Wednesday, September 10, 2014

An EggStory

It's time for a Spence-A-Dine!! Nikolas isn't one ....not REALLY. he has no Luke DNA. This one will be a Luke/Stavvy hybrid. 


I still say GH is way to crowded for it's own good. Lucas? Where are you? Bobbie? Gone again..Lucy. Oh hell, you know I could go on AND ON. 

You know, Maybe LUCAS could help Tracy find his Uncle? That would put him right in the middle of stuff and make sense. I do miss NED-- :( MORE NED no more NEWBIES!! 

Listen... our local stations are having the funeral for a fallen Rochester Policeman. First to die on the job in 55 years :( . SO, I'm going to watch GH later online.

Please use this to summarize!  Thx 


dar said...

The Stavros stuff is so ludicrous that I feel as though I am watching a damn cartoon. So grateful for fast forward function. I wonder how long this crap will drag on?

Zak said...

I agree with you, Dar. If Stavros had a mustache he would be twirling it as his eyes bug out of his head and snarls every word.

kdmask said...

was it really bad????? Oh geesh. Does he HAVE the embryo or did he implant it? Is he implanting it in Lulu!?

Kinda like Orphan Black? Ewwwwww

dar said...

Ned and Alexis were on. That saved it from being really bad. He claims he has the embryo. I fast forwarded through most of Snidely Whiplash - it makes me sick.

Di said...

The thought of him implanting that embryo against her will is just plain sickening. I don't know how much worse things could get.

kdmask said...

He could implant it into her, against her will.

Do you watch Orphan Black?

Andrea said...

Stavros is way too off the wall for me. I like a bad guy on a soap. but he is insane and pulling it off badly. With the crazy eyes and the deep dramatic voice, it is laughable that it is so awful. "Lulu you are my ice princess" give me a break. And Lulu's reactions are just as over the top. It is stories and dialog like this that give Soaps a bad name. It is painful to watch this stupid cartoon. These actors deserve better than this, I've seen them all pull off great scenes when they have decent writing.

They are turning GH into a farce. With the freezing of people and bringing them back from the dead upteen times. ENOUGH!!!

Write a few good stories for a smaller cast. Write stories that make me care about the characters. Not this disjointed stupidity they are calling GH.

LSV422 said...

Ugh - I couldn't watch the Stavros scenes - disgusting and overacted. Like we don't have enough psychos on the show. Always enjoy Ned and Danny was adorable with Julian. Nathan's smile is all the emoting he is capable of but he and Maxie look cute together. Shouldn't Anna and the PCPD have been there by now?

Gwendolyn said...

Karen, I watched Orphan Black, I see where you're going with that. Stavvy could do it (though /if/ that happens, I'd like to see a bit less than on OB, it was very disturbing).

I haven't gotten to RKK's scenes yet (I'm a bit behind), but wasn't he pretty over the top last time too?

Where, oh where, is Jerry Jax (he's exactly the right kind of baddy for me.

soaplover said...

I have always hated Stavros, hated having to watch him, from back when another actor played him and he was not such a cartoon, but he was always creepy and crazy. Stavros is totally insane, so why on earth revive him? Why would Victor want to revive that particular Cassadine??? There is no controlling him. Yes, he is over the top, yes, it is a cartoon (it was kind of a cartoon in the old days when he first appeared lusting for Laura).

GH always seems to go over the top when they bring him on and RKK is well, ludicrous--and for some reason popular with some.
I recall a really sickish squirmy scene when Luke was mayor, Stavros came for Laura who had escaped from him, and he tied Luke up and was going to rape her in front of Luke. That just seemed much too lewd and kinky for me.

They had enough story without bringing him back! Other than that, it was a fairly interesting week, with Alexis asking Ned out, Sam and Patrick starting to figure out stuff, Anna making her move, Mac and Felicia having longer scenes.
Now if we could get rid of the tiresome Carly and Sonny crap, the Nina fools Silas again stuff, and I sure didn't need to see Levi again!

bumchickabowbow said...

Stavros/neoIcePrincess/Egg-assault = uber-flipping creepy...hate it.