Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Soapy News

Kelly (Cawnie/Kate) Sullivan is the latest GHer to go to The Young and The Restless!! That's right-- SOD announced it on twitter.

Also announced: GH looking to cast a new male "40something" contract role... Because WE NEED A NEW CHARACTER LIKE...??? 


I shall be OUT today for the show. WHO do you think is at the Clinic Door? I'm predicting Stavros.  Who knows tho--could be Audrey Hardy! 


  1. I wasn't crazy about her but would gladly trade her back for Michelle S. I always liked the original Kate better.

  2. I think the GH cast notice is a veil for Michael Mulhany from Y&R. It has been rumored for months he was coming to GH.

    Pretty soon, every former Y&R cast member from the past 10 years will be on GH and vice versa. The joke is on them if we surpass them in the ratings. (But kinda sad for us)

    does anyone remember when ABC launched a tv special in 1985 (around then) called "Night of 100 Stars"? God, it was cheesy and tacky and yet people tuned in.

    Guess what? ABC is doing it again. It's called "Day of 100 characters" and it is appearing right now on GH. I think they are around 85 and soon to be closing in on 100 active characters on one show.

    I dont have a DVR. I didn't catch the names on on the WSB folders on Victor's desk. Can someone post the names that he had there? I think I saw Jason. Were there 4 folders in total? I'd appreciate this.


  3. I saw Jason, Robin, and Nathan but missed the other one.

  4. I remember only those three, I think. OMG, I HATE Stavros, he's disgusting to watch, always spitting, and his fixation with Lulu is NOT entertaining, what disgusting pervert came up with the storyline?

  5. AntJoan,
    The current writers seem to be enthralled with perverts in general.. I agree Stavros is truly disgusting. The worst part is that no one on this show is ever actually dead so when they kill him AGAIN we can't even think , "Oh good e's gone." Because he'll be back just like a fungus infection.

  6. They seem to be enthralled with artificially inseminating women too.

    Maybe Lulu spit on him on purpose to make a point. lol

  7. I like RKK as Stavros - should be fun to see him and Victor Cassadine and Helena interact. Note that I say SHOULD BE, because somehow the writers or editing will find a way to kill all the good momentum with the potential.


  8. The clinic:

    Maxie and Nathan: Blah blah blah! You guys talk to much!!! Nathan just told you he has feelings for you! Kiss already! Oh she isn't ready for anything right now, because of everything she has went through with Petey Jr! Wow! Maxie has grown up! :)Probably temporary ROFL!

    Lante and Stavros: STAVROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are looking sexy as ever. :) You look thinner and you shaved! :)I just love their scenes! I love how Dante is trying to protect his wife! Ohhhh so that is why Lante weren't handcuffed close together. So that Stavros could get to Lulu easier. :)Stavros has evil eyes haha. Stavros wins the line of the day! He beat out Dr O's line of You useless woman. Why don't you just shut up for once and listen.

    Stavros: Or you'll what?! You look entirely impotent.

    ROFL! And woah! He has got Lulu's eggs!! Oh Stavvy you evil man you! :) I love it! :)

    Petey Jr and Victor: Poor Petey Jr isn't getting what he wants! Victor has other things on his mind Petey Jr! Like his son! So you gotta wait your turn!

    Anna's office: Anna didn't know that Victor is the head of the WSB? SURPRISE! :) Glad Dr O told them where Lante, Maxie, and Nathan are.

    Lante home: Maurice Bernard with that baby!!! Adorable scene! Maurice is all smiles with the dimples. :) Baby Rocco curly hair in the back awwww! Gee Carly just loves wearing shirts that you can see her mole in the middle of her chest.:) Sonny and Carly getting turned on again and kissing. If Rocco didn't start crying, were they going to have sex right there? Ewww.

    Kelly's: Great great scene!!! I'm glad Spencer spilled all! Now Sam and Patrick just have to believe him. Do they? Not sure. And that Bruce Willis look alike is just standing/sitting watching them. Say something Bruce Willis look alike!! Hmmm Patrick has the 5:00 shadow. Time to shave again! :)

    Geez I thought GH was going to be changed to 2:00 yesterday. Yesterday I went to watch Inside edition, and the talk was on. Inside edition is supposed to move too. I turned it to channel 13 and GH was on. When is GH going to change to 2?

  9. "Karen says WHO do you think is at the Clinic Door? I'm predicting Stavros. Who knows tho--could be Audrey Hardy!"

    Audrey Hardy! ROFL!

  10. There are waaaaaay too many characters on now we need one more like we need a hole in the head.

    The cast needs to be trimmed b y at least one third.

    Since Stavros is now stalking Lulu again, is Helena boppin' in the halls somewhere. They should have her in with Luke to torment him.

    This back from the dead Again and insane Stavros is not doing it for me. FF through most of today. You know it is a bad GH day when the only story that I liked today had the kiddies in them. Spenser was going to be "tardy" for school yeah like 2 days tardy.

  11. I do not usually like the kid Spencer, but yesterday and today the little actor who portrays him did an excellent job of conveying the anguish felt by the character over the possibility of putting Emma in danger, and the need to reveal the truth about Luke. I really felt sorry for the child. Good job.
    Stavros is disgusting, waving around a supposed embryo, spitting and sputtering. There are too many crazy characters on this show now!! And even if 1/3 of the crazies were gone, the cast is still way too big. Trim, trim, trim. No, on second thought, slash, slash slash the numbers.

  12. "ishouldreadmore said...yesterday and today the little actor who portrays him did an excellent job of conveying the anguish felt by the character over the possibility of putting Emma in danger, and the need to reveal the truth about Luke. I really felt sorry for the child. Good job."

    Yes!!! He did convey the anguish really well! Poor Spencer. :(

  13. Kelly S was wasted- a terrible story yet she did VERY well in it and was gorgeous, and wasted on the Sonny character.

    TPTB suck.

  14. When Britt was explaining to Nikolas about Olbrect leaving Nathan as a baby, shouldn't Nick mention that he could commiserate as his mother did basically the same thing to him?
    The writers might not remember the continuity, but wouldn't Tyler Christopher?

  15. Nik could have said "it must run in the family"!