Rosalie is tolerable. Maxi needs death. The clinic stuff is solid, but looks better only cuz the Sonny sheeze is so 238th time in 20 years.

    Yet, still I watch!

  2. that Peter Harrell Sr. in that bed? Is he the original actor do you know?

    I'm hella behind

  3. Good recap Karen, GH was barely tolerable this week, I watched but it was hard to.

  4. That was Peter Harrell Sr., Karen. And it definitely looks like David Gautreaux, who was the original actor.

  5. I have to beg to differ. This week felt old-school GH fun. The clinic stuff was reminiscent of Luke/Laura/Robert and Ice Princess stuff. We had good character development. Molly was awesome with Julian, Maxie actually grew in her opinions about herself and her decisions, Rosalie overheard that Carly & Sonny had sex.

    We had Ned/Alexis, Anna being a cop, Dante and Sam/Patrick finally talking about Luke being off. Mac and Felicia and the brothers Corinthos were all worried about Maxie/Lulu. This week felt, for me, like good character integration and the stories moved (unlike Scott/Bobbie/Lucy or one of the other stories that is on once a month).

  6. I agree with Denise, overall it was a good week. I was falling asleep all throughout August, but despite CarSon & the OTT Stavros stuff...I enjoyed this week.

  7. Acc to others, it was Gautreaux, but he was not the original Peter- that was Judson Scott- who was also in Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan.

    But they look very much alike,

  8. And Dr. O is always fun to watch, too!

  9. I enjoyed this week even with Stavros chewing his way through every scene, laughing maniacally. Maxie and Nathan were great -- honest and real dialogue!

    Sabrina is silly without Carlos! Even Felix was creeped out by her.

    I agree that the editing is choppy and we all wish for the tighter storytelling days...but given the reality of multiple actors...I am coming to view this editing as a given and to accept it for now as a slice of life of many people in a town.

  10. Cosmo is right - that isn't Judson Scott as Peter Harrell Sr. now although in the picture Flea was looking at of Peter (from Anna's desk), I think it was an old head shot of Judson Scott. I could be wrong on that...Cosmo, did you catch that picture and if so, what's your take?
    Being a Sci-fi geek from the 80's, Scott was one of my favorite actors. He was in The Phoenix on ABC as well as V. and as Cosmo mentions was also Khan's right hand man in Star Trek 2 (although he was not credited due to a contract dispute).


  11. OK, I have been thinking about something for a while that I want to throw out to everyone.

    My question to you all is: Is there anyone in the show you identify with?

    On a lot of levels, it is very different to watch a show, movie, read a book, etc., if you can identify with one of the characters. With GH, I generally have found there is no one I can identify with. If I HAD to choose someone it would be Alexis, at least before she got involved with mobsters. She is a rather nervous, high-strung, strong, professional woman who derives her identify from her work, and has remained attractive in middle age. However, her having 3 daughters with 3 different mobsters obviously is something almost no one can relate to.

    I was thinking that, maybe in soaps, the idea is to develop a kind of "parallel universe," where everyone has tons of drama all the time, in order to keep us watching. So maybe in this genre, we are not supposed to identify with anyone.

    I would be curious to know if any one of you can identify with any of the characters; or any other thoughts you might have on this issue.

  12. I can identify with Mac or Ned. Im not a single dad but I could see people relating to Patrick. Dante with an overbearing mother also seems relatable. Lucas, despite having mobster dad is very normal. Other then being uber rich Jax was also pretty normal. I wonder if it is easier for guys to identify with characters? If there are more relatable male characters?

  13. One word sums up these story-lines: unwatchable.

  14. I am a 46 yr old gay man with a 22 yr old son who recently got his girlfriend pregnant, thus, making me a grandfather at the ripe old age of 46.

    Can I relate?

    My friggon life IS a soap opera!

    Currently, there is no one I can relate to, not even the gay guys.

  15. Friscogh: You ask an interesting question. I also was amazed that you found SO MANY characters to identify with.

    I always have thought that entertainment generally is made by/for men, and that they can identify with characters. Women usually, cannot, as women typically are objectified in the media, either as Moms, babes, villains, whores, etc.

    My father (may he rest in peace) used to love James Bond movies. I'm sure lots of men do, as they can imagine themselves as invincible warriors and sex machines. Who are we women supposed to identify with, Pussy Galore?

    Yet one might think that, in soaps, which are, predominately female entertainment, there might be some relatable female characters. I think, however, that there are not.

    Again, I am really interested in getting some others' point of view on this.

  16. That's the big problem here. Scenes are so short and cut away before you are really into them in any meaningful way. I have always identified with Alexis, sort of. She seems real, human, smart, flawed but decent. I would never get involved with a criminal, but on a soap, ehh, OK. Only Alexis has never really been given much story. Sad. Excellent actress, likable character, but PTB don't seem to care. And I do like Julian, but is he redeemable?

    I see no need at all for Stavros, or for Jason. Too many characters already to be bringing these misfits back. Too many crazies now and that reduces what we can identify and be involved with. Nina scenes could be cut, tedious Sonny could be cut altogether anytime. I could even do without Carly.

    I'm glad they gave Luke a story, but it is really too bad he had to take medical leave now. I am glad they brought back Ned because that is someone we can like and we desparately need to like a few characters at this point. Anna needs to be written more positively and accomplishing, but I love the actress. We need a real story about Anna, see her home where she lives, bring in Duke to be her love interest (we see so little of him it hardly seems like love). I want to see Anna with Emma more.

    Frankly among those we don't need now are Scotty, Bobbie, Lucas, Brad, SABRINA, Kiki. They don't have time to give them stories so they should just bite the bullet and let them go. (Especially Sabrina!) What a mistake to turn humorous Todd into Franco--such a bad idea. And why couldn't they just give ME a new name but make him a cop as John Mc was. I like Sam and Silas, but not crazy about him being this sullen Dr.

    I don't think any of this clinic storyline is much like Luke/Laura/Robert. We had the romance of Luke and Laura that held us whenever those stories got slow. I do like Maxie and Nathan, but they don't have nearly enough time to develope their romance. They need to yearn more, have touchy-feely tingles. Romance on soaps should take time and have long looks and almost kisses.

    And we certainly didn't need to be forced to watch the 482nd mating of Sonny/Carly--BORing.

  17. Def a Judson Scott photo, and from the Aztec Treasure era, which is why I was almost positive the actor WAS Scott. Hair was darker, but the facial features VERY believable as an aged Scott.

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  19. Cosmo, I agree with your comments, but I also think Nathan needs to be recast and I do love Maxie -not so much the character but KS. I did enjoy Ned, Alexis, Danny, Emma and Patrick, Julian and Ava, Anna, and Felicia and Mac this week. Sabrina, probably the most insignificant character on the show trying to get revenge is a snooze. I can't think of a character I can relate to. Alexis is to me the smartest but she does some really dumb things. On second thought, I can relate to that, LOL.