Monday, September 8, 2014

Chain Gang

Yep, they are all chained up at the clinic. Good Gravy.

Anna is FINALLY on!! She's  worried about the missing people and the SWAT team. I think Britt and Nik live at the PCPD right now? I mean, seriously? Britt tells Nik that Nate might be his cuz. 

The scene with Anna and Dr. O was awesome. Lesil calls Victor to help her find Nathan. He asks if he's his son. 
Dr. O figures out Nathan must be at the clinic. She interrupts Anna JUST AS SHE's about to tell Britt and Nik what happened to Faison! UGhhhhhhhh

Victor takes blood off Nathan's face to test for DNA. Nathan is thrown in and chained by Maxie.  They talk about Luke a lot.

Maxie and Nathan are yapping away. LOOK to Maxie's right and you'll see a water bottle on that cart.
Yes, I noticed. LOL 

OF Course the kids interrupt when Pat's going to tell Sam about the clinic. OF COURSE! You know kids, you are going to be SO LATE for school. GEESH... Emma says that Spencer knows who did it.  Spencer finally tells him that Luke ran them of the road. 

WHOOPS forgot to publish this! 


sonya said...

Police station: Oh there is Anna!!! Where have you been Anna? Anna and Dr O scene! Awesome! Anna says she didn't kill Faison. Oh okay then it must have been Robert. :) Aww look Nik is worried that he and Britch could be related! Haha. How cute. :) Do you want to someday get back together with her? :) Oh a Stafan mention! :) Dr O wins the line of the day!

Dr O: That Anna Davane is a self righteous murderous cow!


Clinic: Oh look everyone is chained up! Why are Lulu and Dante not changed close together, and Maxie and Nathan are chained close together? Strange. That guy who punched Nathan in the gut while he was chained is hot. :)

Maxie: Are you ever going to be able to forgive me?

And the look on Nathan's face, yeah he is able to forgive you Maxie. The look on his face, tells me he wuvs you. :)

Kelley's: Oh Sam enough talking with Patrick and you two just kiss! His face is smooth now! :)That scene inside kelly's with Emma and Spencer, was great! :) And I love how scared he was to tell Patrick and Sam. Great scene! That little actor is great! Love when Sam talked to Spencer! Loved he finally said Luke! :)

"Karen says LOOK to Maxie's right and you'll see a water bottle on that cart.Yes, I noticed. LOL"

Really!? I didn't notice that! Hahaha. Hey Maxie! There is water you can use it! :)

Di said...

hmmm..I thought I published my answer but it's not here.

Sonya, I think that guy is hot too.

And it's odd that all the others are chained by one arm with a long chain and poor Nathan has both hands cuffed on the one chain. He can't even straighten or relax his arms. That must be very uncomfortable for the actor. Either they have him chained like that so he can get some leverage to pull that bar off the wall, or the writers just want to see him suffer. lol

Thank heavens that Spencer finally spit out Luke's name, and at the same time that Dante is talking about him too.

Maybe this group will be the ones that find Luke. After all, Nathan did say he remembers how to get around in there from all his visits as a kid. (I thought that was a bit odd though because I thought this was the place that Nina had been moved to and people didn't know where she was.)

The timing should be about right, another 3 weeks to escape and walk down the hall when Tony G gets back.

I guess we see Stavros tomorrow.

sonya said...

Di said...Sonya, I think that guy is hot too.

I hope we see him again. :)

"Either they have him chained like that so he can get some leverage to pull that bar off the wall, or the writers just want to see him suffer. lol"

Hahahaha. He might just pull that bar off the wall. We just have to wait and see. :)

soaplover said...

I was thinking the visitor was Helena and that's why Lulu is bug-eyed. But guess it could be crazy Stavros. I am no fan of Stavros--I don't like the true crazies. Real crazies are more dangerous in some ways than simply evils like Helena, more unpredictable. I don't like watching them.

I thought today's show was excellent, seat-gripping. And it is SO good to see Anna--really love her. She needs to be on every other day at least. She is the show's real heroine, not Carly who gets WAY too much air time.

Hurry up Patrick, tell Sam about the clinic and what you found there!

LSV422 said...

I thought yesterday was pretty good and best of all, no Nina. Very happy to see Anna - FH is my favorite and I wish we could see her more. The scenes with Dr. O. are always great.

dar said...

I also wish we could see more of Anna. Finola is my all-time favorite GH actress. And I agree, the best part - no Nina. In my fantasies she and Levi fall madly in love and run off to anywhere never to be seen again.